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Amy Tale/s – Saturday Softball Game/s

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I have their gaze, the pitch is coming, and I turn my head into Courtney’s thigh and kiss it with my hairy cooch signaling third base, short stop…

Courtney spent the night with me Wednesday, and on Thursday I called Clair and Sophia and invited them to go to the guys’ softball game Saturday. Sophia did not want to go because her and Tony were separated, and there was no reason for her to go. I talked her into it by asking her to go for me. Courtney showed up after work Friday (wearing my collar) and I let her have her play on my body, but I did not do anything to her. At around 10pm, I told her we had to get up early for the softball game at 9am.

Courtney panicked, which is why I was going to the game anyway, to expose gossip. Courtney told me she hadn’t told Eric about us, and she said after what happened to Sophia and Tony, she did not want to do it like this. I told her it would be alright, you are not married, and Eric is not like Tony. I said, Eric bragged about fucking me and Sophia, and he did that behind your back Courtney, and he did not even fuck me. I calmed her down, and said, I do not kiss and tell, I kiss and show. I told you that you would hate me. Courtney said, I don’t hate you miss Amy, and I am sorry, I am just scared of what Eric will say to me.

I get dressed Saturday morning in a skirt and I know Clair will wear one, and of course, no panties. Courtney did not have a skirt with her, so I let her use one of mine, and I told her no panties, and she wasn’t sure. I said, with a hairy pussy as lovely as yours, you should not wear panties ever, and carry wet wipes for when you get excited. Fast forward: I make Courtney sit on the bottom bleacher on the far end, and I sit behind her with Sophia and Clair on either side. Sophia wore shorts (blah), but I knew she would be conservative. Eric approached Courtney before the game started and wanted to know why she was with me? Courtney just told him the truth, that she was seeing me. Eric was happy and sad at the same time, and he said they would talk about it later.

Game time and I had already been playing with Courtney’s collar, and pulling her back up against me between my thighs and rubbing her breasts before it started. There are some wives that come to the games and some girlfriends, and I recognized them from the other outings. Carol was here and glaring, and all could see that the “Queen bee” had a new filly in her stable. They knew Courtney too, from outings when she came with Eric. I was all over Courtney, and I sat on the end of the bleachers near our dugout. I was fresh with Sophia too, kissing on her neck and rubbing her thigh, then I started flashing Courtney’s hairy pussy. Courtney’s pussy is so distinctive in appearance, that the second baseman was trying to figure out how to get to second base with Courtney from his position.

I did not know what positions any of them played before hand, but third base was like winning the lottery, because it was Eric, and with the exception of the guys in and around the dugout (mostly around now) Eric had the best view. I was disrupting their concentration, and I wanted too. I was pissed at them gossiping and bragging about fucking me when they didn’t. For Eric, he is going to have to face those guys and try and explain why his girlfriend is now my girlfriend, and how could he be fucking me and Courtney, and not know that? I also don’t really like Tony, and I know it is painful for him to see Sophia having fun, and she was. At the casino party she was depressed because of him, and he was oppressive toward her. Ken and Greg do not kiss and tell, but they will be bombarded with question the whole game and henceforth.

I bend down and kiss Courtney’s neck and collar, and I give her some money to get all of us some refreshments. People will see Courtney serving me and my fixation with the collar Courtney is wearing, and they will assume the kinkiest shit they can imagine, and Carol too. We snack and drink our pop, and I make Courtney sit between my legs on the same bleacher I am sitting on. I give Clair the go ahead to steal third, and she starts flashing her pussy too. No one is sitting in front of us, and only our team (around the dugout) and players from second and third base (and shortstop) and three of the four outfielders have a clear line of sight (and the pitcher can probably see). Only third base and shortstop probably can tell they are looking at pussy on display (and the dugout).

Most of them love us, one or two hate us, and one or two wish we would just behave around their friends (but they love us anyway). I start rubbing my hands inside Courtney’s thighs and spreading them apart. Some of the husbands wake up in the morning and change their underwear dreaming about girls that look as hot as Courtney. We are on defense and the other team just got a hit.

I am going to help our opponent, so I run my finger in Courtney’s wet pussy and lick my finger, oops, another hit, and the guy that was on first is at third. I move to the bottom bleacher and I lean back in between Courtney’s thighs and flash my pussy, because I am more daring. I tell Courtney to play with my hair and massage my shoulders. I have their gaze, the pitch is coming, and I turn my head into Courtney’s thigh and kiss it with my hairy cooch signaling third base, short stop, second base, one left fielder, and our guys in the dugout. Clair is also on the outside above me flashing her hairy pussy too. The opponent scored a run.

When the other team was on defense, we closed our legs and acted normal. When our guys took the field, we flashed the shit out of them. They lost 6 to 2. Ken and Greg fussed at us after the game, and I laughed. I said, damn Ken, you only played like 2 innings in right field and stood next to the dugout with those guys looking at us and talking most of the time. Greg pitched most of the game, and Tony was at first base, so he had a hard spot to see from, but he could see things like me kissing on or touching Sophia. Most of the single guys came up and thanked us for coming. They did not seem to care that they lost. I wanted the majority of the guys to like us, I was really doing it for Ken and Greg. Ken and Greg are a lot of fun to be around, and there is no jealousy or arguing. They fuss over silly shit out of fear that they will be kicked out of their little club.

Eric is trying to get Courtney to leave with him. I walk up and put my finger in the heart shaped lock on Courtney’s collar and say, let’s go Courtney love, and she says, yes miss Amy, and she follows me. We leave and Clair and Sophia followed in Sophia’s car, and come with us and we go out to eat and back to the apartment. The girls go to the bedroom and after they settle, I tell Courtney to get undressed and walk around for my friends. Clair wants to rape her. Clair is wanting to eat Courtney’s hairy pussy so bad she is begging me. I say, I have not even eaten it yet, and Clair and Sophia do not believe me. I tell Courtney to tell them and she says, miss Amy has not eaten my pussy.

Clair and Sophia want to know what is up with the “miss Amy” crap, and I tell them that Courtney is my pet, and she said she would do whatever I said, and I told her to call me that. I tell, Courtney to put her leash on and come and undress me. I ask Courtney how many girls she has been with, and she says, just one, in college, but I was with her for two years. I grab the leash and pull Courtney onto the bed, on her back, and I straddle her in a 69. I kiss both her sweet curvy thighs, and I sit up and put the hand hold of the leash around my wrist. Courtney starts to eat my pussy and I pull the leash over my shoulder and force Courtney’s head up into my pussy more and let her down.

I ask Sophia and Clair if either of them wants to touch my pet and they both do. I tell them to lay down at Courtney’s side and each of them can rub Courtney’s nipples with one finger only. I lay across their hands and kiss Courtney’s thighs again and look at her pussy and it is spread open and wet. When I did this, I held the leash and it force Courtney to lift her head and follow my pussy. I sit back up and release the tension on the collar. I tell Sophia and Clair they can each kiss on one of Courtney’s 36dd breasts, and I pull the leash and Courtney get deeper in my pussy, and when I release the tension, she stays deep this time.

I tell Sophia and Clair that they can continue licking Courtney’s breast and rub her pussy hair, but do not go inside her pussy. Courtney is aroused, and she is licking and sucking my clit and moving her head to get me off, and it’s working. I tell Sophia and Clair to finger Courtney and make her get off, and I hear Courtney moan in pleasure, and I moan in pleasure, and I pull the leash tight over my shoulder and I orgasm, and I soak Courtney’s face in my pussy juice and hold tight on the leash as I shake, and then Courtney orgasms and she is shaking wildly. Everyone stops, and I tell Courtney to go get the 10” dildo and lube, and a towel.

I take hold of the leash and pull Courtney face down on the bed and lift her hips up and lube the dildo and Courtney’s ass, and I start fucking her ass with the dildo. Courtney is grunting and moaning, and I say, who does your ass belong to bitch? Courtney says uh…you…uh…uh…you…uh…uh…you miss Amy… uh…uh…uh… I tell Clair to finger bang Courtney’s clit until she gets off, and I fuck the shit out of Courtney’s asshole with the dildo. Courtney must have focused during the grunts and she gets off in 5 minutes and I drive the dildo to the hilt in her ass and she spasms and collapses flat on the bed and the dildo comes back out some.

I pull the dildo out and look at Clair and say, eat her asshole, and Clair cleans the shit and pina colada lube out of Courtney’s asshole with her tongue. I roll Courtney over and kiss her wet thighs and up her stomach, and I skip her breasts and kiss her neck and the collar, and I bite her ear lobe and whisper, go clean yourself up. I unsnap the leash and she says, yes miss Amy. When Courtney says that I grab her hair on both sides and shove her down into the bed and I say, you hate me now, don’t you, after today at the game, after that ass pain and punishment. Courtney says, I love you more now miss Amy. I bounce her head in frustration and let her go and she goes to the bathroom.

Sophia and Clair have not seen me act like this, and they want to know why, and I tell them, I am educating her, don’t worry about it, she is my project. They let it go. Sophia wanted to leave and get ready for Tiffany to come by, and Clair spends the night. I make Courtney eat both of us to orgasm again, and we make Ken and Greg get us some supper. Afterwards me and Clair watched TV in the bed while Courtney rubbed me all over. Continue reading to see what happens Sunday…

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