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Lay Minister

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I thought they dealt with that years ago… #Molest,

You know, the pedophile priests, molesting the youth? It wasn’t so much that they let child molesters in, we’re Catholic. That means we’ll let anyone join, but they should probably add a FAQ first. Well okay, I guess that’s stupid. If you ask everyone “Are you a pedophile?” when they want to join, they’ll just lie, and of course they’re attracted to roles where they have access to virgins.

They’re sinners, but what the church did was cover it up. To avoid a sex scandal, they took a bunch of priests, moved them to other diocese, and didn’t warn them. That’s where they messed up, because that let the abusers go back to their sinful ways. The parishioners had no idea that the new youth minister had a hands on approach to sex education.

Abstinence Only turns into You can Look, but don’t Touch, and then what?

“Huh,” so we got to prayer meeting, and my brother went right off to hang out with his friends. Mom, and dad went off to their meeting, and the girls. I just turned away, and left them. Down the hall, I ran into Scott. The Youth Minister, and he could tell something was wrong.

“You want to talk?” He opened up his office, and I shook my head, but he just held the door, and waved me in.

“Um, I have something to confess.” I nodded, and sat down.

“Okay, I’m not an ordained priest, so you’ll have to wait until Sunday for absolution, but if you think it will help to get it off your chest.” He got out a screen, unfolded it, and set it up on his desk.

I took a deep breath, and my training bra felt tight, but also a little warm in here. “Well, I. Uh, guess. Huh, let me start over.” I took a deep breath, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It’s been, well. My whole life, I guess. I never had anything to confess before, but I’ve been having these thoughts, and feelings lately. Um,” I thought. “I suppose it all started 3 days ago, after church. I.”

“Sinful thoughts, about a boy?” I nodded, and looked up, but of course I couldn’t see him through the screen.

“Why do you have a screen in your office, if you’re not qualified to take Confession?”

“It’s just an old screen.” I could make out his shadow behind it, nodding, and shrugging, but I couldn’t see his face. “Please go on;”

“Huh, well it was hot.” I bit my lip, realizing my Freudian slip. “I mean, it warmed up.”

“Sunday?” He nodded, “It got up to nearly 80.” In Febuary, and it’s just barely Febuary. No wait, it was still January, and that makes it even worse!

“Yeah.” I nodded, “Well, we bundled up, because it was chilly when we left, but then I saw a boy, on the playground.” My brother. “Umh, is there something about the number 13, that’s particularly sinful?”

“As in Friday the thirteenth? Honestly, I don’t know. It’s just a number, but I have to admit that weird things seem to happen around that time, and full moons. So, who knows?”

“What about the age thirteen?”

“Your brother just turned thirteen.”

“Yes, of course. So, he tends to hang out with boys his age, as well.” That’s not a lie, and this isn’t a court of law. I’m not sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. “One of the boys at church, he. Looked at me, funny. I know, I should have been. Well.”

“Honestly?” He sighed, and shook his head. “What you’re talking about is perfectly natural. You’re going through changes in your life, and your body.”

I was already holding my arms over my lap. This folding chair, it didn’t have arms on it, so I had to put them somewhere, and I didn’t want my hands in my lap. Honestly, I wanted someone’s hands in my lap, touching my legs, through my skirt, and feeling up between them.

So, I crossed my arms, and held onto them. Both my arms, hugging my chest. “It’s only natural for girls to want attention from boys, even older boys, your brother’s age?”

“Yeah, but.” It’s incestuous, “Also, I’ve been thinking about, other things. Not just romantic things, like holding hands, kissing, and. Hugging.” I squeezed my chest even tighter, and rubbed my arms with my fingers, but just talking about it brought the visions back. Swirling around in my head, so they flash past my eyes faster than I can keep up, but they’re all pink, and tan. Skin toned, with patches of hair, and. “Huh, in my nighty, and.” I bit my lip, and couldn’t even look at the shadow printed on the screen, so I turned away, and whispered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that.” He shook his head.

“In his pants, his underpants, and. Taking them off, and helping me out of my night gown, so he can.”

“Huh,” then I heard it. Again, only the second time I heard, well? Fapping, I know what they mean by that, now. When they talk about fapping online, it’s mostly girls, but I’m not supposed to do that, and. “Go on.” He’s certainly not supposed to be doing that, in his office, but with the screen up, and behind his desk, I can’t see it.

“Huh, hard. His erection sticking up, and.” I let go of my arms, and finally felt hands on my training bra. “His hands on me.”

“Huh, yeah. Go on.”

“His eyes on me, and letting go.” so he can see my bare nipples without my hands in the way, but then he interrupted that mid-thought.

“Nghm!” Did he bite his lip? I can’t tell. “Hm? Snh!” He just finished, I’m sure, and I missed it, but a big part of me wishes I hadn’t. I wanted to get up, and pull the screen down. see his seed, and smell it, but I didn’t dare take off my mask. “Huh, sorry.” He reached up, to his face, and plucked a tissue from the box on the corner of his desk. “It’s just a sniffle, nothing to worry about.” He gasped, and panted, but he didn’t hold the tissue up to wipe his nose.

“That’s okay?” I got up, “I feel much better now, thanks.” I opened the door, and closed it, without slamming it, but at least I could move now? I felt paralyzed for a minute there. Like I’d just woken up from a bad dream, and I had to wait for it to fade from my mind before I could move, only I wasn’t dreaming.

“Huh!” I leaned back in the hall way, and tried to deal with the way I felt, but that was fading like a dream, too? I even shivered, even though it wasn’t as cool out there, in the hall as it was in the office, and why the hell did he have the heater cranked all the way up?

Am I, satisfied? I didn’t even touch myself, which is good, because this is a church, and it’s bad enough having these thoughts in the first place, but now that I can think clearly. I remember something he said. “It’s perfectly natural.” It didn’t seem creepy at the time, because I was too horny, and ashamed of my incestuous feelings to care, but then he mentioned my body. The changes in my body, and he wasn’t the first to notice.

Also, there’s the cherubs on his screen. Like little cupids, only instead of bows, they have golden harps, and instead of wings they have, togas? Curling around them in the wind, and the clouds, almost showing their baby butts, and just covering their privates, but their fat pale little legs kicking in the air, and what is that sort of thing even doing in a Church? Let alone on a confessional screen, or around it.

“It’s just an old screen,” he said. When I asked shat he was doing with it in his office. Before he got me talking about sex, and masturbating right in front of me. Where I couldn’t see it, but I could hear it, and does he really think he got away with it? I was right there, I could hear him breathing, and fapping, and even grunting when he ejaculated, but he covered it up by saying he had a sniffle. Yeah, right. That’s what he needed the kleenex for, to wipe his nose.

I may be young, but I’m not that stupid, or deaf. “Where’s Scott?” I jumped.

“Oh, I don’t know, he’s not in his office, so maybe check the boy’s room?” I fixed up my mask, but not before I smelled the smoke on his jacket. He just came in from bumming butts from the teenage boys, but I needed the fresh air, to think.

Not about boy’s butts, but once the thought got in my head, it wasn’t easy to exorcise it. “It’s this damned disease. I know that’s from the devil, but.”

The sky is clear, and it’s a little chilly out here, but that just helps me cool off from the hot muggy air of the office, and what I didn’t smell in there.

“What did you think would happen? God, of course the first boy to notice would be my brother, there’s nobody else. In my life now.” Except for dad, and thank God he’s not like that, Scott. “How can you let men like that in your church, though? You know girls like me are curious, and willing, to. At least he didn’t get up, and try to touch me, because I would have let him just to see his. Penis, his erection for me, and maybe even ejaculating? I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to even talk to You about this stuff I’m not even supposed to be thinking about, let alone ask forgiveness?”

I just sat down on the playground. Platform, thingy. “I lied, it wasn’t on the playground, and it wasn’t just a boy at church. It was my brother, in the hallway, after we got ready for bed. Also, what’s with Confession in the first place? Why should I have to ask a man for forgiveness, when I can always just pray straight to you?”

I shook my head. “Too bad, he’s not a homo. Huh?” I just held my head, trying to shake the images out, or squeeze it hard enough for it to squirt out my ears.

In the bathroom, it was my idea for him to wait for Scott in the boy’s room, because you know after what he’d done. He’d probably have to go in, and wash up. “It was just so dirty. Why didn’t I feel dirty before? Right when it was happening, why couldn’t I feel anything, or say anything, or do anything about it? It’s like a nightmare now, but it wasn’t? The whole time it was happening, all I could feel was. Satisfied, by that? How could I be satisfied sexually from hearing him beat off, when I couldn’t even see it? Does he suck dick?

Scott, I mean, not Thomas. Huh, I bet if he’d even gave oral sex to one of the boys, you would have seen it, huh? You like watching us mortals have sex? I know you don’t like homosexuals, so I guess homo sex isn’t a turnon. Omg!”

I just thought about His cock? It must be huge, and shining like a shaft of sunlight, cumming down from heaven through a break in the clouds, even though there’s not a cloud in the sky, and. “Hnm!”

There it is again. “HhuhHhuh!” I just lay back, and feel the. Orgasm? Is this what an orgasm feels like? It’s almost, spiritual. Even though it’s the most unholy thing I’ve ever thought. God getting a boner watching Scott suck Thomas off in the church boy’s room, as if that would ever happen.

“If it’s sinful than, why does it feel like this?” Did I faint? I sure hope not, for then I would have missed even a moment of this feeling, but it’s not twitching at all. In my tummy, or lower. Between my legs, in my underwear, and even deeper.

I would feel it, don’t they always say there’s spasms inside, in the stories I know I’m far too young to be reading. Mommy’s stories, not on the TV, but her dirtiest romance novels. Where they don’t just kiss, and cut to the end. They keep on going to the bedroom, take each other’s clothes off, and gently sink his turgid member into her damp love tunnel. “HhuhH! Uh, ow!”

Great, now I’m bleeding. “Fuck. Sorry, God I just. Well, you know what I just did. I better go in, and ask if one of the girls has a maxi pad, or something. Uh, how could you? Let me do that on holy ground! God, you’re such a. I’m sorry, you know I didn’t mean that, please forgive me. Amen.”


Thomas (mG Sibs)


“Hey,” I hit his arm, “Watch your language.” It wasn’t being called that, what I get for having a name that rhymes with Dumbass, ever since we read The Count of Monte Christo in class.

Abby giggled, “Well, I don’t know if the parking lot counts as holy ground.”

“I don’t care, you’re 10.”

“I know? So, it’s not like I haven’t heard them call you that at school before.” They just started calling me that at church, too! “Oh, here’s mom.”

“See you later.” Luke goes to school with me too, so of course he calls me that at church too, but not in front of my sister. “He give you any more cigarettes?”

“No? He doesn’t smoke, and shut up about that.” Before mom came up, so I could ask her. “Where’s dad?”

“He’s talking to Pastor John about the Covid Relief.” I nodded, and got in when she unlocked the door.

“Uh!” Abby tried to climb over my lap. “Abigail, get in the other side.”

“Well, scoot over. It’s cold out there, but nice, and warm in here.”

She crossed her arms, and mom reminded her to “Buckle up.”

“Wait until dad comes out, oh.” She looked out the window, “There he is.” All the way home, they talked about providing masks, and sanitizer to the poor kids detained in Texas. You know, the ones that were separated from their parents? Yeah, they’re Immigrants, and their families are illegal immigrants, but we’re all God’s children. At least somebody thought about them getting sick locked up like that, in schools, mostly. Yeah, the schools aren’t being used for school, because of the quarantine, but that makes you think that if they don’t even have toothbrushes, they might need masks, and sanitizer so they don’t breed it like a petri dish.

So then, I started thinking about Zorro, for some reason. Of course, it’s just like Edmond Dantès, only Spanish instead of French. Was California Mexico, or still a Spanish colony at the time? I don’t know, but they probably spoke Spanish instead of English. Like in the movie, at least Antonio Banderas is a Spañard, even though Catherine Zeta Jones is Welsh, I think.

“Uh,” that fight, in the stables, where they cut each other’s clothes off. I crossed my legs, but not before Gail noticed, and looked up. She didn’t say anything, but she had her mask off, so I could see her smile, and look back down at my crotch.

“Uh mom?” She asked, “Can you turn on the air condition? It’s still a little hot in here.”

“We’re almost home.” Thank God it went away before we had to get out, but it’s been happening more, and more lately. Getting harder, and harder to hide from my family, and the boys at school. I know he’s right, it’s perfectly natural, and that’s just an old way of thinking.

I just didn’t realize we’re such a progressive church, but spilling your seed has nothing to do with playing with yourself. You have to keep reading, it’s actually the Word of God, and it has nothing to do with masturbation, and birth control. We even have a lesbian couple, but that’s under wraps.

They’re just room mates, yeah right. Just thinking about those 2 together made it cum right back, but there’s nothing about 2 women lying together as they would with men. As long as they waited until they’re married. Too bad they couldn’t hold the wedding at church, but it’s still all right. As long as they aren’t living in sin, but I bet they don’t shave their hairy muffs, so they can rub them together, humping the double dildo, and I couldn’t get down to my room fast enough.

So, I didn’t even realize that Gail followed me until the door stopped, and she said “Ow!” Behind me. Shaking her hand, and flexing her fingers.

“Well, what did you stick them in the door for in the first place?” I let her in, and she closed the door. Lowered her voice, and held a finger up.

‘sh, I just wanted to talk. so, where did you get the cigarettes from?’

“Nobody? I just found a butt in the ash-tray, over by the loading dock.” It’s really just a coffee can, filled with sand, but there was a pretty long one without any lipstick on it, or wet spots from the rain.

“Well,” she finished unbuttoning her collar, but kept going, “Scott smokes.”

“So? He’s an adult, so that’s allowed, and I know I’m not supposed to, but it was just a puff. It took the edge off, and I didn’t inhale.”

“Yeah, but what about Covid?”

“What about it? I cut the filter off, so I wouldn’t.” I almost said suck it, but now she’d gotten down to the top of her dress, and started unbuttoning that. “What are you doing?”

“I’m still hot, and you wouldn’t believe what he did in his office. You think he’s one of those priests, they don’t talk about, any more?”

“No, he’s not even a real priest. He’s just a youth minister, and.” I just realized. “Why, he didn’t try anything with you?”

“No, why? He hasn’t tried anything with you either, has he?”

“No, of course not, and even if he did, I’d tell somebody, because I’m not gay.”

“Me neither.” She stopped unbuttoning the front of her dress, and went back up to the buttons on her blouse.

“What are you doing?” At least she had a training bra on, this time. I thought I was just imagining it, but she has been acting a little weird around me, the past few days. Of course she didn’t wear bras to bed, that makes sense. I never thought about it before, but I guess it would be uncomfortable to sleep in, ever since I told her it’s not polite to point.

Then, she started giggling. “Hnhm!” Like that, biting her lip, only I didn’t know what she was thinking about. She shook her head, “Well, I just thought that maybe we could change together, like we used to.” Her blouse unbuttoned all the way, she shrugged it off, and started pushing her dress down. Over her underwear.

“Don’t be silly, you don’t have any clothes down here to put on.”

“I know.”

“And did you get your period?”

“Oh, no.” She pulled her panties out, and looked down. At her pubes, I didn’t know she was getting pubic hair yet either, but I guess girls start a little earlier, sometimes. I noticed that in 4th grade, when her friend Annie started stretching out her sweaters. “Well yeah, but it’s not that. I just lost my. You know.” She let the waistband snap back up, which snapped me out of it. “Oh look.”

She looked down at my crotch, so I backed up, but she kept following me until I bumped into the closet door. “What are you doing? Stop.”

“It’s okay, perfectly natural.” She moved my hands up to her top.

“No it’s not, you’re my sister. Wait, what did Scott do to you, exactly?”

“Nothing, we just talked.” But her hands felt back down my shirt, and untucked it. “You know, about how much I’ve grown, and the changes happening to my body.”

I let go, and pushed her back. “Stop it, you’re my sister.”

“So? Why don’t you yell it a little louder so mom, and dad come down to see what all the fuss is about?” Then, she pulled out the bottom of her training bra, and lifted it up, so her breasts were bare. “Just close your eyes, and try to think of someone else.”

I blinked, and shook my head when she put her arms down, and pulled them out of the elastic top. Topless, wearing nothing but her bloody underpants, socks, and shoes, I forgot about Annette completely. “Go ahead.” She covered her crotch. “Get it out,” curled her fingers up, and pumped her fist between us. “I want to watch. Uhn!” Her eyes almost closed, but I could see her peeking out the bottom, right at my fly, and I had to do something.

My balls were starting to ache, from holding it in for hours at church, all the way home, and since we got back. “It’s okay, I won’t tell.” She felt up her tummy, and squeezed the side of her chest, but her eyes opened wide, and she made that little grunt again, when I unzipped them, and dug around inside.

“Huh, it’s so hard. Grab it, pump it, jerk it off. I want to watch you cum.”

“Oh yeah?” I just followed directions, and made excuses.

“Oh yeah, shoot your spunk all over the place, hurry! UH!” She almost squealed, but her fingers were moving so fast in her soggy red crotch, I couldn’t help it.

“Oh, shit!” I just sat back, and hit my head on the wall. “Oh, god, uh!”

She giggled, “Yeah. You know He’s watching us, right now?”

“What? The fuck!?”

“Ihinhm!” She nodded, “He’s the perviest peeper ever. What do you think he created Adam and Eve for in the first place? Made them run around naked, and forbidding them to eat from the tree of knowledge. Then telling them it’s sinful, but he sure doesn’t seem to mind watching, huh? I bet he’s got a big fat hard golden cock!”

That’s just got to be the most blasphemous thing I’ve ever heard, from my little sister? “You’re sick!” I knew that, but I had to fix up my pants first. “Get out, and stay out. Leave me alone, you. You, succubus.”

I just heard her laugh. Out loud, without even biting her lip for once, but it wasn’t just a dirty little laugh.

It sounded like pure evil, but who am I going to tell? Who’s going to believe me? Oh yeah, my little sister came down to my room, stripped, and tried to molest me. Made me beat off in front of her, and broke her own cherry. I know how that sounds without even saying it out loud. I barely even wrote it down, without trying to make it sound like something else, but that’s the truth. I swear to God.

At least I don’t have to worry about her tattling on me for smoking?


Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumors (Some Great Reward)

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