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Amy Tale/s – Twisted Camping Trip

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I shook Greg’s 9” cock in view of the audience and said, damn, that is a big, nice cock,

The spring camping trip before Ken’s softball season was at the same campground [see Amy Tale/s – Camping Trip, With a Twist, for our last adventure here]. We arrived on a Friday after 4pm. We set up, the group was cooking, had a campfire, we ate, drank, and Sophia cozied up to me and Clair around the fire and everyone talked. Carol was here too, but Sophia told me Carol has been acting distant since Sophia came out about being a lesbian.

Every guy there; hell, everyone (wives and dates too), knew Sophia and I were lesbian lovers. Sophia’s husband Tony felt humiliated, but the guys were secretly envious of Tony. Tony used their secret approval to buoy himself and overcome his public embarrassment in front of the wives. The wives’ influence over their husbands’ public verses private opinions were not as important to Tony. Tony was a sports god to these guys, and privately a paper stud with a wife that swings both ways. However, Tony politically welcomed the women’s sympathies for his plight. I say paper stud, because Tony was not getting any action from Sophia’s lesbian affairs, not even a peep show. Tony made out like he was watching his wife when receiving tributes in front of the guys (according to Ken and Greg).

Tony has also been spreading rumors that Ken and Greg are gay. Tony has no proof other than his own personal eyewitness account of them sucking Ethan’s 12” big black cock, after Ethan’s big black cock fucked his wife Sophia (and he was not about to reveal that). This weekend, Tony is going to regret telling the sports league guys that Ken and Greg are gay (even though they are), but that is beside the point. What happens during consensual sex in the bedroom, should stay there. Tony has some skeletons in his closet too, and if he keeps pushing his luck with me, they may find their way out.

Nothing much happens on Friday, and after some comradery and drinking around the fire, everyone goes to bed and gets up early. Saturday morning after we eat, the guys do some softball playing while the girls either keep camp, canoe around the lake, play some tennis, walk the trials, or a few other activities. After lunch is the guys hill hike where they take off up a mountain trail and see who can go the fastest. Last time Sophia and Carol took off too, but this time Sophia stays with us as we walk up it normally.

All the activities end, and we eat around 6pm. Afterwards, Ken and Greg are going to the bathhouse. I tell them to wait and we will walk with them because we want to shower too. Ken says, please don’t upset the other women in the showers this time. I grab Ken’s arm, I give him a kiss that several people see, and I say, I promise, I will not do anything in the women’s shower like me and Clair did last time. Ken says, thank you.

We get to the bathhouse, and the boys head into the men’s side. I look at Clair, and we go in the men’s side too. Ken and Greg screech, GET OUT OF HERE! You are going to fucking get us in trouble! I said, chill, get naked, and we will wash you. I had to fuss with them, and there were guys in the showers already, but we could not see them yet, but we were not alone. Me and Clair got naked as Ken and Greg continued to fuss. Me and Clair walked into the shower area in just our flip flops with our big tits bouncing, and trim hairy pussies flashing, and there was a vacant pole with four shower heads on it as soon as we entered (and this is an open shower with four pole clusters).

There were three guys (one at each of the other three pole clusters), and I am pretty sure one of them was married. Me and Clair turn two showers on, and these guys are trying to keep their dicks hid from us, but they are watching us. Ken and Greg get the nerve up to come in. I kiss Ken and whisper, now we make your little gay rumors go away, and ruin Tony’s gossip circle (Tony can’t beat me at my sport). Me and Clair start washing Ken and Greg, and I mean long lathering on their cock and balls, and their dicks are getting hard. I look back at the three voyeurs and they are soaping their crotches real slow and watching. Me and Clair start washing each other too, and each other’s peach, and melons; and two more guys come in, and the other three have not left.

I think Ken and Greg are a little wimpy when it comes to their paranoia, because there is not a husband in here that will go back and feel comfortable telling his wife that they watched us in the shower. We continued to wash each other and Ken and Greg, and we even alternate so that I washed Greg and Clair washed Ken, and three more guys show up. It got up to ten when Tony and Ben came in, and I was so glad they came. Me and Clair started sucking cock, and we were at the first pole cluster, so we bent over with our asses to the spectators and flashed our pussy lips as our boobs dangled and jostled around. Ken and Greg finally understood that seeing is believing, and that none of these guys are leaving, and none of them are going to believe they are gay after we are done.

Clair and I switched, and she sucked Ken and I sucked Greg, and you could hear the soap drop. I shook Greg’s 9” cock in view of the audience and said, damn, that is a big, nice cock, and I put my arms around Greg’s neck, and ran his hard cock into my pussy and he fucked me standing there. Clair saw me, and she bent over, and Ken fucked her from behind. Tony and Ben started to leave, and I signaled Clair. Clair looks at Tony and Ben leaving and says, you two aren’t gay, are you? The other guys laughed, but Tony did not answer and left with Ben. There were two other guys watching from the dressing area, and they came in. We went about five minutes and switched dicks again. I bent over for Ken and Clair fucked Greg with her arms around his neck, and we went another five minutes with me bent over and my tits a shaking as Ken fucked me from behind. We stopped, and we started giving blowjobs to Ken and Greg again.

We were serious about these blowjobs, and we were sucking and jacking. Clair got Greg off, and then a minute later, I got Ken off, and we both swallowed, stood up, and me and Clair French kissed and rubbed each other’s tits and ass. We looked back at the audience, turned our showers off, and I said, well I am done. Me and Clair left and dried off, dressed, and went to the women’s side and dried our hair. Me and Clair walked back to the camp, and Sophia came up and said, what the fuck did you two do this time? I said, fuck, we fucked. Sophia said, Tony and Ben came back and told two of the husbands that that you two were in the men’s shower, and all the wives heard them.

I said, fuck um, last time I asked Ken, wives don’t have a membership vote, and there is no way all those guys are going to want Ken and Greg gone after what they just saw. I said, Ken and Greg are gods in their own right, now. We sat around the fire snacking and drinking, and as everyone finally made their way back (probably because some guys were still whacking off in the bathroom stalls), me and Clair were getting stared at by everyone. The woman hating us (not Sophia), and the guys loving us. Ken and Greg were getting their high fives from the single guys, and some down lows from husbands.

After about an hour, Sophia was sitting next to me, and I kissed her on the cheek and told her me and Clair were going to bed (most guys saw me kiss her, and women too). I stood up and took Clair’s hand, and I looked back at everyone and said, good night boys, happy fantasies. Every single guy said good night, and some of the married too. Me and Clair went to the tent, got naked, kissed so our silhouettes could be seen, and got into one sleeping bag together. Ken and Greg came in, and these dumb asses wanted to whisper fuss. I looked at Ken and said, shh, you have nothing to worry about baby.

We got up in the morning and ate and started packing our stuff and then the guys went off for a softball pow wow. Sophia was glad we were here, but sad that none of the other women (except for some of the dates that came with single guys, like Courtney), that the other married women were treating her so harshly. I told her not to worry about it, that she is more popular with the guys now, and she has us. I found out that about 3 of the husbands were pissed at Tony for coming back to the camp and talking about what happened in the shower. I had not counted on that outcome, but it was a plus. Those husbands did not appreciate hearing their wives fuss at them for something Tony ran his mouth about, while they were still at the bathhouse. Tony’s snitching before they returned left them no excuse for their wives. More to come I am sure…

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