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Amy Tale/s – Transsexual

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Janet orgasmed, and she moved, and we kissed on Terry’s tits some, and they were supple, but I wanted to keep sucking on her penis.

This tale was a bit of a surprise for me when I actually found out, and I thought about titling it different and writing it as a surprise, but yes, it involves a transsexual girl. Instead of me sharing my surprise at finding out she was a transsexual girl, I wanted to share observations that made me think the girl was a little weird, but I was still surprised to find out when I did.

Janet called and wanted to come by one Saturday night, and I said okay. Me and Ken were just curled up on the couch watching a movie. Janet was at a club with Max, and she was coming without Max, and by cab. Janet comes in with this girl and the first thing I notice is all her makeup and weird jaw line. She was cute, and her name was Terry.

What was sending me a weird vibe was Ken, who picked up on it right away, but he did not share it with me. I could tell from his expressions, and Janet’s stares at Ken, that Ken had discovered something that was not apparent to me. Janet had been drinking and was fairly lit, and she was hanging all over Terry, and when Terry talked it did not seem natural, like she was trying to sound like a girl, and she was convincing, and must have practiced a lot.

Terry’s clothes were a little overboard girly, like I am trying hard to be a girl, and her makeup was thick, with a lot of eye makeup (she had dark eyes with all the makeup), bright red lipstick, and plenty of foundation, but her face around the jaw was not shaped right, but she was not ugly and kind of cute.

Terry would always stand with her hip out and one knee bent, like she was always posing. Terry had nice hair (brunette) and it was shoulder length. Earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, she had all the accessories. I noticed these things, but I did not know what they meant, to me she was a girl.

Janet brings her over to the couch and they sit down, and Janet starts kissing her. Janet says, come on Amy help me? I move to the other side and kiss her too and rub her breasts. Terry did not have big breasts, but she had nice feeling breasts. Janet gets Terry up and says, come on Amy, and you too, Ken. Janet goes into one of the guest rooms and she takes my nightie off and tells me to get into the bed.

Janet starts undressing Terry and gets her topless. Her tits looked good, like a handful, but a little pointy. I am telling you what I noticed, but it wasn’t apparent until after I found out, but Terry’s shoulders were not exactly feminine, but at the time it was just aesthetical, and I did not really focus on it. Janet got to Terry’s panties and she ran her hands inside them and down Terry’s pussy, then removed them. Terry was standing with her legs crossed and one knee bent over the other and she had a cute pussy haircut. Terry looked sexy.

Terry laid down on the bed and moved in between my thighs and started kissing them. Terry moved onto my pussy and she began to eat my pussy and she was pretty good. Janet spread Terry’s legs apart and started eating her from behind as Terry laid on her stomach. I started rubbing my breasts and Ken was watching Janet intently. I closed my eyes and just let Terry eat my pussy.

Janet moved up and started kissing me, and she was kissing on my breasts and rubbing them. I looked, and Ken was eating Terry from behind as she laid there. I closed my eyes and focused on Terry eating my pussy and I got to hunching with my hips, and Terry picked up on it and stimulated my clit more. Janet kissed and sucked my nipples and I hunched faster and moaned, and Terry got me off.

Terry moved up to my breasts and then to my lips and we kissed. Janet rolled Terry over onto the bed and that was when I was surprised. She had this cute flaccid uncircumcised penis. I was looking at Janet and she was grinning at me, but it was a surprise, but I knew something was up. Janet got on top of Terry in a 69 and Terry ate Janet’s pussy while we sucked on her penis. To be honest, I really liked sucking a soft penis with foreskin on it. I could just take it all in my mouth and move it around and it was soft and squishy. Kind of like a stress ball for your mouth.

We would rub her penis with our hands flat and lick her small balls. She was so sexy. Janet orgasmed, and she moved, and we kissed on Terry’s tits some, and they were supple, but I wanted to keep sucking on her penis. Ken condomed up, and he got the lube and fucked Terry in the ass while she was laying on her back. Ken took hold of her thighs, and her penis was flopping around, and it was turning me on.

Ken would thrust into her and back, and I could not resist the urge to rub her penis and play with it as it flopped around. She was moaning and grunting, and Janet was licking her tits and kissing her, and I was playing with her flaccid penis like it was a new toy. Ken got off, and Terry was moaning, and I fell on her with my mouth on her penis and sucked it all up in my mouth.

I scissored her, and she kept having to stop me and move her stuff around because I was hurting her balls, I guess. I eventually cupped her penis and held it tight enough with my pussy that I was getting aroused. Janet helped by fingering me until I got off. Ken wanted to suck Terry for a while, and I moved to her breasts, and me and Janet kissed and sucked Terry’s tits. I think Ken got her off after 30 minutes of straight jack and suck, because she acted like she came. Ken said he swallowed something, not much, but Terry sure acted like she got off and her penis looked more erect after Ken sucked it.

Terry said she has trouble getting off, and it can take a long time, but Ken did get her off. Terry said she uses a vibrator to help. I showed her what I had, but apparently, I did not have the one she uses. I did not have one you plugged in to a socket, which is what Terry said she had. Terry showed me a picture of one on my phone and I own one now.

Janet came up with something new again, and we did see Terry some more. I might share some additional tales with her in them if I think they are story worthy.

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