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my family is my offspring

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I impregnated my own daughter. Now I have a family of granddaughters, great granddaughters and great great granddaughters who are all my offspring.

My name is Barry and I’m 64 years of age, I have a wife, Maureen, she’s 61 years of age now, and we have been married for 40 years this year, together we had a daughter who we named Julie she’s now 48, we had her at a young age, I was a proper lad in my younger days, I’d fuck anything that moved.

Our daughter Julie has three children, Amy 32, Rebecca 30, Chelsea 27 and Amy has a 16 year old daughter called Lara, she has a 1 year old daughter called Courtney, Rebecca has a daughter called Kelsey age 12 and Chelsea has a son called Robert age 8.

Now, that’s a bit confusing so lets recap.

Daughter: Julie 48

Grandkids: Amy 32, Rebecca 30 and Chelsea 27

Great-Grandkids: Lara 16, Kelsey 12 and Robert 8

Great-Great-Grandkids: Courtney age 1

My perverted incestuous lust started when Julie was 14, Maureen wasn’t really doing it for me anymore, our sex life was virtually non-existent, and Julie had blossomed nicely and looked just like her mother, absolutely stunning she was, she woke up one morning and wasn’t feeling very well, her mother being a teacher had to go to work so it was left to me to stay at home and look after her, she had been throwing up most of the morning but by lunch time she was a bit better, she had a headache so I told her to take a tablet.

Early afternoon I saw her sleeping on the sofa and tried to wake her up because it would be better if she went to her bed instead, but I couldn’t wake her, Julie was totally out of it, I noticed the tablet bottle on the coffee table, it was her mother’s tranquilizers which she’d obviously taken by mistake, they were really strong and they had completely knocked her out.

So I carried her to her room, she was a tiny little thing and really skinny so she wasn’t hard to carry, I picked her up and swung her over my shoulder, she was like a ragdoll, completely limp, that’s when I had my first incestuous thoughts, I couldn’t help notice how nice and firm her ass was as I held on to it to keep her from falling off my shoulder, when we got to her room I flopped her down on her bed and took off her slippers, then I lifted her up again and positioned her comfortably on the bed.

I stood and stared down at her lying there, she was wearing her white nighty, the fabric was thin and I could see her perky nipples underneath stretching out the fabric, that was enough to get me going, I rubbed my face anxiously, trying to fight the sexual arousal that was flooding my crotch with incestuous desires, I turned around determinedly to exit the room as quickly as possible, but when I got to the door I stopped, I glanced back at her for a moment, I couldn’t fight it, I’ve been sex deprived for years and I was dangerously horny, she was unconscious, I’ll just have a peek, she’ll never know, so I quietly shut the bedroom door and walked back over to the bed.

I climbed on to the bed and kneeled beside her, nervously tapping my knees while looking her up and down, I started by running my hand up and down her legs, they were lovely and soft, then I went for the crotch and gave it a rub over the top of her purple knickers, all I could feel was the fabric but it was nice and squishy underneath, after checking she was still asleep I ran my fingers under her nighty and ran my hand all the way up to her bare breasts, they were so firm and her nipples were hard, I lifted her arms over her head and pulled off her nighty, seeing her pointy tits in the flesh really put some life in to my cock and it started to stretch out the front of my trousers.

I fondled her for a minute before moving around to her legs, then I pulled down her knickers, she had the cutest little pubic bush, as I rubbed my hand all over her soft body, dipping my fingers in her sex water, my cock was practically screaming to be let out, so I unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers, I reached in and pull out my rock hard cock, I continued to rub my hands over her soft naked body as I stroked my angry cock.

I pushed the tip of my cock against her steaming wet hole ready to take her right there and then, but then I hesitated, I knew it was wrong, she was my daughter, this isn’t right, I need to stop now, but I’m so horny, I need sex, I knew she had a boyfriend and that they’d been having sex, everyone knew, small community and words spreads fast, I knew she wasn’t a virgin and she was here right now, unconscious, she’d never know, no one would ever know, do it, do it now, quickly before you talk yourself out of it.

“Ooaar” Was the sound I made as I stretched out her hole pushing my cock inside her, just slowly dipping it in and out, testing the waters in case she suddenly awoke, luckily she didn’t, my cock was getting nicely lubricated and starting to slide and out with ease, so I pushed it in deeper and gained speed, before I knew it I was laid on top of her, holding her legs at my sides and I fucked her pussy proper and good.

I was having the best sex I’d had in years, because she looked so much like her mother it brought back memories of my younger days, I didn’t hold back either, near the end I went balls deep inside her, I should have pulled out and come on her tits, but I was enjoying it too much and I ended up blowing my seed inside her, I felt my entire sack instantly drain of semen, pumping it in to her body.

When I finished I popped my cock back in to my pants and I wiped the semen off her pussy with my hanky chief, then I put her knickers and dressing gown back on her, I was very surprised that she didn’t wake up, especially with how aggressively I was pounding her, her mother’s tranquilizers must be stronger than I thought.

I enjoyed fucking Julie so much that I kept the tranquilizers and secretly slipped on in her food or drink when I knew we’d be alone, and I fucked her several times over a couple of years, but I made a mistake and she ended up pregnant, her boyfriend thought he was the father and I thought he was too, that is until recently when we did one of those ancestry DNA tests on most of the family, turns out she’s not the only one in the family I got pregnant.

I continued to drug and fuck Julie in secret for a number of years, even after her kids were born, and then when she started looking older I moved on to the younger looking generation and I drugged and fucked my grandkids as well.

Over the years I’ve drugged and fucked all of my granddaughters, Amy – Rebecca- Chelsea are all my offspring, and my great grandkids, Lara – Kelsey and Robert are all mine as well. Little Lara is my eldest great granddaughter and she has a 1 year old daughter, she’s probably mine but I’m hoping not, I didn’t manage to get her DNA tested yet, we need to break this inbreeding cycle.
The only great grandchild I haven’t drugged and fucked is Robert, and that’s because he’s a boy, I don’t swing that way.

I will stop eventually, but I can’t get enough of teen pussy, even if I am fucking my own (secret) daughters, the trick is to wait until they become sexually active and get a party, that way you don’t have to worry about them noticing they’re no longer virgins and you get to blame the boyfriends for knocking them up when they find out they’re pregnant.

I hope I’m still around when my great-great granddaughter (really my daughter) is old enough and maybe I can have one last sweet pussy before I die.

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  • Reply Polska ID:aly275d3

    Damn, thats pretty illegal

  • Reply The mad jacker ID:4my701bzk

    I love inbreeding stories! Breeding your own harem. Damn, that’s hot.

    • Interested ID:21z99lg6ic

      Know any stories like this?

  • Reply Andrew ID:19ug9os7d9k

    I never drugged my daughters when I had sex with them. I’m 56, I have 2 daughters, 3 (grand)daughters and 6 (greatgrand)daughters. They’re all my offspring and I have sex with them regularly.

    • PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

      Write a story about it Andrew

    • Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

      I would love to hear more of your relationships with your family

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh

    Good story you should keep going