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Amy Tale/s – Tony and Sophia

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I think I will keep Sophia to myself, and not mention her to Clair or Janet, and just enjoy Sophia and see if she ripens.

So, this past Sunday (with the help of Janet and Clair), I seduced and fucked Tony, the super jock in Ken and Greg’s sports league. Tony has a stuck-up blonde wife, Sophia, and she is beautiful and fit like an athlete too. I have a body for fucking, and I know the moves. Ken told me that Tony has been asking about me and the girls all week at their practices, and more to the point, how lucky Ken is to be able to enjoy all that muff. Ken mostly enjoys my muff, and maybe Clair’s, but usually Greg’s cock. Their last practice was on Thursday, and they had a game Saturday at 9am, and they lost. It is now the Sunday following the seduction of Tony, and Ken gets another call from Tony.

I had spent Friday night and most of Saturday at Janet’s for a hot tub party on Friday night (more on that in another tale). I am tired Sunday morning, but it would not matter, I had no intention of being available as a paramour for Tony anyway. Tony is a tall dark and handsome white hunk, and he is wanting to come “shoot some hoops” with Ken. Ken is asking me if I am going to be here? It is 9:30am, and I am just lounging. I tell Ken I have plans today and I am fixing to leave. Ken tells Tony over the phone. A few minutes later, Ken is sitting beside me on the bed holding his phone.

I say, what’s up? Ken says, I don’t know, Tony said Sophia was hollering at him and he would call me back. I said, rrriiight. About 30 minutes passed, and Tony called back and said a water line broke in their gym, and he had to make arrangements to fix it and clean up the mess. Ken told me this, and I laughed, and I said, you really do like to get fuck in the ass by guys. I said, Tony wants to see me, not play basketball with you. I told Ken to forget about it, and to tell Tony I would definitely be here next Sunday. Me and Clair go to the next basketball game on Saturday, no bra or panties again, but this time we sit up in the bleachers right behind Sophia and Carol.

We pull our same antics of sitting close and rubbing each other, not overtly, but just casual rubbing. We pretend to watch the game and get to talking. I say, boy Tony is like the best hunk on the team, and plays the best too, I mean. Clair says, yes, and he is so tall and athletic. I say, he is good looking too. Tony did not see us when the game started, and after we do this for a bit, Tony is distracted by us sitting behind his wife and has this, oh shit look all over his face. I engage Sophia, and I say, I bet you have fun with Tony in the bed at night? Sophia turns her head back and looks at me cross, and says, yes, we have a blast (but she says it real fast, and turns back forward). Me and Clair giggle, and I say, I bet you have a hard time keeping all that man to yourself?

Sophia turns around and says, what are you trying to imply, are you saying my husband is cheating on me? I say, no…no, I was just admiring his looks and thinking you must be one amazing woman. I am envious, that’s all, and I rub into Clair’s pussy with my hand as Sophia watches me. Sophia says, why do you care anyway, you’re a lesbian? I say, no, I am bisexual, I appreciate a good-looking man too. Sophia turns facing forward again and remarks, I can’t believe Tony and the guys allow Ken and Greg on the team with the way you two act. I lean over and put my hand on Sophia’s shoulder and speak so Carol can’t hear. I say, I am sorry, I was really just flirting with you because you are so pretty.

I lean back and watch, and Sophia crosses her legs and starts to shake her foot, and she twists her hair with her fingers, and I recognize the body language. I am sitting where Sophia can turn her head and see me out of the corner of her eye, and I rub on Clair’s thigh. Sophia and Tony are about two years older the Ken, meaning I am only six or seven years older than Sophia. Sophia continues to fidget and glance over her shoulder, and I lean back down and whisper softly in Sophia’s ear, I hope you’re not mad? She turns her head toward me and I do not move, and we are we are lips to lips. She says, I am not mad, I just thought you were trying to provoke me that’s all. I say, well, if you ever want to come by the apartment just let me know, I would love to share a drink and talk. Sophia says, I will think about it, and her lips are quivering.

I sit back and leave Sophia alone, I ended it with the ball in Sophia’s court, sort of speaking. Sophia continues to shake her leg and twist her hair; I excited something in her. Sophia knows I am bisexual, she may be too uppity to act on it, but I know men. There is no way that Tony has not asked Sophia to tell him about the camping shower episode, fantasizing in the bedroom. With any luck, those fantasies are running through Sophia’s mind right now. The game ends, they won, we go home, and Clair spends the night. Tony calls again Sunday morning and wants to “shoot some hoops” with Ken.

Tony comes by at 9:45am, and me and Clair just decide to go commando. Ken answers the door, and we walk from the bedroom to the kitchen. On my way through I say, hey Tony, y’all going to play basketball? Ken has a look like, what the fuck? Tony says, yes, we “thought” about playing some ball. I turn facing Tony with my naked body, and I cant my knee in and say, just “thought,” does that mean you could be persuaded into a foursome instead? [I don’t have time for games, Tony came to get what he got two weeks ago]. Tony says, that does sound good, you mean now? I say, don’t I look ready? I walk over to Tony, and I take his hand and on my way to the bedroom I grab Clair’s hand. I look back at Ken and say, come on honey.

Clair and I undress Tony and lay him on the bed, Clair starts sucking his dick. I walk over to Ken and I tell him to not do any gay stuff, and he says okay. I straddle Tony and he eats my pussy as me and Clair suck his dick and lick his balls. Clair moves onto Tony’s waist and cups his dick with her pussy, and she rubs and begins to finger me while Tony eats my pussy. Ken rubs and kisses on our breasts and I stroke his cock. Clair and Tony’s efforts pay off after about 10 minutes, and I orgasm and shake, grabbing Clair and kissing her and rubbing my pussy all over Tony’s face. Me and Clair switch spots and Tony eats Clair’s pussy, and I stick Tony’s dick in my pussy and cowgirl fuck him.

I tell Ken to get the lube and fuck my ass. A few minutes later, I have Tony’s dick in my pussy, and Kens cock in my ass. I focus on my pussy, and I move with intent on Tony’s dick rubbing his chest and holding Clair’s waist as Tony eats Clair’s pussy. Tony is excited, and in less than 10 minutes he blows his wad, and I lay flat and push my hips and pussy down around his dick. Ken senses the liberty and pounds my ass hard, and few minutes later, Ken shoots his cum in my asshole. After a bit we move, and I finish off Clair as they watch. I roll onto my back rubbing my pussy and I say, did you like that Tony? Tony says, yes, and goes to the bathroom. I pick up Tony’s shorts and rub my pussy all over the inside and drop them back on the floor.

Clair laughs at me, and Ken doesn’t know what to do. Tony comes back and dresses. We were not in the bedroom long, maybe 40 minutes, but he wants to leave, feeling guilty again. Clair and I do not even attempt to get dressed. I understand Tony’s immediate guilt, but it will fade as his horniness returns. Tony will be back for more. Tuesday before Ken returned from his basketball practice Tony called my cell phone. I asked how he got my number, and Tony tells me he got my number from Ken, because Sophia asked for it. Tony was kind of upset, Sophia told Tony that she talked to me at the game, and I mentioned wanting to get together. Tony was scared I was going to tell Sophia.

I told Tony I would not do that, and that mine and Sophia’s conversation started over a misunderstanding, and I believe this is Sophia’s way of making up for it. There was more said over the phone, and when Ken came in, I had to hear him replay it, and why Tony had my number. Sophia called me Wednesday evening and wanted to come by Thursday after my work and I said okay. When I arrived home Thursday, Sophia was there waiting in her car, and we went in and I offered her a drink. Sophia was small talking, and I said I want to change and if she could talk and walk just to follow me. I went into the bedroom and got undressed and walked around naked in front of Sophia.

I put my hair up and jumped in the shower and she kept talking and she was talking about being suspicious of Tony. I knew she knew subconsciously it had to be me Tony was fucking. Sophia said he was different in the bedroom; a little more fantasy oriented the last few weeks. I got out and dried off and kept talking with her, as I rubbed lotion on my naked body. Sophia mentioned his workout shorts from Sunday when he was gone, and she thought Tony might be having an affair. I was tired of playing with Sophia, because I was the one fucking her husband, so I just walked over to Sophia and kissed her. Sophia locked up like I stole her virginity, but I forced her lips apart and she wrapped me in her arms and kissed back.

I told her that I knew she did not come here to talk about her marriage, and that I would soon make her forget her troubles. I took her shirt off and her bra and I removed her shorts, panties, sneakers, and socks. We were standing and I kissed and rubbed her breasts, and back to kiss her lips, and I laid her on the bed. I moved down her body and I spread her legs, and I could see the glistening wetness of her trimmed pussy. There was no time for romance, so I just hammered on in, and I licked and shook my head using my tongue and lips on her clit until Sophia orgasmed. I moved back up and we kissed, and I did not press for anything myself, but she rubbed my pussy with her fingers.

We laid there for a while, and I moved back to her pussy and gave her a round two that rocked her world. Sophia was feeling really good now, and she wanted to try kissing on me. I laid back on the pillow and let her explore and play on my body, and she began with my breasts, and it felt good. She moved down and stayed on my thighs for a bit trying to find the courage to taste me. It began with a kiss, and then kisses, and soon I felt her tongue on my pussy lips. She licked around and an open mouth made contact, and she tried to start agitating my clit. I loved the attention, but Sophia was in need of more practice, and I lent her my finger in support. Five minutes later and I was shaking in excitement, and we kissed some more, and I just held her.

Sophia said, that was my first, I mean, I have fantasized about lesbian sex, and I tried to mimic those fantasies, but it was different with it there in my face. I tell her it gets better the more you do it, and she expresses the urge to do it again some time, but she needs to go right now. I watch her get dressed and she barely leaves before Ken comes in the door. I don’t know what my next goal in this is going to be. Originally, I just wanted to seduce Sophia’s husband. I don’t love him, Tony just looks hot, but he is not all that good a fuck. Maybe that is why Sophia was so easily seduced. I think my goal now is to get Sophia to fuck a bigger cock, maybe Greg, or Anthony, who knows.

It is hard to go toe to toe with Janet in knock out hotness and tight body, but even being 10 years older than Janet, Sophia is in great shape, and she is about 3 or 4 inches taller than Janet. I have to be careful with Sophia, and Tony, because this is a couple that is seen as respectable to all their friends. I think I will keep Sophia to myself, and not mention her to Clair or Janet, and just enjoy Sophia and see if she ripens. We will see…

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