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Jamie’s a little stud

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I was babysitting and little Jamie turned out to be a little stud in bed.

11 year old Jamie was so cute, so innocent, so adorable, and had a nice cock.

I’m 15 and I was babysitting my neighbour’s son at the weekend while they went out for the night, he went to bed at about 9 and I spent the next hour watching TV downstairs, I finished watching a film that had some good sex scenes it and it made me quite horny.

I went upstairs and lay myself down on his parents bed, they always let me use their bed if I got tired and wanted a little sleep, I took off my thong and I laid on the bed with my shirt pulled up above my boobs, I was on the bed with my eyes closed, legs spread, skirt hunched up, groping my breasts and rubbing my clitoris while picturing the hunky actor from the movie and fantasizing that he was fucking me.

At a particularly exciting moment I opened my eyes and I saw Jamie sitting at the end of the bed, he had a grin on his face and he was watching me play with myself, he had a perfect view, I immediately clamped my legs back together and lifted myself up, “Jamie!” I yelled in surprise, he jumped to his feet when my yelling snapped him out of his gaze and startled him, when he stood up he had his pants around his ankles and his little boner sticking out.

“Were you wanking?” I asked.

He bent down and quickly pulled up his pants, I launched myself forward and grabbed the back of his pyjama top as he tried to make a hasty exit and I pulled him backwards on to the bed, he fell on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him tightly to stop him getting away, “Get off me.” He protested and giggled.

I held him tight around his chest and I pushed my hand down the his bottoms and stroked his cock, it was big and hard, “Who’s a big boy.” I said, he stopped squirming and went still while I tugged on his cock, I could tell he was enjoying it, I loosened my grip around his chest, “Turn around.” I said, and he nervously turned himself over and sat up on my stomach, “Did you like watching me play with myself?” I asked him, continuing to tug him off.

He went all shy and blushed, then he nodded, he’s always been the sweet little boy next door to me, a cute fair haired little guy, I’ve never thought about him in a sexual way before, but seeing his generously sized cock in front of my face I couldn’t help it, damn I was horny and he was up and ready to go, why waste it, I grabbed him around the waist and flipped him on to his back, then like a wild animal I yanked his bottoms down to his ankles, “Have you ever been with a girl before, Jamie?” I asked.

“No.” he replied, sharply, and sounding embarrassed.

“You’re about too.” I replied, biting my lip and rubbing his cock and balls with both hands, I shuffled myself over his crotch with my knees either side of him, I fingered my pussy to check it was still wet and loosen up my hole, then I took hold of his cock and guided below my opening, then I lowered myself down, forcing his cock inside of me, he gasped when he felt his virgin cock being squeezed my juicy insides.

When he was completely inside me, I leaned down and kissed his sweet little lips and I held his arms down by the wrists above his head and I lunged myself slowly back and forth along his hard shaft, his gasps and moans were so cute as I fucked his little brains out for the first time in his young life, I was so horny and wet we could hear squishing sounds every time his cock went in to me, I released his hands and lifted myself up, I placed my hands on his skinny chest and we fucked on his parents bed, he was loving it, he even started to grope my boobs and we just fucked hard.

This little boy had a good cock and he even moved his little hips around, his movements felt nice with his cock flicking and bouncing around inside me, when he started gripping his hands on to my legs, I knew it was about to end, “Come for me, Jamie. Come for me, baby.” I said, “You can do it.

Come on.” I added, I started bouncing on his cock faster, “Oh, Jamie. Come, Jamie.” I groaned, I was riding his cock at a hundred miles per hour and then it happened, “Arrgh – Oargh” he groaned, and I felt him explode inside me, he filled my void with his seed.

A few moments after he came, I rubbed his chest and looked at his little face, he was smiling widely and looking back at me, I smiled back, “Good boy. Did you enjoy that, Jamie?” I asked.
“Yeah.” He replied, “That was cool.” He added.

“You were wonderful. Proper little stud you are.” I replied.

We eventually got dressed and we tidied up his parents bed and after a quick smooch on the landing, Jamie went back to bed, he was a good kisser too, and I went downstairs and continued to watch TV until his parents got home a couple of hours later.

He had a really big cock for an 11 year old and some nice bedroom skills as well, we had sex a lot after that night, every time I babysat for him, which was every other weekend, we’d fuck all the time and play sex games, he really was a proper little stud, sadly it ended a few years later when he got older and he didn’t need a babysitter anymore, he even got a girlfriend. I’ll never forget my little Jamie, my little stud.

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