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I let random guys touch me since I was 12

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I love letting guys touch me and love to flashing my pussy since I was 12. Then got sold into a sexclub (but seemed more like a brothel)

It all started when I got my puberty, i was naive and super curious about sex. I watched porn since I was 10, but started to be super kinky at 12. I was in middleschool and let all the guys in my school touch me. I love the attention and all the naughty fingers on my my private places. Then one day when I was on my way back home from school, a bunch (around 3-4 guys) of highschool guys stopped me. They pinched my cheeks and slapped my butt, one of them said “Heard that you’re a little whore huh?”. I got embaressed and look down to my feet didn’t say anything back. They smiled and pulled me onto a vans, undressed me and touching all around my little body. They got their phone out and taking pictures of me naked with evil laughed. A guy pat my head and said “You’re such a good girl” while others taking out some dildos and anal beads. They fingered me and their fingers got straight inside me ( I did masturbated before so it was kinda easy to put something inside me). I had a little moaned and they said “Now let’s try something bigger” and forcefully ram the dildo inside me. It hurt so bad and I brused into tears. Some guys were filming me with a dildo inside me. They lubed the anal beads and slowly put it into my little asshole, it wasn’t as bad as the dildo and actually felt good. I posed for their pictures with both of my holes stuffed with toys. A couple days later, I met them again but this time they didnt touch me or toys me or anything. They asked me if I want some money and I said yes. I got told to get onto the vans and they drove me to a house. At first I thought they were just drove me to their house but no I was wrong. A guy look like he’s in his 40s came out and greeted us then we got into the house. He got me some juice and told me to sit on the couch for a bit while they talking about something. I saw the guys showed that dude my naked and toying pics, they both smiled and the dude knoked his head. They standed up and the dude gave them some money and they got out leaving me alone with the old dude. He rubbed my head and told me how cute I am, then he told me to follow him to the basement. The first thing I saw in the basement was a whole bunch of people were having sex, bdsm, gangbang,.. I was really surprised and got a little bit scared. I looked up at him and he smiled said “Your clients are waiting for you” and pushed me to some guys then went away. Those guys seemed like they were in their 30s, I got all naked and laid on the bed. I asked what they gonna do to me and they said shut up you child whore then started to forced fucked me. His dick was so big, much bigger than the dildo that it bleed my pussy. I screamed and cried and begged them to stop but all I got was their huge cock destroying my little bald pussy. They took turn fucking my sored pussy but somehow still wet. They got their loads inside me then gave me 100$ and went up to the floor. I was all tired and sored, the pimp went down and carried me up. I showered and got dress, he asked how much did I made and I said 100$. He took away 50$ and drove me home. I got inside my house and lied to my parent that I was at the party and forgot to tell him. After that day, the pimp kept picking me up from school and drove me to his place for the clients. I’m now 16 and still love letting random man touch me. I got all my holes destroyed but horny still 😉

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