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An itch only he could scratch

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We shared a lust that was forbidden. We gave in to our secret desires and I had the best sex of my life.

He handed me my slippers and I gave him one last kiss, “I love you.” I whispered in to his ear, then I tip-toed quietly back to my bedroom.

It was three o’clock in the morning, I was exhausted and tired, my muscles were weak and my body was numb, but I wasn’t bothered, I was wide awake, I jumped on to my bed and lay there blissful and content, I was happy and satisfied in a way I could never have imagined, not surprising since I just had the best sex of my life.

It had been building up for almost a year, since my body started to mature and blossom in to a young woman, I was far from a virgin, I’ve been having sex since I was 12, he noticed me more, more than he should, I knew he desired me as much as I desired him, on my way up to bed I gave him a kiss as I have done for years, when he pulled me in for a hug my arm touched the bulge of his crotch, instead of moving my arm away I rubbed it up and groped his crotch playfully and we shared a knowing look, a look we both understood, that I wanted him, I wanted him bad.

I waited until everyone was asleep before sneaking in to his room, he was concerned that I was there, especially with everyone still in the house, I kissed him to put him at ease and forced him down on to the bed, when he was relaxed I sat up and lifted off my night gown, he looked at me with a burning desire when he saw that I was totally nude underneath.

He gazed upon my naked body for the first time, well, not the first time, but certainly the first time in my developing years, I picked up his hands and placed them on to my breasts, while he thoroughly enjoyed my pert nipples I removed his bottoms and tugged on his cock, he groaned with happiness, he’d been waiting for so long for this to happen, just as I have, I leaned in and we kissed passionately, unleashing all of our desires on each other.

It wasn’t long before he flipped me over and lay between my open and inviting legs, I smiled wildly when his cock pressed against me and we kissed again as he slid it in to my pussy, our passion took over us and we made love, just letting ourselves go completely and enjoying the moment, I was so happy, I felt his cock sliding in and out of me, it filled a void inside of me, I felt whole, I felt complete, and it was like I’ve had this annoying itch my entire life, an itch only his cock could scratch, and boy did it scratch my itch, it was the happiest I’d ever been.

I wanted to scream, scream with joy, but we had to be quiet, others were sleeping just meters away.
He pulled his cock out and left it just inside the rim of my opening and he gently slid it back and forth, he didn’t go too deep, but it still stimulated my senses, it was like he knew what my body wanted, I had the most amazing orgasm that made my entire body flutter and buzzed, then he pushed himself in to me, his cock taking up residence inside of me for a few minutes, then he pulled out and came over my body, it tickled when his warm come landed on my bare skin.

We wrapped up with a quick 69, I sucked his cock dry and he lapped up the river of sex flowing from my pussy, then I got dressed, we held each other and I rammed my tongue down his throat, I didn’t want it be over but I had to go before the others woke up.

So now I’m here in my room, I lust for him even now. My dad is the greatest lover I’ve ever had.

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