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Hotel room raped

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I was 12 years old when my dad took me to a hotel to have sex with 2 people

My dad had started touching me when i was around 10 years old and started penetrating me when i was 11. But it was when i started getting pubic hair he took me to a motel for 2 people he had been selling pictures of me too.

Before they got there he removed all of the sheets from the bed. He had me take off my clothes. He gave me a drink of something to help me relax like he usually did. after drinking it i laid naked on the bed and closed my eyes. He positioned my legs apart and started rubbing circles around my pussy hole. it wasnt long before there was a knock at the door. My dad said ok remember everything we talked about. I laid there with my eyes closed as he let them in and they all stood around talking. i could hear them unzipping bags and one man said he had brought his polaroid cameras. the other man asked if condoms were necessary and my dad said no. they talked a little more i don’t really remember what all was said cos i was getting groggy. the next thing i remember is feeling fingers spread my pussy lips open. I could hear the polaroid clicks and see the flash though my eyelids. A finger started rubbing up and down my slit and more pictures were taken. He started laughing and said he couldn’t find the hole. My dad said oh its there allright. right as my dad said that a finger prodded into me and slid in. Ohhhh that’s it. the man said. it got quiet for a bit while the men prodded and fingered my pussy. I laid still. i drifted off for a bit i think. I woke up to one of the men on me. He had wrapped his arms around me and the tip of his cock was thrusting against my slit. God damn he kept muttering. With a grunt his cock head slapped against my pussy hole again but this time instead of pulling back he lurched and forcefully slid in. He moaned loudly as my opening gave way. Its the tightest ive had, shes squeezing me in he said and i could hear my dad laugh. He didnt rock on top of me like how my dad would, he just stiffened in a hunched position and a couple minutes later i felt the familiar warm burst inside of me. He breathlessly collapsed onto me quivering as slowly his cock slid out. Damn i knew i wouldn’t last he said. He rolled off of me after about 5 minutes and the next man was immediately on top of me. He bit at my neck and clawed at my hips, lifting me up and angling me. He grunted like an animal and thrust, much less gentle than tje first man. His huge cock tore into me, i softly whined as he pulled back then thrust forward even harder. Soon the headboard was pounding hard and rhythmatically. Look at her lips i could hear my dad pointing out. Like saran wrap gripping his cock. He said to the other man who had finished inside of me just moments earlier. I could feel my pussy lips still gripping onto him and stretching outwards as he pulled back b4 slamming back in.
Be careful to not do anything id have to take her to the doctore for he reminded the man pounding into me.
Fuck its just so good the man thrusting on top of me said. He continued for what seemed like forever. Finally his groans turned to a shout and with 3 forceful thrusts i once again was filled with hot liquid. He collapsed on top of me the same way the previous man had. I laid still and felt him slowly grow flaccid then slid out.
When everything was finished the men talked for a while then left. My dad got some baby wipes and cleaned off my swollen pussy before he finally took his turn. My bruised stretched hole was eager for him and i gently thrust my hips upwards and we rocked slowly together until cumming nearly at same time.

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    Presuming this is a narrative and not fiction, how long did your dad keep using you Gingergrl2003?
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