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Amy Tale/s – Sunday Blame/s

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I am just an instrument they played their song on for pleasure in an otherwise boring sex life. Tony will understand cruelty, and her name is Amy.

Tony and Sophia return from the kitchen and she hands me a wine cooler, and I drink some [see Amy Tale/s – Saturday Game/s, for details]. There is a silence, and they both look nervous. They have deliberated, and they most likely have convinced each other that they need to try something. I am expecting either words or a touch to light the match. It will be a touch, as Sophia puts her hand on my bare thigh and says, I am looking forward to shopping tomorrow. It is their fear of each other (not me), that prevents more than this touch, but I know the reason behind it. The husband has convinced the wife to try lesbian sex, and as much as I enjoy foreplay, I am ready to move this game ahead. Before Sophia determines her hand has touched my thigh to long, I lift my other knee and slid forward, and her hand moves down my thigh to my trim hairy pussy. My pussy is exposed to both of them now.

There it is, my pussy, what are you going to do (are my thoughts)? Sophia looks at Tony, and he looks at her. They both look back at my pussy, and Sophia begins to rub it. Tony’s ass has found the edge of his seat all of the sudden. He sees his straight goody-goody wife of more than 12 years rubbing another woman’s pussy, and his sex life is no longer boring. Every wet dream he has ever had pales in comparison to this moment. I watch him seductively as I reach down and take his wife’s hand, as she rubs my pussy hair, and I force her finger into the warm moisture between my pussy lips. The game is afoot, there is no turning back now. I remove my nightie so that I am totally naked, and I spread my legs apart, and Sophia stays on course. She wants my pussy, and she is not just faking it anymore because her husband wanted her to try it. With all iniquity; as you continue to spiral down the rabbit hole of indulgence, you cannot prevent its destruction of your window dressing morality, when your carnal desires take over.

I stare at Tony as he watches his wife touch my naked body and finger my pussy, and I take Sophia’s shirt off. I lean in and remove her bra and I caress her breasts. Sophia continues fingering my pussy, excited that her husband is watching and approves, because now she can explode upon me without worry. I pull Sophia to my lips and we kiss, and her hands fumble across my body until she takes hold of me with both arms. I bite her ear lobe and whisper, let’s go to bed. Sophia stands and I finish removing her clothes. Sophia takes my hand and leads me to her bed, and it will never be the same for her without me in it. Her husband follows and watches us take the stage. He removes his clothes in anticipation of self-gratification. Sophia and I pet, and kiss bodies of decadence, and I lock Sophia up on her side as we pleasure each other’s pussy and absorb the oldest intoxicant.

We complete our indulgence, and Sophia’s husband is aroused. Tony has been waiting for his turn. I pull his wife up beside me on the pillow and we kiss. Sophia doesn’t care anymore about what Tony wants, she wanted this, and just made it seem like it was his idea. He moves on the bed looking at me with desire, but unsure what to do? He lies down behind Sophia, and he falls back on the familiar and caresses his wife. His touch has lost its meaning to her, but she is recalling that he seeks pleasure too. I kiss Sophia more to make the decision even harder. Tony is wanting to fuck me, but that was never part of their discussion. Now he is settling for the customary wife fuck, and a fading memory of what he just saw. Tony sticks his dick in Sophia as she lays on her side kissing and rubbing on me, and in record time completes the replay of his wife and me eating each other’s pussy in his imagination. There is no conclusion as finite as the ejaculation of a man. For once his desire is met, he forgets us until he overcomes his impotence.

Women feel pleasure longer, and over and over in successions sometimes, but Tony will be pressing Sophia shortly for more. I do not want to fuck Tony, so he can forget anymore free indulgences in my garden, but he will start asking Sophia for that very thing. One of them will love me, and the other despise me, and remember this all started from a camping trip shower. The two times I fucked Tony was more or less to prove a point, that even he is susceptible to temptation. Currently, I am just an instrument they played their song on for pleasure in an otherwise boring sex life. Tony will understand cruelty, and her name is Amy.

Tony gets excited again, and me and Sophia get aroused for each other again, and as I predicted Tony tries to fuck me. Sophia is watching as I push him away, and she makes him stop as well. He is a handsome man, but I don’t need a poster. After I got over my dislike of Sophia, her touch is becoming adored. She is no Janet, but there is an innocent romantic element to Sophia that is hard to resist now. My only fear for Sophia is Tony, because what we have done is more likely to end their marriage than help it. I go to sleep next to Sophia after her and Tony argued somewhere else. I don’t know where Tony slept. Their love together has been interrupted, and they will begin to blame the cause on the other.

I ask Sophia to take me home early Sunday, and she spends most of the day with me in my bed (and she told Tony we were shopping). Ken was there and could not believe what was happening with Tony’s wife. Ken is so much better than Tony because he is not going to impose himself on others. After Sophia figured out Ken would not bother us, she felt more comfortable with me at my place than at her place with Tony. I did fuck Tony a few times with Sophia after this weekend, but it was for her sake to fulfill Tony’s fantasy too.

Mine and Sophia’s worlds have not mixed beyond a few threesomes with her husband, and several more one on one sessions together. The good part is that Sophia comes over frequently and can stay as long as she wants, and she even spends the night occasionally. Tony accepts and approves, but he has also seen a wilder side of me than what Sophia has seen. Undoubtedly, he will accuse Sophia of doing more than just having sex with me, and she will want to know why? The good news for Ken is that Tony included Ken more in their sports league activities. Maybe I can get a foursome with Ken. We will see, Sophia is still Suzy homemaker, and I have not pressed her into more erotic sex…yet.

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