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Amy Tale/s – Stolen Panties

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I just had Natalie’s urine in my mouth, and she just had the cum of four guys in hers, and now she is kissing me, and it is turning her on.

It is Friday around 2pm. I see Janet filing through clothes on a rack at work near the women’s dressing room. I am afraid to go over. I haven’t seen Janet in a week, and I know she is up to no good, at my expense. Sure enough, I go over and Janet grabs something off the rack and drags me into the dressing room. Janet pulls me into the back stall and shuts the door. She pulls my skirt up and takes my panties off, and she starts eating my pussy. After about 5 minutes I am soaked and getting ready to pop, and I feel her rubbing my pussy, and it is not her hand. It becomes distracting, and I look, and she is rubbing my panties in my pussy.

I say, stop, I have to put those back on, and she does it more deliberate than before until she has my panties so soiled with my pussy juice, that I can’t wear them. Janet tries to take off with my panties and I grab her and take hold of her purse. Janet lets her purse go and she leaves the dressing room. I go through her purse and find her wipes. I clean the rest of my wetness, and I pull my skirt back down and go out to see what Janet is up to. [Just so you know, after this I started carrying an extra pair of panties in my purse].

I find Janet standing beside Natalie, and Natalie is holding up a Ziplock with my panties inside. I walk over and fuss at Janet and say, now I have to work for three hours with no panties. I look at Natalie and I say, you really have a thing for bodily fluids, don’t you? Natalie says, yes, and yours are the best. Janet tells me I can leave work now, so I know she has put Ken up to getting me out of work early again. I grab my overnight bag out of my car and get in Janet’s SUV, and she take me to a suite at the Resort where we meet up with Natalie. I eat some of the food at the bar and say, I need to shower, and Janet says, that won’t be necessary; and I start worrying about Natalie’s pee fetish.

We go into one of the bedrooms and the bed is covered in a protector, and there are a bunch of towels in a stack. I ask Janet, did you do this? Janet says, no, housekeeping did it for me. Janet spread some towels out near the top of the bed, and I know someone is getting pissed on. I get in a 69 with Natalie and she is on top, and as she eats my pussy and I eat hers. I am just hoping she is not going to piss on me. It’s going well, and we get each other off, and then Natalie gets on the bottom and wants to eat me some more. Natalie licks, and starts to mouth my pussy, and she says, please pee on me?

I did have to go, so I just let it flow, and Natalie kept eating my pussy as I pissed all over her mouth. Even when I stopped, Natalie’s pussy eating was feeling good. I laid down on Natalie and she got me off again, eating my pissed-up pussy, and she was covered in my urine. I moved and Janet was naked, and Natalie ate Janet as she pissed on Natalie. I wiped myself with wipes, and when Janet was done, Natalie just laid there on pee soaked towels rubbing her face. There were knocks at the door and Janet went to check, and Natalie grabbed a clean towel and dried herself.

Janet returned and spread some towels on the bottom of the bed, and she sat me with my legs over the edge and laid me on my back. Natalie staddle my head, and her pussy was back at my mouth. I looked, and Ken and Greg were here. They got undressed and there was another knock at the door, and Anthony and James came in. Ken moved in between my legs, and Natalie was rubbing her pussy and wanting me to lick her, so I did. Ken stuck his 8.5” cock in my trim hairy pussy and started fucking, and Natalie leaned down and kiss on my pussy hair and the top of my thighs. Ken got faster and pulled out, and he shot his cum on my pussy hair and stomach. He stepped away, and Natalie ate my pussy and kissed on my cum covered pussy hair as well. She used her whole mouth going from my hair to my pussy lips, licking and eating me.

Greg stepped in between my legs and fucked me with his 9” cock, and I figured out they were running a train on me. Greg did the same as Ken and withdrew and shot his cum all over my pussy hair and stomach, and Natalie ate it up pushing it to my pussy like it was the gravy for my meat. Anthony fucked me with his 10” big black cock, and James fucked me with his 12” big black cock, and all of them withdrew and shot their load on my pussy hair and stomach. Natalie would then eat their cum, pushing it to my pussy and eating my pussy.

They were done, and Natalie started eating me to get me off, and after about 5 minutes of her determined effort, I got off. Natalie was not moving and continued to lick and kiss on me, and I focused on getting her off (as I determined that was what she was waiting for). Natalie started rocking and I pressed my effort eating her pussy, and I was able to lick and rub her pussy with my mouth until she orgasmed. When she started to shake and trembled, she cut loose with her bladder and peed all over my mouth and face. I was going to stop and move Natalie, but she pressed down her pussy in my mouth, and I kept eating her as she fingered herself into another orgasm.

I don’t know if I like getting peed on, especially in the mouth (and I did not swallow), but it was not terrible, just kind of gross. Natalie gets off on this shit. I got up and went to the shower, and Natalie joined me and she started French kissing me as I washed. All I could think of was that I just had Natalie’s urine in my mouth, and she just had the cum of four guys in hers, and now she is kissing me, and it is turning her on. Natalie asked me if this bothered me and I thought before replying, and I told her, no, it’s okay, it wasn’t that bad really, it just kind of seems gross. Natalie hugged me and kissed me some more. She kept pleading with me not to be mad. I just said, hey, that’s your kink, it is different, but I could have stopped if I didn’t want to do it, but I was glad to make you feel good.

I got out of the shower and brushed my teeth and used mouth wash and Janet took a shower after us. Natalie had to leave and get home before her husband. I looked at that fucked up bed and Janet rolled it up in the protector and said, let’s go to the apartment. Janet spent the night and I told her that I won’t be letting her piss on me while I eat her pussy, not that she was asking to.

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