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Me and Katie

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Me and Katie play family and she shows me how great a mommy she would be

I’m Leon. This happened when I was 13.. I use to stay with my cousin alot, my mom would travel with work and my dad lived in another state. There was this girl that lived across from my cousin, her name was Katie and she was the same age as me but tiny. I was tall for my age about 5’8 and she was good foot shorter than me. She had black hair and a cute plump ass. She always painted her nails and had some beautiful little toes..
I went to stay with my cousin one weekend as my mom was going out of town, she pulled up and dropped me off and as I went to the house my Aunt was shocked I was there. She had forgotten I was coming and my cousin was staying with his dad that weekend. My mom was gone so I had no choice but to stay there. I sat on the porch bored as hell since I was by myself and Katie comes out of her house and waves at me. She was as annoying as she was cute, she acted younger than she was, still playing with dolls. She couldnt cross the road by herself so I told my Aunt I was going to Katie’s house and she said well have fun,,

This is my conversation with Katie–K is Katie L is me

K-do you wanna come to my clubhouse and play family?

L-not really but I got nothing else to do

she grabs my hand and takes me to this shed that was turned into a playhouse for her and her dolls
she says we are the mommy and daddy and she hands me a doll and I just go with it and play with the dolls with her..
She did look cute, she had on shorts that showed off her plump ass and those bare feet were damn cute.. we played house for a while and then her mom came out and said she was going to shop for dinner and asked me to stay until she got back.. I said okay and went back to feeling like an idiot as I helped Katie put her dolls to bed…

K- the kids are all asleep now
L- I hope they can sleep good
K- me to cuz its mommy and daddy time
L- whats mommy and daddy time?
K- we play like a mommy and daddy would
L- ok, so what we doing now?
K- stand by the window daddy
L- okay mommy

I stand by the window, looking out side and i feel her hands on my shorts and she is pulling them down..

L-Katie what the hell our you doing?
K- Im doing what a mommy would do to a daddy
L – why you trying to pull my shorts off?
K- cuz I have mommy stuff to do to make daddy happy

I stood there shocked and confused but I went with it

L-okay mommy make daddy happy

she slides down my shorts and boxers, my semi hard cock pops out for her to see, I was a little over 5 inches at the time
she strokes it with my hand before she takes it in her mouth,,, best damn feeling ever. so I played along

L-daddy loves this so much
K- good now shush and let mommy finish

she sucked my cock like a pro,, I fould out later she watched porn and wasnt as innocent as I thought
her sweet mouth felt like heaven and her hand was rubbing my balls,, I looked down at her and those pretty eyes looked back at me..I told her I was getting close and she started stroking my cock with her hand as her sweet mouth sucked my cock up and down..

L- daddy is gonna cum
K- she said something, idk what my dick was in her mouth

I started to cum, her mouth and hand working my dick,, she swallowed it, except for some that leaking out down her chin,

K- is daddy happy with mommy?
L- very, im a very lucky daddy
she grabs some baby wipes and cleans off my dick then gives it a kiss

K- lets go outside so mom doesnt see us here when she gets back
L- good idea
K- can we play again tomorrow?
L-sure we can play anything you want…

her mom comes back soon after and she makes me stay for dinner. part 2 will come soon.

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    Part 2

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