Getting my second litter

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I have given birth to my second litter and feels more and more like a dog

The next time I went to the vet, she took an ultrasound of me. It turned out that I was pregnant and had six puppies in my stomach. Wow, this is going to be exciting. I expect to get really big before the pregnancy is over. The vet advised me to exercise a lot towards childbirth, as well as to eat food intended for pregnant bitches. I followed her advice, but every day it got heavier and heavier. The stomach and the udders have grown and it is more and more difficult to hide that I was pregnant. I eventually found that it was best to travel to the Research Center for Human Dogs in London to be there until the birth.
In London I was well received, but as soon as I got there my chip was read and they checked the tattoo I have behind my ear. When they had correctly found out that the number behind the ear 045 6852 and the number in the chip 020-284-112 agreed that I am a human dog named Gemma and of the breed German Sheperd however, it was further registered in the chip that I was covered.
I was very well received at the centre and got a fairly large dog cage at the kennel that I was going to stay in. No luxury hotel room, but decorated according to my needs. I was dressed completely naked and got a dog collar on me. They put in a bowl of water and one of dog food.
The next day the dog guard came and picked me up and put me in a kennel. There I got to pee and poop. I had gotten into quite a lot of dog behaviour as soon as I got to the centre, so I had no problem being on a leash outside. Both I and the other human bitches were well taken care of and we were constantly shielded from view. The whole project was very secret and only our closest ones had insight into what happened to me. One of my daughters had been present when I was covered and was also to be present when I was about to give birth. She said it had been an experience to see me covered. The big German Shepherd had not only mated me, but it had been clear that it had made love to me. She said she had gotten horny watching, especially when we got stuck and the male dog pulled me around the kennel.
I went more and more into dog mode as the birth approached. I was able to communicate with both the vet and the dog sitter at the centre and not least with the other human dogs that were there.
Mean gestation in dogs is estimated to be 63 ± 2 days. The normal variation is large, from 57 – 70 days and depends on many factors such as breed, bitch age, number of fetuses, mating time, etc. I who belong to a large breed, probably have a slightly longer gestation period .. But bitches like me with large litters often have a somewhat shorter gestation period than those with smaller litters.
I felt that as time approached, I became more and more restless. And that I was aggressive towards the other bitches and towards the dog guard.
What now happens to me in the future is written by the dog guard. I’m not able to do that anymore.
Gemma is in great shape but is restless. It is clear that the birth is approaching. She keeps most to herself and walks around and around in her cage, rotating her blankets as if arranging a maternity bed
Now it is probably just before Gemma gives birth. She has lain down and milk is coming out of her udders.
Gemma has got the first puppy and is lying and licking it. Soon after, they come in a row. She is a caring mother and licks her puppies and makes sure that everyone is breastfed.

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    This is just strange, but atavistic stories do appeal to some people. Not criticiziing, just not my cup of tea. Giveme a good ol guy fucks his sister or underage girl tale anytime.

    • Herma

      This is part of a project with research dna crispr cas9 which has taken place under the auspices of the EU, Nasa and the center for research human dogs
      Due to Brexit and Covid -19, research is nearing completion, and there are rumors that we who have become more or less dogs will be killed. So far, my owner and veterinarian have opposed this

  • Reply Herma

    Have you become a dog now?
    How do you feel about sex with men?