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Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 4 (Sherry Blacked)

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Me, Janet, and Clair are spectators, voyeurs to the wonder, and Clair speaks out, that was so romantic…

I lean in still shimmying my breasts against Janet’s breasts, and I take hold of her lip with my teeth. I softly suck it into my mouth and release it and remark, I need to prepare my surprise for dessert. I await Janet’s reply, and she bites my lip back and says, okay baby. I sigh with a little regret, as I release from my desire’s hold, and I position Sherry on the pillows in the middle of the bed on her back. I return to Janet and take her by the hand and move her alongside Sherry. I take my place on Sherry’s opposite side and once more Janet and I are locked in a stare. I run my finger around Sherry’s belly button and move it in and out of the hole and return to circling her belly button.

I ask Janet, do you want to touch my surprise again? Both of us with our heads in our hands watching each other. Janet is contemplating and says, do you want me to touch your surprise baby? And we have once more caused Sherry to quake, and I say, will you touch my surprise somewhere special baby? As I continue to circle my finger around and in Sherry’s belly button and down her abdomen to the top of her pretty brown pussy hair, lightly brushing it and returning to my circuit. Janet begins to mimic me, but instead chooses to circle Sherry’s lovely red nipples and down across her breasts, using only her finger as a point of contact. Janet says, like this baby? I say, yes baby, and I say to Clair, is dessert ready, as she continues to suck Anthony’s cock watching me and Janet out of the corner of her eye?

Clair simply says, yes. I say, bring Sherry’s dessert over. Clair leads Anthony in between Sherry’s thighs. I run my finger down Sherry’s body and across her pussy hair and pussy lips, and she is so very wet. I take hold of Anthony’s cock, and he is hard, and I stroke, never restraining my gaze into Janet’s eyes and I say, is the dessert for my surprise look ready? Janet slowly looks away from me and down at Anthony’s cock, and she looks back at me and says, Clair, can you get a condom from the nightstand and put it on the dessert for my Queen’s surprise? Clair does what Janet asks, and I return to stroking Anthony’s thick 10” big black cock. I tell Janet, I need to take care of my surprise, will you help? Janet says, always baby.

I kiss Sherry and tell her this will feel so good. Janet kisses Sherry’s breasts, and Clair rubs on my back and ass. I pull Anthony’s cock to Sherry’s pussy and let go. Anthony rubs it around as Janet and I rub Sherry’s thighs, and kiss on her tits and watch. Anthony pushes in and gets about a third of the way, and Sherry tenses up and moans. I tell her to relax, and I roll her hips up and tell her, this will help with the pressure. Anthony pushes in deeper, and Sherry moans and squeezes my shoulder tight and sighs in pleasure. Anthony makes full contact as Sherry jerks back. I kiss her and tell her it’s alright. Motion ensues, and she softly groans as Anthony treats Sherry delicately with his strokes.

Sherry sighs in rhythm, and she release my shoulder and reaches up for Anthony and pulls him down into her bosom. Janet and I move away, to let Sherry enjoy her excitement, as we watch Sherry pull Anthony in for a sensual kiss. I sit up and Janet too, and we look across them like we just saw two people fall in love. I slide back and away, and Janet comes to the other side of the bed, and she embraces me from behind. Janet nibbles my ear and whispers; I think Sherry likes Anthony. I watch the contrast of color between Anthony’s dark complexion, and the softest white of Sherry’s, and I lean back and whisper to Janet, doesn’t that look amazing? Janet replies, yes. Sherry raises her thighs and Anthony fucks her so sweetly. Sherry moans and holds Anthony, and he speeds his plunges, and we listen to them make such sweet noises together. It last less than 10 minutes, and Anthony cums and drives deep, and he uses the techniques on Sherry he learned from Janet.

Sherry erupts in euphoria and shakes and holds Anthony, and when she finishes, they kiss with meaning. Anthony does not move as they continue to embrace, and we watch Sherry rub Anthony’s back so softly. Me, Janet, and Clair are spectators, voyeurs to the wonder, and Clair speaks out, that was so romantic; and it was, it was like true love, and Janet and I are glad we moved out of the way. Janet grabs my hand and Clair’s, and we leave the apartment and go for a swim in the nude. We swim for an hour, and finally Anthony and Sherry come out, holding hands and sit on the side with their feet in the pool.

Janet swims up to me and pins me to the wall, and she whispers in my ear, I have never seen Anthony act like this. They made a lovely couple; the contrast of skin tones and Sherry’s dynamic features created a portrait worth staring at. Anthony spends most of his free time here, working around Janet and Max’s property, and on their vehicles and equipment. Janet has gardeners, and cleaning services too, but I gathered that Anthony was sort of Janet’s plaything. I asked Janet, are you jealous? Janet said, a little, but I have you baby, and I would fire Anthony before losing you.

I kiss my Duchess, and I tell her I am all hers, and I make her promise to keep spoiling me, and she says she will spoil me always. Sherry and Antony get in the pool and swim around holding each other and kissing. We are all naked, and Clair crashes in on me and Janet, and she resounds what we have already been talking about with Anthony and Sherry. We get out and shower, and Sherry comes and gets her bag and returns to the apartment, and her and Anthony spend the night together.

The guys return from their lake outing, we get food and take some to Sherry and Anthony, and we play around in the rec basement for a while. Clair ends up with Ken, Greg, and Max in a bed upstairs, and me and Janet end up in the master bedroom. Sunday morning everyone parts, and I go home and prepare for another work week.

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