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Hanna, Mormon Elijah Young’s 4th Wife 2

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Hanna painfully loses her virginity in front of her sister wives.

Laying on the bed naked with two of the new Mrs Young’s sister wives holding chains around her ankles while her other sister wife whispered in her ear, she watched as her new husband climbed between her legs the head of his cock touching her cunt lips her eyes began to tear up, at 35 she was about to lose her virginity.

******HANNA’S STORY…….It wasn’t supposed to be like this, my husband was supposed to love me, to be gentle with, my sister wives were not supposed to be there ,my new husband was supposed to take me too his bed and make me a woman in private, but I am here laying on the marriage bed with two of my sister wives holding chains attached to leather ankle cuffs holding my legs open so my husband can put his huge cock in my private place no man had ever seen before let alone touched.
I could feel his cock against the lips of my special place, he was pushing my thighs apart with his knees and he was telling Ivy and Rosalyn to hold the chains attached to my ankles real tight. Through the tears welling up in my eyes I could see the evil in his face, he wanted to hurt me, he was going to enjoy hurting me, it wasn’t supposed to be like this I want him to love me, but as he slowly began to push his thing in me the smile on his face got wider and wider the more I started to cry, it was starting to hurt so bad.

****** CLARAS STORY. I lent on the edge of the bed and watched as my darling husband began to deflower Hanna. I had seen it before with both Ivy and Roselyn, and I hoped then that they would suffer just like now I was hoping Hanna would suffer.
Elijah is built like a donkey not a man down there , when we first got married we lived with my parents and the night of our wedding when he took my virginity I screamed so loud and cried so much my Mother had to leave the house, word is she ran to the locked Temple and knelt on the steps praying to God to help me .
I was the only wife Elijah needed , but because I had not given him the sons he wanted so desperately he had married first Ivy then when she failed to be fruitful he married Rosalyn and she failed to give him offsprings so by now it was obvious where the problem laid,with Elijah not us.
I knelt there watching Hanna’s face as the tears ran down her cheeks and Elijah had only just pushed the head of his cock in her cunt. I leant forward and laid on the bed and whispering in her ear. “Does it hurt bitch” ? She said nothing and I felt her body jump as another inch of his cock pushed against her hyman. I laughed quietly in her ear, and slowly pushed two fingers in to her mouth, she tried to turn her head away from me and I said softly “don’t you ever pull away from me ,just remember I was the one that licked that cunt of yours to make it nice and wet for Elijah ,you owe me big time,” but she just said “aaaggghhh” as Elijah pushed against her again.
I heard Elijah say Clara ” get out of the way , get up, move now” between deep breaths. The last thing I said to Hanna before I got up was “start praying cunt ,your loving husband is going to rip you apart.”

****** IVY’S STORY. Me and Rosalyn held onto the chains that were attached to leather cuffs around Hannas ankles. Elijah had told us to pull her legs open wide . We had not spoken to each other since he got on the bed . Me and Roz both felt sorry for Hanna , just looking at each other we could see in each others eyes we were remembering our first time with our husband I am sure both of us wished we had just died there and then when he entered us, it hurt so much .
I was Elijah’s second wife ,I was a new and shiny toy for my husband , ten years younger than Clara, so he bedded me more than Clara . He used to come to my bedroom leading a naked Clara wearing a collar and dog leash and make her kneel in prayer by the side of the bed and watch us as he fucked me .
Then when he had cum and sent his sperm into my belly he would get up and leave, kissing me but saying nothing , then when the door closed Clara would stand up and climb onto the bed.
She would always lay on her back and make me climb over her chest so I had a knee each side of her chest and she would pull my pussy onto her mouth and push her tongue into my cunt until Elijah’s cum would dribble out of my cunt into her mouth,where she would swallow it and tell me “only she was going to give Elijah a child, not me”.

I watched Clara whispering to Hanna, I knew she was saying nothing nice. Clara was so jealous of me and Ivy, she wanted Elijah all for herself and because me and Ivy were young and fresh and she was like old she would tell Elijah things we had done, and she would exaggerate so much, then me and Ivy were in trouble and we would be punished.
. Poor Hanna, she laid there with tears in her eyes ,scared out of her wits , and although she was almost twice my age I honestly don’t think she really knew what was going to happen ,I really don’t think anyone had ever explained to her what was expected of her now she was married.
Elijah told Clara to get up from whispering to Hanna, he looked at me and Ivy and told us to pull Hannas ankles towards her head,making her bend her knees . “Hold her tight” said Elijah “and I mean tight” he said a bit like angry. I looked across at Clara she was kneeling on the edge of the bed smiling at Elijah. Go on darling she said in a throatie gravelly voice go on fuck her make your wife a woman,fuck her now.,go on DO IT,DO IT.

ELIJAH’S STORY. Kneeling between my new brides knees with my the head of my cock inside her little pink cunt lips, I looked at Clara and could’t help but smile. Clara Clara,Clara I thought to myself, she was to put it bluntly an evil person, together we made the perfect pair, her only problem was my other two wives and now Hanna.
She ruled the roost in our house, every so often I had to remind her that I was the cock of the walk , and not her, which amused my other wives, but kneeling there looking at her smiling and saying “do it do it” go on go on fuck her I could not help but smile.
My cockwas hard for one reason more than any other and that was the fact that poor sweet little Hanna was as pure as the driven snow on the Catalina Mountains in the winter, and what man in this world of ours doesn’t enjoy having a virgin squealing and flopping around like a fish out of water under him as he brutally rips her maidenhead to shreds?
At 35 years old she was not my first choice for a 4th wife,I would have prefered one of the cute 18 year olds I watch leaving the Temple after a prayer meeting ,but I felt sorry for Hanna and my Father had been friends with her Father and anyway Carla needed a playmate more of her own age and you never know she might just produce me the son I want, but I seriously doubt it.
I looked over my shoulders at Ivy and Roselyn,told them to move Hannas feet forward so her knees were bent, placed my hands under her ass t,old the girls to hold her tight, and pushed my cock against her hymen. She gave a little scream and started panting like a dog, little pants like it had hurt.
Clara burst out laughing, and shouted” fuck her ,fuck her now” and I could see her finger working on her clitoris,so pulling my hands out from under her bottom I slowly fell forward driving my cock through that thin membrane of skin,that had allowed dear Hanna to remain a virgin for 35 years.

I was losing my virginity with my hands chained to the top of the bed headboard, my two sister wives holding my ankles with my knees bent, and I could hear Clara my husbands first wife laughing and shouting at my new husband ” DO IT, DO IT “. I could feel him starting to slowly fall towards me I closed my eyes only to open them when the pain shot through my body, I tried to turn sideways but it felt like he had me nailed to the bed and he just kept pushing,then pulling it out, pushing, pulling it out, I felt sick,I was screaming, and suddenly his mouth was on my mine and he was pushing in and out of me pushing his cock it into my tummy so far it was hurting like crazy.
I could here him saying things, but I didn’t know if he was talking to me or not, then I felt Ivy and Rosalyn putting my feet onto Elijahs back, and they were holding them there. He stopped moving and just laid on me,he was heavy and it was hard for me to breath.
I could feel Elijah’s mouth go to my breast and he was sucking and then biting my nipple and I could feel Carla undoing my hands from the headboard. She put my hands around Elijah’s neck , with my feet on his bottom and my arms around his neck even though he was still deep in me it didn’t hurt as much,I could feel myself relax a little .
It must have looked like I was enjoying myself,but when he put his hands on the bed and then started to move his cock inside my private place the agony started all over again.
I felt him starting to move quicker and quicker and it hurt more and more then suddenly he stopped moving ,his face went into a grimace like he was in agony, and he pushed his cock so far into my belly I screamed out in agony begging him to stop.
Elijah laid on me in silence, he was breathing really heavily in my face and he was soaking wet , I could feel his sweat running down my breasts and I although I was crying I actually wanted to laugh for a second because it tickled when some went under my armpit before dripping onto the bed.
His breathing became lighter and after a few minutes he slowly reached behind me and took my feet off his back, raised himself up to his knees , and climbed backwards off the end of the bed. He said nothing to me as he left the room with Ivy and Rosalyn, leaving Clara to help me to get up.
I had been bleeding a little and I needed to use the bathroom, my legs were wobbly, and she took my arms as she led me to the bathroom.
Sitting on the toilet she stood watching me,I felt stupid, I said “don’t watch me ” and she laughed, “just pee yourself “she said ,” I have already licked your cunny and trust me you don’t have anything any of us don’t have ,so hurry up ” and she went to the bath and began to fill it. “Have a bath ,get yourself cleaned up and then come downstairs for supper and don’t hang around or we will all be in trouble” she said , and with that she left.
Laying in the water felt nice, I felt as if every part of my body hurt, I laid there until the water started to get cold then got out of the bath and started to dry myself. Oh God I was sore down there,I just patted my private place really softly went into the bedroom but the nightie I had worn there was gone. I started to head for my bedroom, when Ivy came up the stairs ,”what are you doing” she asked ? “Looking for something to put on” I said placing my hands over my pubes, she laughed went into my bedroom took the nightie from the end of the bed and put it over my head ,said,” put your arms threw , come on your making us late for supper”, and she took my hand and led me down the landing to the stairs.
“Slow down” I said and she turned and smiled at me, “sore is it” she said softly ? I said “yes” ,and she said ” don’t worry it gets better with time” and she giggled and said “so they say “then she kissed me softly on the lips, let go of my hand and ran down the stairs.
I sat at the table next to Roselyn, first Clara then Ivy then Roz and then me read a passage from the good book, we ate a simple supper of breads and cheese with fruit to follow in silence, then after we had cleared the table Elijah said,” tomorrow after Temple I want you to return home pronto, I have a meeting to attend for a few minutes , then when I get home as it’s the end of the month we will open The Book, I will have the Olsen family with me , so I expect nothing more than anyone of my four wives” he said slightly bowing his head in my direction,who’s name is in the book to be on nothing but there best behaviour ,do you understand”? They all said “yes”,although not very convincingly.
I guess he must have seen the quizzical look on my face, “you have nothing to worry about Hanna” he said smiling at me, ” but I am sure there are some individuals in this room who might have “, and with that he said ” Goodnight Ivy ,Goodnight Rosalyn”, both women got up and kissed him good night and left the room .
Elijah turned to Clara, “is Ivy or Rosalyns name in the book” he said , “both of them are” said Clara in an almost smirking way. “Ok ” he he said, ” add your name as well I feel maybe your forgetting who is who in this family.”
Hanna watched as the color drained from Clara’s face, ” but Elijah you said you were bringing the Olsens here tomorrow, surely you can’t ” ,Elijah cut her off, “are you deaf Carla” he said angrily, “I said add your name to the book” and he got up to go.
“Come Hanna” he said “I feel I may need the use of that tight little cunt you have some more tonight “, then he bent down kissed the silent Carla goodnight and taking hold of Hanna’s hand led her to his bedroom.

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