I saw mom having sex

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my friends shared a porn video and it turned out to be of my mom, and maybe my dad.

Last year when me and my friends all had new phones we were sharing porn videos with each other, I was 13 and recently discovered how much pleasure my cock gave me when I jerked it off, I never knew my dad so I couldn’t go to anyone for advice about sex and jerking off and stuff, I just learnt it all myself, my friends were the same, and watching the videos in private while doing it helped make it more fun.

One of my friends shared a really good clear video of a girl getting fucked, it was in a point of view, I couldn’t see any faces, the video showed the girls naked body from the neck down and the man’s cock going in and out of her shaved pussy, she had really nice round tits.

So I was in bed and watching the video while jerking myself off, listening to her sexual moans and groans really turned me on, the video was like 25-30 minutes long, and I’d come twice already, I was jerking myself off for a third time and really going for it, just as I shot out my third load, at that exact moment, just as the video was about to end, the camera angle changed and it showed the girls face for the first time, I squirted my come everywhere, some landed on my phone, but then I get the shock of my life, the girl in the video was my mom.

She must have been 18 in that video because I was born when she was nearly 19, I also realized the man fucking her in the video could have been my dad.

My mind was just blown and I was so embarrassed that I just jerked off three times to a video of my mom getting fucked, but more than that, probably getting fucked by my dad.

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