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Fun with my cousin

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My cousin came over to play and we ended up going to my room to fool around.

“Want to go up to my room and fool around?”

She burst out laughing, “Ya what?” she asked.

“Want to go up to my room and fool around?”

“Are you serious?” she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Yeah. Why not. Something to do in-it.” I said.

She looked like she wasn’t sure at first and after a brief silence she responded, “Okay.” She said.

We raced upstairs to my bedroom and shut the door, “Take your clothes off then.” I said, eagerly, while quickly pulling off my t-shirt.

She chuckled with surprise at my high confidence, then she took off her vest top, she watched me pulling down my pants and underwear before kicking them off my feet to the corner of my room, I cupped my cock and balls in my hand, covering them so she couldn’t see, “Hurry up then.” I said.

When she finally took off her skirt and underwear we both stood there naked, facing each other and covering her bits with her hands, I was like bone skinny but she was a little plump, she wasn’t fat, just plump, we counted to three and then both removed our hands away to the sides of us, her eyes and mouth widened and she giggled nervously when she saw my cock and balls, she had big tits, probably because she was plump but they were still big, and her stomach stuck out a little but I could still see half her pussy underneath, we were both completely bald below.

“Can I touch your tits?” I asked.

“Okay.” She replied.

I stepped over to her and without hesitating I reached out with both hands and starting squeezing her tits, she looked a bit bemused at what I was doing and didn’t really understand why I was doing it, we were only 12, this was new to us both, “Want to feel my cock?” I asked, “Okay” she replied, she reached around and fondled with my cock and balls using her fingertips, it tickled but definitely turned me on because I started to get a boner.

I’d had enough of her tits and put my hand down to rub her pussy, she chuckled again and briefly leaned her bum away from my hand before putting it back and letting me rub it, “Can I finger you?” I asked, she was shocked by my request, “I don’t know.” She replied, nervously.

“Go on. Let me.” I said, “I’ll only use one finger.” I added.

“Okay.” She said, after thinking about it for a while.

I held her hand and led her over to my bed and we laid down, I helped her spread her legs wide and I rubbed her pussy a little more, I pried apart her pussy lips and could see a small hole in the middle, “I’m going to put it in okay?” I said, “Okay.” She replied, then I pushed my finger against the hole, it flexed inwards a little bit my finger didn’t go in at first, she whimpered a little when I pushed, I pushed harder and then my finger slipped in to the hole, her body reflexed to my fingers insertion, “Ouch.” She screeched, “It’s warm and gooey inside.” I said to her, pushing my finger in and out, she had clamped her teeth together and was looking uncomfortable, “Want to suck my cock?” I asked.

I think she would do anything to get my finger out of her, “Okay.” She replied.

So I sat up near her and I pressed my erect cock to her lips, she slowly opened her mouth and it slipped inside, she pulled back briefly and licked her lips, analyzing the taste of my cock, then started to suck on it properly, I sat on my knees with my hands on my hips enjoying it for a while, “Can I put it in your pussy?” I asked.

She took my cock out of her mouth and gagged briefly, “What?” she replied.

“Can I put it in your pussy?” I repeated.

“Will it hurt? Your finger hurt a bit.” She asked.

“I dunno. Only one way to find out though.” I replied, “Go on. Can I put it in your pussy?” I added.

“Okay.” She replied, looking extremely nervous.

“Okay, turn around a bit and lay that way.” I instructed, so we were in a better position on the bed, she did it and then I creeped between her legs and hovered myself over her, she placed her hands on my ribs and watched me with eagle eyes when I tried to push it in to her hole, her hole was too small and it took a while to pry it open but my cock eventually went in, “Ouch.” She screeched again.
“Oh my god that feels nice.” I said, pushing my cock in and out of her very slowly to get a feel for it, the rim of her pussy was pulling my skin back when I pushed it inside.

“Oo-uh.” She groaned, over and over again.

“Can I fuck you now?” I asked.

“Okay.” She replied, letting a long breath out.

“Cool.” I said, then I moved my ass faster, pushing my cock in and out of her plump little pussy, it was really tight but it got easier with every push, her plump flesh was nice, soft and cushioning, she kept gasping and groaning all the time, “Good in-it?” I asked her, fucking her nice and good by now, “Oo-uh.” She just groaned, she didn’t say any words, then my cock tingled violently and forced me to stop.

When I caught my breath I pulled my cock out of her and some white stuff dripped off the end of my cock and out of her tight pussy, until now I had no idea what come really was, I’ve had erections and wanked myself off but nothing ever came out of my cock before, I was always more of a dry come, this was new, “What’s that?” she asked, looking shockingly at my cock.

“I don’t know.” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“Are you finished now?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied, I didn’t want to finished but my cock wouldn’t stay hard, it was going all soft again.
“It looks like milk.” She said, curiously.

“It could be.” I replied, I mean it was white and bit milk like, “Want to taste it?” I asked.

“Okay.” She said.

I shuffled up the bed again next to her and put my cock to her lips, she poked out her tongue and licked my come off the head of my cock, she reflexed and didn’t look happy, “What, what is it? – is it milk?” I asked.

“No.” she replied, shaking her head and scrunching up her face, “Yuck.” She added.

“What does it taste like?” I asked.

“Sour sweets. Yuck.” She replied.

Her tongue licking my cock aroused me again and my cock was springing back to life, we were about to continue fooling around when we heard the front door open and her mom shouted upstairs, “We’re home. Are you two upstairs?”.

“Yeah, mom.” She shouted back in response.

We both quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to see what they brought us back from the shops, luckily they didn’t bring back any sour sweets because I don’t think they wouldn’t been eaten.

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    Good story do part 2

    • Retard

      It would be a good story if they got pregnant