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California The Way I Want It – Part 1

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A trip to california with my best friend retold according to my imagination

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. Feel free to leave some feedback.

This is based on a true story in my life but retold the way I wish it had happened. Nothing remotely sexual happened in reality, but in an alternate universe…

In January 2020 before the pandemic happened, I went on a trip to California with one of my best friends. We’ve always have been close, but never really intimate aside from some cuddling. Names changed for some privacy.

My name is Andy, I’m 6’0 with a muscular medium build, and at the time I had a short haircut. My friend Rachel I’d say is 5’5, a little on the thicker side, a cute Asian face, olive skin, I’m not sure of her exact measurements but I’d estimate her to have 32DD, a nice ass, but nothing to write home about. All around she’s a pretty attractive woman.

Full honesty, I hadn’t really thought of her sexually until recently. I’m not sure what switches flipped but I found myself fantasizing about how our trip together could have went differently.

Early January 2020 I got a message from Rachel. She was quite excited about taking a trip to California. She’s a semi-professional photographer and when she wanted to go on a trip for a lower cost she’d cold call AirBnB owners or smaller hotel and barter free stays for updated room photos. She’d scored 3 nights at a cozy BnB in San Francisco. The reason why she messaged me was cause she’d also scored a free night at some Mansion/Resort way out in the sticks of California, it was 3 hours away near Yosemite. Rachel was nervous about going all the way out there alone, which was understandable, she’s an attractive young lady traveling alone, if she got stuck in a sketchy situation she’d be in some potential danger.

Being the great friend of logic and reasoning I had a pretty simple answer. “Didn’t you just start dating someone? Why not ask him?” To which she pointed out that they simply weren’t together long enough to drag him out to California, and he also had work he couldn’t get out of. So I checked if I had any vacation days saved up, and lo and behold I did! So I offered to join her on the trip, I’d pay half the rental car and met her at the BnB in San Francisco as I didn’t live at home anymore and lived entirely in a different state. She excitedly agreed, it had been a while since I moved away from home and having been best friends almost a decade, we hadn’t been able to go on an adventure together in a while.

A few weeks past and it was time for the trip. It was end of January when I landed in San Francisco on a Thursday night. Rachel was tired and didn’t want to pick me up, so I called an Uber and headed over to our San Francisco digs. When I arrived she had to let me in since our BnB was essentially a person’s house that they converted to into full hotel basically. She answered the door in booty shorts and a tank top. I almost stared for longer than I should have, felt almost guilty, I was her best friend, probably the only guy she trusted not to objectify her. My arrival gave her enough energy to get dressed, to my disappointment, and go out to get some food.

When we got back to the BnB we went straight up to our room where we’d be sharing a full-size bed.

“hey, where’s the bathroom, I wanna get changed into my PJs” I asked as I rifled through my bag and fished out a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“Pjs? I thought you slept in boxers?” Rachel replied as she flopped onto the bed and scrolled through her phone.

“I do, but I’m not sleeping in my underwear next to you” I said with a slight laugh.

“Oh please we’re adults, I’m sure we can handle it” She turned her head and glanced at me before returning her gaze to her phone.

“Alright then, I don’t wanna hear any complaints in the morning then” I replied back referring to the definite possibility of a morning wood as I undid my belt and jeans before letting them fall.

I stepped out of my jeans and peeled my shirt off before pulling on a clean shirt. I got under the covers and scrolled through my phone as Rachel got up and peeled off the sweat pants she pulled on over her booty shorts. I took a quick glance at her again, I don’t think she was wearing underwear under her shorts, which caused a little bit of a semi to form in my boxers.
“thank god for these covers” I thought to myself as I continued scrolling through my phone.
Rachel climbed into bed next to me and turned out the lights and rolled over with her back to me. Not wanting to be rude I locked my phone and set it aside before laying back fully and settling under the covers. I rolled on to my side in the same direction as Rachel, it just happened to be the side I typically slept on, but I was careful to leave some distance. I didn’t want to invade her space, and I definitely didn’t want the semi in my boxers to grow into a full hard-on while we were both still awake, at least asleep I had some excuse.

To my silent terror, Rachel scooted back against me, it wasn’t the first time we had cuddled so there was no reason to believe she any naughty intentions, afterall she was crazy about her new boyfriend. Accepting my fate, I wrapped my arms around her and held her as we cuddled and fell asleep. As I drifted off to sleep I remember her pressing her ass against my crotch and grinding ever so slightly.

In the morning I woke up with my morning wood pressed tight against Rachel’s ass. I sighed a little which caused Rachel to stir a little and grind against me. She let out a small moan. I bit my lip and froze in place. I wanted to give in and grind back but my better judgement told me not to. Rachel was still fast asleep and probably close to waking up. I tried pulling my arms away so I could escape and get dressed before she even realized her best friend was hard and that she was grinding against me.

My efforts were futile, every slight movement made her stir just a little and causing her to grind against me more. My hormones took control and I grinded back just a little to test the waters. She moaned out again and grinded a little harder. I moaned out a little as I returned the strokes. We continued grinding against each other for a small while until I got a little more bold. I leaned in and kissed her neck softly, she almost instantly brought her arm up and gripped the back of my head as I continued kissing her neck as we grinded.

“oh..Andy..” She moaned out softly, with a slight sleepiness to her voice.

I slid one hand down her side slowly before slipping it into her shorts and rubbing her pussy softly. I was right, no panties, and she was already sopping wet. Was I really going to cross this line with one of my best friends? It’s a line I swore I wouldn’t cross with any of my close girl friends. Rachel moaned out a little louder as I rubbed her pussy softly and nibbled on her neck a little. I moaned into her neck as she continued grinding against me. I was beginning to lose a little more control. I had to cum, and jerking off wasn’t going to cut it.

“Are you awake?” I whispered into her ear as I pulled my hand from her shorts and started pulling her shorts down slowly.

Rachel’s eyes flutter open and nodded. “Y-yeah I am” she replied almost breathlessly. She didn’t resist me pulling her shorts down. As I got her shorts down to her knees she reached back and tugged my boxers down enough to free my hard cock. It wasn’t anything special, an average but thick 5 inches. She stroked my cock slowly as she lifted her leg, giving me space to push into her pussy.

Taking her leg lifting as an invitation, I thrust my hips a little and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. We groaned out in pleasure as I pushed into her tight hole.
“Oh fuck…” I grunted as I pushed inside. Before I even had the chance to adjust to being inside her, ebing inside any woman for the first time in months, Rachel pushed her ass back against me, forcing the rest of my cock inside her. She gasped in pleasure as she turned her head and kissed me.

I kissed back passionately as I started thrusting into her hard but slow, slowly stretching her pussy around my cock. We moaned into each other’s mouths as I gradually thrusted harder and faster. The sound of my hips pounding against her ass seemed to drive us both crazy. Rachel’s breaths got quicker and shorts as I held my breath and grunted. I was getting closer and closer to cumming on each stroke. I opened my eyes and looked deep into Rachel’s eyes. Her eyes were pleading me to keep going and hold out for as long as I could, which only pushed me closer to the edge.

“Fuuck Rachel…I’m going to cum..” I grunted out as I thrusted as hard as I could.

‘M-me too…fill me up Andy… I wanna feel it” Rachel grunted out as she leaned in and kissed me again, with more passion and force.

I slammed my cock as deep as I could as I grunted into her mouth. On that final stroke I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and a flood of her warm juices just before I stopped resisting my own orgasm and came deep inside her, flooding her pussy with my cum. I moaned out into our kiss as I felt shot after shot of cum pulsate out of my cock and into the mix of mine and Rachel’s juices.
We continued kissing passionately as we both came down from our orgasms.

A little while passed as we caught our breathes. We broke our kiss and I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy before sitting up.

“fuck…did we really just do that?” I turn my head and asked her as I breathed a little heavy.

“yup…” She answered as she looked up at me.

I stared back at her, not sure at all what to say. It was going to be an awkward weekend now.

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    I sometimes do the same and re imagine trips too. Thanks for sharing.