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Me and my cousin part 3

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Alr so my older cousin who’s 13 came over yesterday. My aunt told her that she would have to listen to me or else she would get in trouble. My aunt left for work and I was happy. I started by telling her to do her homework knowing she would ask for help. 20 minutes later she ask me for help.(lemme describe my cousin. She’s 5’4 has a big fat ass and d cups) I told her to call her mom. And she did she said she should ask me to tutor her since I was smarter than her. She knew she had no money and my aunt told her to do what ever necessary. I started tutoring her when all of a sudden she started to get frustrated with math and slapped me . I got mad but didn’t do anything . My aunt came home and saw the red mark on my cheek she told me that I could rape her next time when she took all the kids. I agreed . So one day I got a call from my cousin asking me to tutor her again I said sure and went over . I told her to go get her computer from her room and that’s when it happend I grabbed her hair and made her suck my dick she cried i than proceeded to remover her shirt and her bra I started to lick her nice big tits she started saying this wasn’t fair and when I got enough of this I bent her over she was a virgin so I went slow . She enjoyed me fucking her and she enjoyed it. That’s it that was the end of this series’s.

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    Yes plz

  • Reply Just this once - the original

    I don’t know what to say about the grammer. It’s readable but please correct it next time. The first two parts could have also been just one whole part. Good tales though, the cousin must be a time traveler since she is 13 here and 14 in the last one.

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    Please show them my snap is Emilygon2929

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    I would love to see her nudes

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    I want to see her nudes

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    We would love if you shared her nudes