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After many years of marriage the wife left and moved in with another guy. Trying to move on in my 40’s has been tough and have maybe had sex several times in a 2 year time period. My ex was very fun and throughout our marriage I was able to take pics of her. When she left she thought she took them all but I was able to hide a few! As horny as I was I decided to see what I could do. I called the ex and told her I needed to talk to her about our daughter and asked her to come to the house. Of course she wanted to talk on the phone but I said it needed to be in person. She come over and I had one of her pic’s up on the computer when she came in. She of course was shocked and said WTF! I told her that I would send some of them out if she did not do what I wanted. At first she was pissed but then realizing she did not want them out said ok. I told her to get on her knees and suck my cock. She did not want to at first but then got on her knees. I pulled out my dick and she sucked my cock. I ended up cumming fast on her face. She said okay now delete them. I said no you need to come back later tonight. She said she had plans with her boyfriend but I told her she better cancel them.

She ended up coming back later in the night. By then I had a few drinks and was more daring. I grabbed her and brought her to the bedroom. I spun her around and placed handcuffs on her hands behind her back. At this point she was yelling at me but I pushed her over the bed with her ass in the air. I pulled down her shorts and thongs. I always loved anal but she hated it and never did it when we were married. But now I was going to get it. I put some lube on her ass and she started to squirm more now. I kept her head pushed down on the bed and slowly slipped my dick in her tight asshole. Soon the lube worked and I was in pounding her hard. She was trying to fight it but it was no use. I filled her ass full of my cum and slid out. She was pissed of course but I reminded her of the pictures. As she was leaving I told her see ya soon!

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    My now wife cheated on me 10 years ago, we was engaged to be married in 3 months.

    She was living at her mum’s with her 3 sisters
    Linda her mum had new boyfriend, he was a copper, I knew my soon to be wife fancied him.

    She would be all over him, whenever he was there.
    Linda got jealous, so did I.

    He had a key and would let himself in after late shift, 2 am
    Then , he would go round when Linda was out ,, I’d see the curtains close in mum’s room.

    Then before Linda got home the curtains opened again
    I was realy upset, but already thinking about blackmailing her.
    I confronted her, I lied and said I’d climbed a ladder and watched them through a gap in the curtains.
    She cried for me not to tell mum, I said you owe me so much to keep quiet, she promised me anything, some vids of all her little sister’s in the nude, ok I’ll do it she said,,it was so,easy I said ask them if they masturbate in the bath, I can’t ask izzie that, she said, ask the other 2 then, she looked scared of me, just make it good, she did izzie first, she walked in bthroom, they talked, she filmed pretending to be texting , my girlfriend, sat on the loo at the end of the bath and filmed izzie for 8 mins

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    Slut got what she deserved

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    Anyone want to see her pics? [email protected]

    • Peter

      Sure do

    • Tfitz

      Still showing [email protected]

    • Dude

      Wanna see them