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Molested by boss’s daughter

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I was molested and raped by someone younger and smaller than me,here’s my story

My name is Ashley, im white,i was 15 at the time. I was born into poverty and have always struggled,during summer break i got a job as a housekeeper for a wealthy African American couple called the greens. They were very nice and paid well so i decided to keep the job no matter what. But they had a daughter,11 or 12 years old named kiara,and she seemed to like me a lot,always asking me to play with her and gossiping to me about people at her school,ya know young girl stuff. One night her parents went out and asked me to babysit,of course i agreed and i they left at about 4 pm. Kiara was very excited to spend time with me and i thought it was cute,she almost treated me like an older sister. Well they left and we played uno in the living room. Kiara seemed kinda nervous about something so i asked if everything was alright and she said it was. Out of nowhere she leans over and kisses me! She was aggressive too,she grabbed the back of my head and thrust her tongue in my mouth! I pulled away and yelled at her “what are you doing”!? “Whats wrong with you”? I said. She looked surprised and so heart broken. She started to cry and i felt so bad,”she probably has a crush on me and I just broke her heart” i said to myself. So i pulled her close to me and hugged her,”im sorry” i said, “i didn’t mean to scream at you,but you cant do that”. “Why not”? she asked. “Because your too young for me,and your parents would fire me if they found out”. “They wont find out” she said and she slipped her hands under my skirt. “Im serious i said stop”! “No” she said,cold and stern. “If you dont fuck me,ill tell my parents that you raped me,and they’ll fire you and you’ll go to jail”.
I was shocked! I was being sexually blackmailed by a 12 year old girl!! I could tell she ment it so i let her finger me. She started off slow,rubbing my clit and breasts like an expert. Then she told me to go in her room,i begged her to stop but she threatened to tell her parents so i obeyed. “Now take your clothes off”. I did. “Bend over the bed”. I did. “I cant believe im being raped by a 12 year old”! I said to myself. I wouldn’t admit it but i was enjoying it,she was great at it,she obviously masturbated all the time. “Now hold still” she shoved her whole hand in my pussy!! I groaned in pain but i did not move. She began to fist me,back and forth,deeper and deeper she shoved her little arm in my cunt. She fucked me with her arm better than any cock ever could! Even though my pussy was soaking wet i was still begging her to stop,but she wouldn’t. So technically I was still being raped.
She stuffed every inch of my pussy,i groaned as she stretched me. My body started to quiver as i reached orgasm, i came all over her hand, she made me squirt very hard. My pussy was aching but i was satisfied. Just then we heard her parents outside and i quickly pulled my skirt up and put my clothes on and we both ran into the living room and acted like nothing happened. I continued to work for the greens and kiara and i had sex frequently,i grew to look forward to my little fun times with kiara.

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    i hope its false cause you got raped and that it and you like many rape victim get rainswas into believing that you like it becuase your body react but its a false message, you need to wake up, seek help because if not not only will you be a victim for the rest of your life and it would be a half life, you will let a piece of shit rapist believe its ok and keep raping pepol and make thne suffer like you did.


      Come on dude stop your shit if you don’t like what you read fuck off okay

    • vive-la-baise

      l.o.l. it is sooo funny coming from you becasue sooo many pepol is telling YOU to fuc off. and your just mad because i did not wanted you to contact me.