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Amy Tale/s – Slumber Party

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Her pussy does have a strange smell (god damn it stinks), and I start eating it and I love it.

Janet’s Saturday slumber party guests knew days in advance except for me and Sophia. Janet wanted to surprise me. The slumber party was mainly a girl thing, but Janet invited some of the guys to stay in other rooms. Sophia and Tony had been fighting and Tony was still living at their house currently. It had only been two weeks after the Eric and Troy incident [see Amy Tale/s – Saturday Video Game/s for details].

The slumber party was in Janet’s basement, and I don’t know where Janet bought her leather couches and matching chairs for her media area, but they folded down and locked into a huge bed. Janet had spent Friday preparing and 20 people could have slept on this bed, and for an orgy, it was perfect. Sophia only knew me, Janet, Clair, and Emma, so she was meeting other people for the first time. We ate, drank, played games, socialized, and everyone was either in nighties or some type of sleepwear and Janet switched the TV to porn, and things got interesting.

The first part of the night, Less Than Beautiful (aka Carla) was constantly around me. I did not want to hurt her feelings, but her obsession with me was getting annoying. I told her to chill out and let me have some fun with the other girls. I said I would have sex with her again, but she needed to give me some space [if you are not familiar with Less Than Beautiful’s features, see Amy Tale/s – She-Man]. I had to explain to Sophia, and a few others, the deal with Less Than Beautiful. None of the girls at the slumber party that knew Less Than Beautiful would eat her pussy, and some of them tried, like Janet and Clair. They would not get within nose shot of Carla’s pussy. For some reason, I find Less Than Beautiful’s huge hairy smelly pussy intoxicating once I start eating her, and because of that, I have brought her to orgasm a number of times. I am beginning to think it is a curse. She watches me constantly like a stalker, probably getting wet and making her pussy stink more thinking about fucking me.

Eventually everyone was naked, and I saw a lot of girls in daisy chains or 69’s, but it would be difficult to explain everything in detail in a tale. I am going to focus on the things I was involved in and some others I think are significant, like Sophia and Tiffany. Sophia fell in love with little Tiffany [Tiffany bio, see Amy Tale/s – Tiffany’s Epilogue]. Not only does Tiffany have the sweetest little soft black hairy pussy, widening thighs adjoining shapely small hips, tight ass, adorable petite features like her feet and toes (that she curls so cutely when she has an orgasm), and the most darling little titties you can find, but everybody falls in love with Tiffany. Sophia loved holding Tiffany, and how erotic it was to watch Tiffany eat Sophia’s pussy, and her hold Tiffany in a 69 and eat her precious little pussy. Sophia could not get enough, and I bet Tiffany ate Sophia’s trimmed hairy 34-year-old pussy a dozen times to orgasm.

Tiffany was so monopolized fucking Sophia, that she hardly fucked any other girls. Tiffany got a new sponsor (instead of Janet), and when Tiffany graduated high school a month from now, she moved in with Sophia, and in the fall, Sophia paid for her to go to the local college. It was a sight to behold. A 6’ athletic blonde with a 4’ 10” tiny brunette, but they fell in love; and I was jealous, yet very happy for Tiffany. If Janet and I were not so self-centered and promiscuous, it could have happened to us when it came to Tiffany.

I had some of my Sherry surprise and even went down on Rachel. I received their oral stimulation on my trim hairy pussy from Janet, Emma, Clair, and Sherry and once from Tiffany, and some licked my asshole too. Janet got wild and went and brought in the guys, and cocks found their way into pussies and assholes. Some dicks went into assholes with cocks on the front, which thrilled the hell out of Sophia. Sophia learned of Tiffany’s crush on Greg, and it thrilled Sophia because she liked Greg and Ken having gay sex together. I fucked James thick 12” big black cock until I made him cum deep in my hairy white pussy. When I was done, I used the basement shower which is big and has three heads on one wall. Janet had supplies so I could douche.

Less Than Beautiful followed me to the shower, and this part is probably going to be the most detailed part. She comes up behind me and starts washing me, and I closed my eyes and just let her. She washed me from my toes to my head and when she rinsed me, she would kiss on my body like I was a goddess to her. She douched me, rinsed me, then dried me and my hair as I sat on a stool. Less Than Beautiful picked me up with her big hands and brawny arms princess style, and she carried me back to that big bed in front of everyone, and she laid me down on an empty edge. She started rubbing me with lotion and massaging me all over and kissing me, and my ass, behind my knees and all over. She turned me, rubbing more lotion and kissing my breasts, stomach, and on my pussy, back up to my neck and ears, as she fanned her hand across my pussy hair. Less Than Beautiful kissed all over my face and nose, and then we kissed, and I gave her my all again. My eyes had been closed the whole time and I opened, and most of the girls were just watching Less Than Beautiful explore my body.

There is nothing attractive about Less Than Beautiful. Sherry has a curvy perfection of a body with big breast and bright red nipples that match her strawberry blonde hair, and her white skin and brown pussy hair makes her look like a dream. Tiffany is a miniature model that you could just devour overcome by her cuteness, Janet is a hard body blonde knockout, Sophia is a hot athletic 30 something that people would pay to fuck, Clair is a soft body milf with curves and creases you could fuck five days out of a seven days week, Emma is a curvalicious ebony princess with a sweet shaved pussy, even Rachel is a raven headed porcelain beauty, and Janet’s two other girlfriends here tonight are hot; but Less Than Beautiful has nothing to be desired in womanly features. Less Than Beautiful scoops my hips up to her breast and begins to eat my pussy.

I move the blanket from under me so that just the leather is showing, and I tell Janet to go get more towels. Less Than Beautiful has been at the pussy eating buffet all night with other girls, but when she starts eating me, she is going to give me something they did not get. I go limp in her arms and rub across the top of her back with my heels laying softly upon her. She grabs my feet sometimes and kisses them, and my toes, and rubs herself with my feet. I am so tranquil in her arms that she cannot get enough of my soft relaxed body against hers, or touch enough of me with her hands and arms. I saw her eat other girls tonight, and they were always tense and uneasy. I have my first orgasm from her marvelous pussy eating technique on rubbing my clit with her lip and tonguing my hole with her long tongue. Less Than Beautiful will do this three more times, and I use my own spasms to help squeeze her tight with my orgasms.

Now comes Less Than Beautiful’s superior effort, as she licks my pussy clit, and runs her big, long finger inside my pussy to my “G” spot. I begin to orgasm, and she fingers hard and I erupt in a cascade of pleasure and squirt her in the face, and she does not move from eating my pussy, like I just gave her the sweetest juice she ever tasted. After 2 minutes of trembling thighs and quivering sides, and the deepest moans and groans that have been heard here tonight, Less Than Beautiful wipes me and her with a towel, and Janet cleans and hands Carla some wet wipes and she uses them on us. Less Than Beautiful scoops me up and spins me around and lays down and I am on top of Less Than Beautiful in a 69. I kiss her thighs with my whole mouth sweetly using my tongue several times. I can feel her shaking with anticipation (she has wanted what other girls were getting all night, but they would not eat her pussy).

I move my way to the biggest hairy pussy in the world, and I smell her strange aroma, and everyone who has tried to eat her, complains that she stinks (and it smells like dirty pussy, male BO, and sweaty feet combined). I watched some new girls try earlier tonight to pay Less Than Beautiful back for her superb pussy eating technique, only to turn their heads and finger her instead. Her pussy does have a strange smell (god damn it stinks), and I start eating it and I love it. The smell excites me, and only me, and I don’t know why, but I love eating her pussy. The rest of the girls think I am crazy, but Less Than Beautiful’s pussy gets me high, and I make her orgasm three times before we finally stop, and I go shower with her again. Less Than Beautiful dreams of having sex with me, and while her most desirable characteristics to me are her ability to eat pussy and her stinky cunt, I do not want to be with her, but when I am, I try and make her feel special. Less Than Beautiful is head over heels in love with me.

We finished and Less Than Beautiful gives me my space back and the spectators are in awe of the pleasure I obtained, and gave, to Less Than Beautiful. They don’t understand how I can eat her pussy, or why I am so supple in her grasp because there is no allure to her at all. I just tell them, I am her dream girl, when you experience such feelings from someone you will understand. The party winds down and most fall asleep naked on that big ass bed, and I hold Janet and fall asleep. Janet fixes us a big breakfast, and we go to the hot tubs again. The guys go off with man toys and by lunch everyone is gone, and I leave too.

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