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Amy Tale/s – Sunday Video Fame/s

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Greg’s cock looks as long as Tiffany’s neck to the top of her head, and she can almost swallow it.

Greg had taken Tiffany to a couple school events as part of Janet’s, I am going to turn Tiffany into a woman, project. Tiffany’s classmates (the girls mostly) did not believe Greg and Tiffany were really boyfriend and girlfriend. Greg made a point of always holding her hand and even kissing her in front of Tiffany’s “friends,” but some of them were not buying it.

One Sunday Tiffany was at the apartment and this became the topic of discussion, and Janet had a plan. I took Tiffany’s phone and made a video of her fucking Greg. I don’t want to go through the size difference between Greg and Tiffany, so please check Tiffany’s bio in Amy Tale/s – Tiffany’s Epilogue. Greg and Tiffany were naked, and Tiffany was being self-conscious again about her small body, and potentially showing a video to her “friends” to prove a point. Janet told Tiffany that she was gorgeous, more so than any of the other girls. Greg concurred, and told Tiffany that she was the hottest piece of ass he had ever fucked.

Tiffany was finally convinced, and she first started by sucking Greg’s 9” alluring cock. Tiffany does not have a gag reflex, and she can get about all of it in her throat. Greg loves it. Greg’s cock looks as long as Tiffany’s neck to the top of her head, and she can almost swallow it. Tiffany does not just deep throat his cock, but she licks his shaft and balls. Tiffany was getting so good at blowjobs, that Greg would have to stop her from getting him off unless that was the goal. Today, we wanted to make the video, so he stopped her. The blowjob part was hot.

Greg put a condom on, and Tiffany got on top of him and started fucking his cock. Tiffany was trying not to make her cute noises. So, I moved the phone in for a close up of her fucking Greg, and Janet told her to quit trying not to make noises. Tiffany’s noises are so cute, it makes Greg cum faster in her tight little pussy. Tiffany can take all of Greg’s cock, and to see her size, you would not believe it. It is hot to watch, and we are filming it for her.

Janet gets undressed, and she backs her ass over Greg’s face so Greg can eat her pussy. Janet is a tight body hottie. Tiffany puts her hands on Janet’s waist and lays her head on Janet’s ass as she fucks Greg and squeals, and Greg eats Janet’s pussy. Janet’s face is not in the video. Tiffany fucks Greg until he cums, and Greg grabs her sweet little hips and pulls her down into his ejaculation, and she squeals so sexy. Janet moves, and Greg just picks her up and spins little Tiffany around in the air, and he eats her pussy until she moans out an orgasm.

We watch the video, and it is good, and there is no way Tiffany’s “friends” can deny it. Tiffany shows it to a couple girls, and they can’t believe it. Not only is it hot, and shows Greg’s big cock, but they want to know who is filming, who is the hot girl that is getting her pussy ate, and they start thinking Tiffany is a fucking dynamo.

I know this tale is shorter than most, but I wanted to share some of Janet’s devices she used to turn a self-conscious tiny girl who was picked on so much she turned into a tomboy, into one of the most popular hot girls in her school her senior year.

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