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Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 3 (Sherry Surprise)

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My she devil crawls into the bed and between my legs up onto my breasts, and kisses me like no other kisses me.

All four of us are in the pool house apartment. I am going get to what happens; but first, I want to recount the participants for you starting with me. I am Amy, and I am a pretty sandy blonde milf, and I am 5’ 6.5” tall, and my hair comes down to the middle of my back. I have 34DD breasts that are soft and supple; nice nipples, nice ass, sexy legs, feet, and toes, and I always keep my toenails painted, usually red. I have a small c-section scar and a tiny pooch above it. I used to be self-conscious of my scar, but everyone has told me it is very sexy, and they love rubbing my stomach just above the scar because it is so soft. I am fit. I have light brown hair on my pussy in the common triangular shape with the business area waxed.

Clair is my age too, and for the last couple of years, Clair and I have been turning 39 again every year. Clair is a brunette built like me, but 5’ 7” tall, and she is a little heavier with slightly bigger ass, thighs, and calves, and her boobs are bigger than mine. She has a hairy pussy in the same shape as mine, but her hair is black. Clair is very attractive too. Janet…how do I describe Janet…Janet looks like a Victoria’s Secret model and is 5’ 8” tall and she has blonde hair; and I mean blonde, not sandy, and not platinum. Her hair hangs to the top of her 34” size breasts but she is a C cup. Janet has her body professionally waxed, and I have been doing it too with her since she turned me on to it. Janet told me if she grows hair on her pussy, that it is blonde, so she prefers the smooth look. Janet has a nice round ass that looks hot in high heels, mine is not as round and wider, and it looks hot, but not ideal in heels.

Sherry is 22 and in college. Sherry is so cute it hurts. She is a couple inches shorter than me, and she has the prettiest strawberry blond hair that is a little curly and hangs down past her shoulders. She has soft white skin a few tones lighter than me and Clair. Janet has a nice tan. Sherry’s breasts are probably in the 36” range, and she is a double D no doubt, but still young and perky. What makes Sherry’s breasts look so good is her white skin, strawberry blonde hair, and her bright red nipples and areola. Sherry’s breasts just jump out at you in beauty. Sherry has brown pussy hair in a triangle shape, and she shaves her lower part. Sherry has ample hips and nice thighs with lovely creases, attractive calves, and pretty feet. Sherry is a curvy perfection naked with her big tits, red nipples, and brown hairy pussy against her white skin tone. You just want to swallow her and carry her around with you.

Back to the pool house apartment. I lead Sherry following Janet leading me, and Clair follows us to the pool house studio apartment. I take my clothes off and sit against the headboard on the bed, and I look at Janet, and I say, this is my party baby, right, you have to do what I say? Janet replies, go for it baby. Janet was naked in the house, and she just walked to the apartment that way. I tell Clair to get undressed and come and rub me on the bed. I tell Sherry to stand at the foot of the bed. Then I tell Janet, take Sherry’s shirt off for me baby. Me and Janet are watching each other, and Clair and Sherry are watching us. Janet walks behind Sherry watching me over Sherry’s shoulder and she removes Sherry’s shirt.

I raise my knees up onto my feet, and I spread them out wide as Clair remarks about how beautiful Sherry’s breast are, and Clair kisses and rubs my breasts. I show Janet and Sherry my hairy pussy and swelling pussy lips. I say to Janet, would you like to touch my surprise (referring to Sherry)? Janet looks deeply at me from behind Sherry and says, do you want me to touch your surprise baby? [Janet is a sore loser; Janet is playing with me as much as I am trying to play with her]. I tell Janet, yes baby, you can touch my surprise. [I can see Sherry quivering with excitement, she still has her shorts on, but she is topless; she is young, and inexperienced, and she has fallen into the trap of two women volleying her back and forth as a birdie in our sport]. Janet replies, where do you want me to touch your surprise baby? [Clair is barely licking my nipple, trying to watch what we are doing. It is a game of chicken, and Janet and I are sparring for supremacy].

You can touch my surprise anywhere you like baby. Janet steps close pressing her bare breasts to Sherry’s back, and with her right hand reaches around Sherry’s waist, and with her middle finger circles Sherry’s belly button and goes in and out of it a few times, and circles it some more then removes her hand and steps back away from Sherry. Janet says, did you like me touching your surprise baby? [Janet and I are locked eye to eye, smiling ear to ear, like no one else is even there, teasing, and flirting with each other’s imagination. Janet thinks she is getting the better of me, and she is. She is a better predator than me]. I respond, I don’t know baby, does my surprise having any icing on it? Janet steps back into Sherry’s back with her breasts, and Janet reaches around Sherry’s waist again, and slowly runs her hand down into Sherry’s shorts and fingers around in Sherry’s pussy. Janet draws her hand up Sherry’s body touching her, and over Sherry’s breast touching them with her arm, and under Sherry’s arm and over Sherry’s shoulder, and Janet sticks her finger covered in Sherry’s pussy wetness in her mouth, staring at me, and Janet says, yes baby, your surprise has icing.

Janet steps back from Sherry again; and it’s my move in our game of sensualism. [Clair has abandoned licking my breasts, and has resorted to rubbing them instead, captivated by me and Janet. Sherry is getting weak in the knees as two she wolves toy with their catch]. I say to Janet, can you finish unwrapping my surprise baby? Janet steps beside Sherry and places her hands on Sherry’s shorts, and watching only me bends down with her legs together swiveling her knees out and away from Sherry. Sherry lifts each leg slightly, and Janet raises back up, and she throws the shorts on the bed and returns to Sherry’s back. I gaze at Sherry’s beauty, her strawberry blonde hair, red nipples, pretty brown pussy hair and white skin. Janet says, what else do you want baby? I reply to Janet, I want you to whisper something sweet in my surprise’s ear, that you want?

Janet steps back into Sherry’s back watching me, and pulls Sherry’s hair aside and kisses Sherry’s neck, and behind her ear, and sucks her ear lobe into her mouth and lets it go, and whispers in Sherry’s ear, and Janet steps back. I am watching Janet, Janet is watching me, and Sherry crawls into the bed and into my body until she reaches my lips, and she kisses me, while Janet and I stare at each other. Sherry is trembling, and on the verge of collapse, having only experienced a level of foreplay equivalent to a back seat fingering from some boy, until now. I hold her tight, and I roll her onto her back, and I immediately make my way to her pussy. Sherry is so overwhelmed, and I know I have to relieve her. So, I begin my sin and lick and work my mouth into her pussy, and Sherry capitulates in less than two minutes singing a tone of ecstasy probably like she has never sung, as her body ripples in excitement. I lay down beside Sherry, and I pull her next to me and caress her and look at Janet and say, sorry baby, my surprise could not take anymore.

My she devil crawls into the bed and between my legs up onto my breasts, and kisses me like no other kisses me. Janet draws her legs up and sits in my lap and I feel her wetness upon me. Janet grabs my breasts and squeezes and rubs, and she looks me in the eye and says; well, I guess we will have to work on your surprise, so she is not so surprised herself. Clair gets up and says, I need a towel, and returns with one wiping her cunt. My arm is under Sherry’s neck, and I am playing with her beautiful hair. I reach up with my other hand and pull my temptress to my lips and we kiss. I pull down some more, and I kiss her ear, and nibble, and I whisper, will you lead my surprise between my thighs?

Janet sits back up, and rubs her wet pussy on my pussy hair, she staddles one of my thighs, and rubs her wetness all over, and then she does the same to my other thigh and she scissors me rubbing her wet pussy all over as an animal marking its territory. Never once did Janet turn her gaze from me as she says, your thighs are ready for your surprise. Janet takes Sherry’s hand, and she rolls us head to toe on our sides, and Sherry’s pussy is at my mouth. Janet locks our legs and arms forcing us to spread even wider, and I feel Sherry’s timid kisses on my thighs covered in Janet’s wetness (smelling Janet’s pussy all over them). I begin to kiss on Sherry’s thighs and pussy, and I feel Janet assist Sherry with mine. Clair moves behind Sherry, and me and Sherry enjoy two girls sharing our pussies together.

Janet licks my asshole, and it stimulates me as she goes back to my pussy, schooling Sherry in the art. Clair needs no assistance, nor do I, as we make Sherry orgasm after 5 short minutes. I await my own pleasure as Clair kisses my lips, as I lay on Sherry’s thigh. Then my pleasure arrives, as Sherry master’s a technique, and Janet licks my ass rimming me into ecstasy. I regain my composure, and I turn and place my body on top of Sherry. I kiss her, ever so sweetly, and I play with the curls in her hair. I kiss down her neck to those lovely breasts, and I once more taste them with desire. I roll off Sherry and reach for my weakness, and she comes and looks at me as no other looks. Janet bites my lower lip, and she sucks it into her mouth briefly, watching me knowing our games are our breath. I bite her lip too, and I squeeze her tight ass, and I ask her, is my surprise’s dessert ready?

Our game is on again, and we both crack a little smile, and my Duchess says, I need to check. Not wanting to look away, Janet never breaks eye contact with me, and she tells Clair, can you go find Anthony? Clair raises up and reaches for her shirt, and Janet says, go naked honey, and make sure you bring Amy’s surprise’s dessert back prepared? Clair walks out of the apartment wearing nothing at all, and she returns 10 minutes later with Anthony totally naked. I guess Clair understood Janet’s meaning. Janet waited nibbling on my lip and softly kissing me with hers, as I returned the favor never averting my gaze into her eyes, and Janet says, you are still in charge baby. I open my lips and take hers in mine, and we softly and slowly close them, and I say, I guess I need to get my surprise ready.

We are bending each other mentally, ignoring the others around us, but arranging our moves to incite each other to excitement in our contest. I sit up and look at Anthony, who’s a little flaccid, and I turn to Sherry and ask, do you want to finish preparing your dessert, or do you want me? Sherry, trying to follow my meaning stumbles her way into replying, you can prepare it. I take Janet by the hands and pull us up on our knees, and I shimmy my breasts against hers. We are locked again eye to eye as I tell Clair, can you finish preparing dessert for my surprise? Clair too is trying to keep up in a game she cannot play, merely reacting as Janet and I move our pieces around. See Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 4 (Sherry Blacked) for the rest.

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