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Amy Tale/s – Sunday Asshole Pain/s

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you have never had a cock this big in your ass little girl, it is going to hurt, you are about to feel a thick 12” big black cock cum deep in that ass

It is Sunday morning after the softball game and I call Emma and ask what her and Ethan are doing, and they say nothing. I ask if I can come over for some sex, and Emma says, yes. I ask if Michael is there and she says, yes. I tell her to ask Michael to stay there I am coming over…I wait…and Emma returns and says he will be here. I tell Courtney to get dressed and I wake Clair, and she wants to go to, and I grab my butt plug toy and put it in my purse.

We arrive at Ethan’s apartment at 10:30am. I tell everyone this is Courtney but don’t talk to her. I tell Courtney to get naked. I ask everyone what do they think about Courtney? Emma says, she is so fucking hot it hurts, and her hairy pussy looks so good. I say, yes, it is like a fine consistency in design. Ethan says, her tits and hips and ass, fuck this girl is a total package. Michael says, she is gorgeous, like Ethan said, a total package, she doesn’t even have a pimple fault on her face. I say, Courtney has a fault, she is naïve and thinks she loves me. Courtney says, I do love you miss Amy! I snap back, SHUT UP, you are not allowed to speak unless I ask you something.

I tell Courtney, get your leash out of my purse, and put it on, and we all go to Ethan’s room. I tell Emma to get undressed and lie on the bed, and I grab the leash and pull Courtney toward Emma. I say to Courtney, was your girlfriend in college white? She says, yes, and I say, so you have never had any brown sugar, do you want to eat some black pussy, bitch? Courtney says, yes miss Amy. I say, then eat my girlfriend’s sweet black pussy, and you better make her get off without any help. Ethan and Michael and Clair are stunned by my attitude, and they are standing and watching as Courtney begins to go down on Emma’s silky-smooth ebony pussy.

I jerk the leash after a bit and say, how does it taste, and Courtney says, it is a sweet pussy miss Amy. I ask Emma, how does it feel, and Emma says, feels good, but you are turning me on too, ordering this white girl around, can’t you see me shaking (and Emma was shaking). I wait 10 minutes and Emma orgasms, and I tell Emma to turn over. I tell Courtney, eat Emma’s asshole and get your tongue inside and work around the rim. Courtney starts and I ask Emma, is she doing it, and Emma says, hell yes, it feels good. I look at Michael and I tell him to get undressed and get behind Courtney with the lube.

I say to Michael and Ethan, you two can touch Courtney’s hips, but no ass, pussy, or tit rubbing. No rubbing at all, and I tell Michael to fuck Courtney’s ass hard and cum deep. Michael goes to work, and Courtney starts grunting and stops licking Emma’s ass, and she is laying on Emma from the pressure from Michael’s’ 9” black cock in her ass. I jerk the leash and say, you better keep licking my girlfriend’s asshole, bitch. Courtney starts licking Emma’s ass and grunting. I tell Ethan to get undressed. Michael must of felt sorry for Courtney, and he cums in less than five minutes, but he pushes deep and Courtney squeals.

I tell Ethan to fuck her ass, and he better try and push Courtney’s shit out of her mouth when he cums. I tell Courtney, you have never had a cock this big in your ass little girl, it is going to hurt, you are about to feel a thick 12” big black cock cum deep in that ass of yours. Ethan hammered and Courtney screamed, and I shouted, shut up and lick my girlfriend’s asshole, take the pain and pressure! Ethan was pretty much like Michael, and in less than five minutes he cums and he tries to push Courtney through the mattress, and Courtney is screaming. I tell Ethan, hold it until you go limp, and I bark, lick my girlfriend’s asshole bitch. I tell Clair, go get the butt plug out of my purse. After a couple of minutes, Ethan withdraws and I take the butt plug and shove it in Courtney’s ass and I say, you better not let that butt plug and cum come out of your ass.

I pull Courtney up to me and I say, do you hate me now? Courtney is on the verge of tears and she says, I love you miss Amy. Ahhhhhhhhh! I pull Courtney up and walk into the living room and I set some money on the counter. I tell Clair, get a cab, or have one of these guys bring you back, but stick around here and fuck Ethan’s big cock for me, and then come home, you have a key. I grab my purse and Courtney’s clothes and I drag Courtney to my car naked, and there were people that saw me. I drive back and drag her naked into the apartment and Ken and Greg are playing games and they stop and say, Amy, what the hell are you doing? I say, shut up and play your game and I will play mine.

I drag Courtney to the bathroom, and I grab the anal douche and I tell her to shower and clean up and I take the leash off. Courtney comes in the bedroom after her shower, and I throw my key to her collar lock at her, and I tell her to take the collar off. Courtney starts crying and says, no miss Amy, don’t make me take your collar off. I pick up the key and try and unlock the collar and she covers it, and says, no…no…no. I grab her by the hair, and I sling Courtney onto the bed and try and hold her arms down and unlock the collar and she fights. I turn Courtney over and slap her ass hard with my bare hand like three times, and yell, YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL, YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, NOBODY LOVES YOU, NOBODY LOVES ME, WE JUST USE PEOPLE.

My hand is hurting because I spanked her so hard, and her ass is red. I turn her back over and find the key on the bed and I grab her hair and pull it, and she is grunting from the pain, but she will not let me take the collar off. I throw the key, and I kiss her, hard, long, and deep, and she is crying, and I taste the salt of tears, and I say, you hate me now don’t you? Courtney says, I love you miss Amy. I get up and I get the key and I take Courtney’s hand and I say, take that collar off and don’t call me miss Amy, and I will fuck you. Courtney fumbles around and unlocks the collar while I get undressed.

I lay my body on hers and I kiss her, slow, long, and deep, and I kiss on her eyes and nose, forehead, and cheek. I kiss her ears, and down her neck to her abundant breasts and pretty nipples. I take my time caressing them, kissing, sucking, and licking her marvelous tits. I move down her tight stomach and slim waist to her ample hips and thighs, and I spread her legs, and I kiss the inside of her lovely thighs (both of them) for a while (Courtney is shaking from fear and excitement). I move up to her beautiful hairy pussy that she does not shave. I will only be the second girl to go down on her, and I kiss and rub, and it is such a nice design and black hair color. Courtney’s pussy lips are swollen, and you can see inside, and she is so wet and her pussy has spread open.

How do I begin – with a soft kiss and she twitches, I kiss again, and she moans. I use my tongue from bottom to top and she sighs so sweetly as I swallow Courtney into my mouth. I push every soft part of my mouth deep into Courtney’s pussy and I suck, and swallow, and move my tongue and lips all around the folds until I focus on her clit. She is holding my head to feel me, not move me, as she uses her other hand on her breast. I feel so good to her, moving my lips and tongue in her pussy, I am not a man seeking gratification, I am soft, supple, and smooth, and Courtney feels my lips and tongue, and she knows this is so different from anything she has ever felt. She ignites under a hail of moans and sighs as her hips rock and vacillate faster and faster until the peak hits, and her body locks up in a pleasure elevation that is out of her control, and she regains rationality to understand it is over, and she sinks back down to the surface she is laying on.

I kiss back down her thighs and legs to her feet and toes. I gently turn her over and work back up her calves and behind her knees, and the back of her thighs to that lovely ass and I squeeze with both hands and kiss and suck her into my mouth. I kiss up the small of her back moving up to her shoulders and her head is turned to one side. I move her hair and kiss her ears and neck. I look at her neck and it is bruised from the collar and I kiss it. Courtney is exhausted, and I pull the covers down and I move her and hold her back against me, and she tilts up some on her side for comfort and I caress her so sweetly until she falls asleep.

She is resting and I ponder, what am I going to do with Courtney. She is just a girl, young and dumb, and she is entering a world of heartache, I know, I went through this with Janet. I have learned to accept that Janet wants me when she wants me, and she uses me for her pleasure. Will I be that way to Courtney? I wanted Courtney to see the dark side of the abuse she will have to endure, and she still wanted to stay. Where do I go from here?

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