My GF the kitty-cat

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My girlfriend liked cosplay sex and she was sexy as hell.

One day I was round at my girlfriend’s house while her house was empty, we’d started having sex a few weeks prior, and we took any and every opportunity we could to be alone and have sex, we were both 14 at the time.

We were in her bedroom and getting physical on her bed when she suddenly stopped fooling around with me, she told to wait on the bed for her and take my clothes off and she’d be back soon, she left the room and I stripped myself butt naked in about 3 seconds flat and got under the covers to wait for her, I was young and gagging for her pussy.

She had been gone for about 15 minutes and I was getting inpatient, I kept looking under the covers and checking on my cock, it was still up, hard as a rock and waiting, then I heard the sound of a cat meowing, then the bedroom door was pushed open and she came crawling in to the room on her hands and knees, she was naked but she had painted the tip of her nose black and whiskers on her cheeks, she was also wearing a head band with cat ears on it and an elastic belt around her waist with a long cats tail stuck on the back.

I laughed as she crawled across the bedroom floor looking like a cat, a sexy as hell naked cat and meowing at me as she approached the bed, she was always doing weird stuff like this, it’s one of the reasons I liked her so much, she was fucking mental.

She sat up on her knees briefly and pushed her tits together, teasing me, then she crawled around in a circle and then stopped when she was facing away from me, on all fours she outstretched her arms along the floor leaning her upper body downwards and thrust her ass up in to the air and wiggled it around, the fake tail was wagging, she looked at me and meowed, pouting her lips at me.

I jumped out of bed and got on to my knees on the floor behind her, I tugged on her cats tail a couple of times just playing, then I pushed it to one side and grabbed hold of her sexy little ass, I rubbed my finger over her wet pussy and then put my cock to it and pushed it inside her, she meowed loudly and started to claw at the carpet when I started fucking her deeply.

I kept slapping her ass and calling her a naughty kitty-cat.

I reached underneath her and held on to her firm tits while I pounded her pussy from behind, then she lifted her right leg up to the side for me to hold on to, with her legs spread widely and one in the air I was able to push deeper in to her and she sounded like a cat on heat, after a few minutes I couldn’t hold it any longer, I held on to her hips and pulled her firmly back towards me and drove my cock so deep in to her and then I filled her hole with my come.

Then she pulled forward, my cock slid out of her, she turned around on her hands and knees and started to lick my throbbing cock and lapping up my spunk as the last few drops dribbled out of it.

That was the day I found out she was in to cosplay sex and in the days and weeks that followed she would nearly always dress up in a different costume when we had sex, the cat one was one of the best but I also liked her Wonder Woman costume and horny little school girl outfit with her hair in ponytails and pink ribbons, fuck yeah, she’s hot.

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    So do you do Cat Noir?