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Katie is more than she seems

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I woke up the next morning excited about what they day may bring. Katie was on my mind and I wanted more of her so bad..
My cousin had said she had an evil streak but she was an Angel with me yesterday.. but he turned out to know her better than I did.

I get to ger house around 10am, her mom was getting ready for work and Katie didnt seem to be herself. Her mood was a bit pissy. she said hi and hugged me but something was weird about her. We went to her playhouse..

L- are you okay, you seem pissed today
K- my dad. he called and got my mom upset
L- Im sorry, I heard that he was a dick and your mom was right to leave him
K- I know, she did what was right but I get so mad
K- I just want to do bad things to him for what he did
L-what all did he do, if I can ask
K-he would hit my mom and try to touch me
L-touch you? thats gross
K-I know, I put my fist to his balls once and he stopped it
L- damn , but he deserved it

she got quite,, I had wanted her to make me cum again, but the mood was kinda ruined now..

L-whats wrong? I’m here for you if you need anything

more silence..

K- do you mean anything?
L- yes, you mean a lot to me ( I wanted her to make me cum again, so say what you gotta say)
K- I will be back, gonna get stuff from the house. uhmm I’d be happy if you were naked when I get back

hell yeah I got naked, laying on the little bed, stroking my dick, ready to play daddy again

of course, well

she comes back carring her backpack , I am naked on the little bed, she looks at me, she looks pissed, not Angelic

K- I hate my dad so much and you are daddy today
L-what does mommy want to do to daddy today.. (thinking about yesterday)
K- mommy wants to hurt daddy

She pulls a belt out of her backpack, starts swinging it at me, hits me right on my leg and then on my arm

L- what the fuck Katie, Im not your dad, I know ur pissed at him
K-shut the fuck up and lay on ur stomach
L- will you stop hitting me with the belt?
K- okay just do what I say, lay on your stomach

I lay on my stomach, my hard dick had gone soft by now

She pulls out duct tape and before I know it my wrists are taped together
She makes me turn over,

K-open your legs
L-why, I dont like this Katie
K-do you like this?
She hits me on my stomach with the belt,
L- okay I will open my legs..

She ties my legs open
I am laying there , tied up and she is in charge.. part 3 soon

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