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I shut my little sister up – she got physical

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Kayla got physical, she hit me and pissed me off again.

“Bye mom.” Shouted Kayla, standing with the front door open in her pajamas and dressing gown, waving mom off as she headed for work.

She closed the door and turned around, she let out a frustrated breath before looking up at me with her little demon eyes.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” I snapped.

She took a few steps forward and stood right in front of me, “Got a problem!” I said.

Then she did something I wasn’t expecting, she made a sound like a karate kid, “Hi-Ya!”, then she kneed me right in the balls, as I slumped over holding my aching groin, I saw her twist her upper body, she outstretched her arm and made a fist with her hand, then she took a swing at me, planting one right on my cheek, she hit me so hard and with such velocity that even she fell over, I have to admit, she’s got one hell of a punch on her.

While I was on the floor holding my aching cheek and balls, she legged it up the stairs giggling all the way, “Fucking – bitch!” I groaned.

Once my balls had dropped back down out of my throat I got to my feet and raced up the stairs after he, I got to her bedroom door just as she slammed it shut, I barged through it and chased her around her bedroom, I wasn’t as fast as I could have been, my balls were killing me, I tripped over as she slipped by me and ran out of the door, I managed to leap myself forward and I grabbed her ankle, sending her plummeting head first in to the floor.

As I dragged her ass back towards me, she was trying to hold on to the stair railings, but I managed to pry her off, she was thrashing around trying to get away from me so I pulled her under me and pinned her down, “Are you fucking insane.” I said, then she spat in my face.

She was kicking her legs about so I ripped the fabric belt on her dressing gown out of its hoops, then I used the belt to tie her legs together, I picked her up and tossed her on to her bed, “Right.” I said, sternly, I kneeled on the bed over her and I took strands of her long blonde hair and tied it around her wrists, “You can try to move now but you’ll only pull your fucking hair out.” I said.

“Ouch – dickhead – I hate you.” She screamed.

I left her there with her legs bound and her hands tied to her hair and I went in to the bathroom to check on my balls, thankfully they weren’t too bad, just hurt like fuck, I wet a facecloth with cold water and pressed it against my balls, it felt so good and eased the pain off quite well, not totally, but enough.

After about half an hour I went back in to her room, she was still on the bed but had rolled on to her front, probably trying to get loose, “I can’t believe you kneed me in my fucking balls.” I said.

“Did it hurt?” she mumbled.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Good!” she said, adding a laugh at the end which really pissed me off.

I walked over to the bed and I flipped her back over, I untied her legs, “What are you doing?” she asked, “You’ll see.” I replied, when her legs were untied I removed her bottoms and panties, then I bent back both her legs and I pushed them through the hoop of each of her arms that were tied to her hair, now she definitely couldn’t move, she looked like some sort of mutant crab, “Ouch – I can’t move.” She moaned.

“That’s the point.” I replied.

“Now what you doing?” she asked, seeing my pull my pants down and stroke my aching groin.

“Checking if it still works.” I replied.

With her legs pushed back and wide open, her pussy was right there waiting for me, I managed to get a painful boner then I pulled her twisted body to the edge of the bed and I slipped it inside her tight pussy, she squealed, it was music to my ears, “Moan all you want, bitch” I said, as I started to push it in over and over.

My balls were hurting but I battled through the pain, Kayla kept lifting her head and looking down, watching my cock enter her pussy over and over, and she was groaning and wailing, I put my hands under the hoops of her twisted arms and legs and pulled her closer and held on tight as I rammed it in to her, two or three minutes later I came deep inside her, it hurt when I came, I actually felt a sharp pain as my spunk travelled from my balls and up and out of my cock, “Arrgh!” I screamed.

I quickly pulled out and held my balls, “Don’t ever knee me in the balls again.” I shouted.

“Wait. What about me?” she shouted, as I was walking away.

I went in to my room and got my scissors, when I came back I motioned them in from of her, she shook her head, “No. Don’t cut my hair.” She cried, I ignored her and cut her hair where it was tied to her wrists, she cried when I did it, it felt good, that’ll teach the bitch.

“You cut my hair – you fucking dickhead.” She cried.

I didn’t give a shit, I just waddled back to my room and laid on my bed and nursed my aching balls for the rest of the morning.

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  • Reply FuckingWhore

    By the way you describe your sister she seems no less then a 6-year old, and I’m sorry unless your pulling out or she know she can get pregnant stop this shit, also if she is young make sure she hasn’t hit puberty or else she gone get pregnant. And just to specify i’m not calling you a bastard or something I enjoy incest but she is underage and I suspect your are too- even if she enjoys getting fucked at least ask consent instead of raping her.


    I like your stories man keep going and how old is your sister what her bra and underwear sizes?