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I participate in an experiment where one gets to change DNA from human to dog

I was very confused when I woke up from the anesthesia. Did not quite know where I was and not who I was.
I had agreed to participate in a scientific project where a DNA change from dog to human. Had for a long time received injections of hormones from bitches, and now the final operation had been performed. I had received DNA from a German Shepherd bitch and also received her blood. Besides, I had her genitals and a small part of the pituitary gland. In other words, from now on I was a German Shepherd bitch. Fortunately, they had not castrated me as they had originally planned. A good friend of mine had heard that they had planned to castrate me and took action against the research management, thank you for that.
As I said, I was very confused. Was I a dog now or was I still human. Was transferred to a room for myself and got to see myself in a mirror. Nothing that indicated I was a dog. Looked just like before, only with a bandage around my head and a hose in my arm that gave me more of the dog’s blood, and I was sore in the buttocks after having surgery
I recovered fairly quickly, but every day I got an injection of dog hormones. I was constantly sampled. The chief veterinarian at the research center said he was very pleased and that the operation had been very successful. The body’s organs adapted more and more. I was operated on to be a bitch, but I still had my male genitals. As I got more and more dog hormones, it pulled into my abdomen and it was mostly just the testicles that appeared.
A few days passed, then I was allowed to be outside, but then they had put dog collars on me and I had to be on a leash in an air yard. This is how it really went day after day. Was fed with dog food and put out in the kennel. Eventually discovered that I was not alone who had been operated on. Several women were in dog kennels around. Someone had started to get fur and did not speak when I spoke to them, but barked. After a while I realized that I also barked, and I understood them when they barked at me.
A couple of three months after I had surgery, I started to get a weird feeling in my body. The vet who checked me every day said that I started to change so much into a dog that I would soon have a period. When that time came, I was to be covered.
The days went by and I became more and more weird in my body. When I was hired past the male dogs at the center, they barked at me and I felt like they wanted to be with me.
My feelings got stronger and stronger, and one day I was let into the kennel of a big male German Shepherd. He went completely crazy when I was released with him. Licked me and sniffed and licked my ass, puffed me under the stomach. I was aroused by this and licked and puffed in him. In the end, he made me stand on all fours. He came up on my back and tried many times to get inside me before he n succeeded. He was completely wild when he finally succeeded. He held me tight around my hips with my front paws and used all his power to penetrate all the way into me Filled me completely, felt that his penis grew and grew and we got stuck in each other. I howled a little while we were stuck It felt very strange to be covered like a dog I felt he squirt hot semen in me. Stood probably half an hour before we got loose. Licked and cuddled with each other for a while after we got loose, but then the guards came and tied us up and led us into our cages.
The next few days I had to take it easy. Daily check-up at the vet, but otherwise calm. Was tattooed behind the right ear with my registration number as a dog, and also got an ID chip in the neck, felt a little disgusting right away, but did not hurt. Among other things, it was registered that I was a bitch of the dog breed German Shepherd Dog and which dog had covered me. I was now registered in The Kennel Club’s national pedigree register.
I was getting more and more dog hormones injected and started getting more fur all over my body. I behaved more and more like a dog. They put collars on me and during the day I was put on a leash out in the kennel. Was sometimes boring to stand like this on a leash, but sometimes I was let loose with other bitches and then we played a lot with each other. There was a lot of barking, but we understood each other more and more. But it was most pleasant when one of the guards went for a walk with me. Had to go on a leash, but they enjoyed playing with me.
But about two weeks after I was mated by the male dog, I began to feel nauseous and uncomfortable. Vomited and was in bad shape. I was taken to a veterinarian who determined that I was pregnant. Wow, I had puppies in my stomach, I was going to be a mother. It was a miracle.
The gestation period for dogs is only about two months, so I put on weight quickly. My stomach grew and I started to develop tits down my stomach, as many as eight nipples grew out and I got bigger and bigger jure. I behaved more and more like a dog during this time, but felt happy.

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  • Reply Gemma

    After the operation and many injections of dog hormones, you will eventually become a dog
    I have become more dog for each litter

  • Reply WolfMutt

    So will I eventually become a full dog? That would be great!

  • Reply WolfMutt

    Sign me up please! Wish I could lose this pathetic cock and just become a full bitch! I want puppies in me too!

    • Gemma

      You can try to send a request to [email protected] to participate in the DNA crispr / CAS 9 project.
      You will then be examined by a veterinarian if you are suitable for altering DNA
      If you are approved, you will have to go through a long period where you get injections with bitch hormones so that your body adapts to the operation.
      Once you have surgery, there is no going back. You will eventually get maturity and be covered. For me, it was a great experience

    • Gemma

      Hello, Mr. Wolfmutt
      If you do not get in touch with the research center for human dogs, I may be able to help you
      Send me an email with your request, so I can pass it on
      My email is.
      [email protected]

    • Oda F

      Interesting to read about your experiences from the project
      I have also participated in this project and if there are any who have questions about it, they can send me an email and I may be able to correct you
      My email address is
      [email protected]

  • Reply Herma

    I have read about this experiment in a scientific journal
    The experiment is called DNA crispr / CAS 9
    You reckon that you have become more of a dog over time

    • WolfMutt

      If you have a sign up link I would love to have it!