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I used to send pictures of myself to strangers online

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My boobs were a bit big for my age when I was 12, this lead to a lot of grown men staring at my chest , and I honestly liked the attention. By 13 I started watching porn and was turned on by the women just giving themselves for men to use. This made me want to show my body especially my boobs. So I started texting guys online and they would ask to see my tits, or pussy. I was 14 when I had a full blown online sexual relationship with this 27 year old guy I met and I really enjoyed it. I’d send him videos of me shaking my ass without panties, playing with my pussy ,and boobs. And he would send videos of him playing with his cock and masturbating , it was honestly so hot. He’d talk about how hot my little pussy was and how he wanted to cum in me. He wasn’t the only man I was sending pussy pictures to , I loved the feeling of grown men feeling lucky that they had a fresh young pussy willing to spread their pussy, I don’t know, just something about older guys turned me on. And seeing myself spread out for these men was a huge turn on.

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  • Reply BLACK COCK

    I am older and naughty too and I would like to see your beautiful young pussy
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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    i am curious, why did you stoped? is it becasue of what happened to Amanda Tood?


    You have instagram or snapchat?

  • Reply Babeygurl14

    If only girls like this lived near me 😛 do you have snapchat??

    • J

      This is way too hot 🥵

    • lesbeurk

      shes not into gilrs so fuc off you rapist leave us heterosexual girls alone. go suc a doc dick since you enjoyed soo much you sicko.

    • Thickwhitecock

      Babeygurl14 – what’s your Snapchat?