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My first sexual experience

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On holiday I got caught watching my babysitter having sex and she sucked my boner.

Every year we went to the same adventure park for our holiday because it was really fun and we liked being around nature, trees and animals and stuff, and we always stayed in the same cabin because it was really big and felt like we were in a house with its own kitchen and stuff and I had my first sexual experience with a girl in this cabin when I was 11.

Mom and dad went out to enjoy the nightlife in the park and as usual they got one of the parks babysitters to take care of me and my sister, all the babysitters were pretty young, like 16 to 20 years old and on this particular night our babysitter was a girl called Joanna and she was 16, she was really pretty, she had long curly dark hair and she wore this low-cut top and I could see her cleavage, I was a bit of a pervert at that age and sort of noticing girls for the first time, and getting boners every two minutes.

Anyway, mom and dad went out and me, my sister, and the babysitter played board games and watched some kids movies, we also had pizza delivered from the park restaurant, then we went to bed at about 9 o’clock, I need to describe the staircase to you because it’s important.

The staircase in our cabin was one of those dog-leg shaped ones, it had about 6 steps leading up to a short middle landing, then you turned right and then right again and they were about 10 steps leading up to the top floor with a long landing to the left.

Some loud noises woke me up in the middle of the night, they were like whispers but growling type sounds, I was curious so I quietly opened my bedroom door and sneaked on to the landing, all the lights were out and it was dark, I looked over the staircase handrail and I saw Joanna totally naked fucking a boy at the bottom of the stairs.

There was a gap under the bottom of the stairs and there was this long leather lounger sort of half way under the stairs and half way out, the boy was laying on top on his back, with his head under the stairs, Joanna was straddling him and riding his cock while facing and holding on to the staircase spindles, I’ve never seen a naked girl before, I couldn’t see much but I could see her big tits clearly enough to get a boner, I pulled it out of my pants and started jerking off while watching them fuck.

After a couple of minutes Joanna looked up and saw me sitting on the landing and jerking myself off, she looked in shock when she saw me, I was about to run off back to my room when she held out her arm and motioned me to come down, when I didn’t move she did it again but more assertively, so I put my boner back in my pants and stood up and walked down to the lower level of the stairs, she leaned over to her right to look under the stairs and then leaned back up straight, she was still riding his cock, I could hear the boy groaning under the floor of the stairs.

She flicked her finger for me to come closer, so I did, when I was close enough she reached through the spindles and pulled me against the railing, then she pulled down my pants and underwear in one quick motion, my boner sprung out, she held my buttocks, holding me tightly against the railing, with my boner sticking through the gap in the spindles, and she started to suck on my boner.

I remember thinking this is the greatest moment of my life, wait until I get home and tell all my friends about this, I didn’t have anything to reference it against but in my opinion she was very good a sucking boners, and she had really big bouncy tits, I liked to watch them moving around while she bounced on and off the boys cock and sucked my boner at the same time without him knowing, unfortunately because I was so new to this and because my boner was ultra-sensitive, I came far too quickly, I came in her mouth and almost collapsed on to the landing because my legs just went limp.

When Joanna finished sucking my boner and licking the end of it several times, she pulled up my underwear and pants, smiled at me and then motioned for me to go back up to bed, before I went she quickly motioned for me to bend down and then she gave me a peck on the lips and whispered in my ear, “You’re a bad boy. I like you. Go to bed.”, then she let me go and I went back upstairs in to my room.

That was my first sexual experience with a girl, the next one was when I was 14 and I finally lost my virginity to Melanie Campbell, a girl from school, she was 13 and totally super sexy hot, her sucking wasn’t as good as Joanna’s though.

When we went back to the adventure park the following years later I always asked for Joanna to babysit but she’d stopped working there.

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  • Reply Jack

    Nice story dude. Pls make story about how u lost virginity. I’m 16 and I just lost my virginity to the hottest girl in my grade.

    • AP

      Hope you weared a mask! You should share how you lost it. It might be more interesting than this.

    • AP

      Oh look, there in -another- person posting as ‘AP’. Except the original would know to use ‘wore’ not ‘weared’, and would have structured the sentence so it asked how Jack lost his virginity, not his mask.

    • AP

      Please stop trying to steal my identity. It’s not cool. You might have taken just this once’s user, but please leave mine alone. Thank you.