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Amy Tale/s – Mistress

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I take Courtney by the ankle and rub my nipples with her toes and stare at her hot body and think, that fucking Eric is a moron to cheat on this girl.

Courtney called me Sunday evening after the slumber party [Courtney bio see Amy Tale/s – Boyfriend’s Girlfriend’s Girlfriend?]. She wanted to come over and I told her I was tired, and she begged me, and I said, no. Courtney wanted to come after work on Monday and begged again, and I finally said, okay. Courtney was working as a dental assistant, and we had the same working hours. Courtney showed up Monday at the apartment with a fucking suitcase.

I was still tired from the weekend and suffering the Monday blues, so I was not really in a sexual mood. I let Courtney in, and she wanted to kiss and rub on me, and I told her to stop [I had just spent the weekend in a 10 girl 6 guy orgy, and I did not want sex]. Ken would be home in an hour, and we either go out to eat or order something. I get a snack and Courtney joins me. I ask Courtney, do you think this is just a passing craze for you with me, what about Eric? Courtney says, I am in love with you, and I would do anything for you; I am still dating Eric, but we don’t live together or anything, and if I don’t want to go out with him, I just say so.

[Ahhhhhhhhh! I don’t need another girlfriend, even a gorgeous beauty like Courtney (that is what I am thinking)]. I grab a wine cooler and give one to Courtney and I recline on the couch. Courtney takes my shoes off and starts rubbing my feet, and I close my eyes. She moves my feet onto the couch and sits, and I lay back against a pillow, and for the first time in three days, I start feeling relaxed. I tell Courtney, go run me a bath. I make her undress me and I get in with her. I lay back and she washes my body and washes my legs and feet, and she washes herself. Courtney gets behind me, and I lay on her big breasts. The only other girl I have done this with to this extent is Janet, and Courtney’s tits are much bigger, and I could go to sleep.

Courtney is rubbing my head and my chest, and she starts to rub my breasts, and I stop her and move her hand back up. Courtney stops rubbing and I open my eyes, and Ken is standing there. Ken says, I guess we are not going out to eat, and I say, no. Ken says, I will order something, I say okay. I get in the shower and rinse and Courtney joins me. She dries me and blow dries my hair, then hers while I wait naked on the bed. Courtney crawls into the bed and up on me to kiss me, and I grab her hair and pull her onto her back by force, and I mount her holding her head to the bed by her hair and I say, WHAT, WHAT DO YOU WANT, YOU DO NOT LOVE ME! Courtney says, I do love you. I say, no you don’t, you stupid little bitch, you are just infatuated. Courtney says, I love you Amy. I bounce her head and say, I will make you hate me you stupid little cunt.

I release Courtney’s hair and put a nightie on and go to the kitchen. I get another wine cooler and sit down. Courtney has a t-shirt on, and she gets a wine cooler too, and she sits and watches me. Ken has his headphones on playing a game (probably with Greg), and the doorbell rings. I tell Courtney, take that shirt off and answer the door. Courtney answers the door naked with her hot busty curves and hairy pussy on full display, and it is a young petite female delivery driver, and she says, I have your food order. She says, holy fuck, I wish I had your body. I say, tell her to come in. I tell Courtney to get money from my purse for a tip and pay her as the girl driver watches Courtney intently, and she leaves. I make Courtney get us plates and utensils and fix some tea, and Ken comes to the table and we eat, and we look at Courtney’s tits and pretty face.

I finish eating and I ask Courtney, do you have your toothbrush in that suitcase? Courtney says, yes. I say get your bag, and we go to the bathroom and I brush my teeth and remove my nightie and sit to pee. I tell Courtney, get some paper and wipe me and she does. I ask her, do you have to pee? She says, yes, and I tell her to go. When she is finished, I tell her to use the wet wipes on my pussy and after to do yourself. I walk over to the bed and I grab Courtney’s hair again and I stand in the bed and drag her up to my lips as she grunts. I hold her up and I say, stick your tongue out. I take Courtney’s tongue in my mouth and try and suck it out of her throat, and I let it go, and she closes her mouth.

I said, to stick your tongue out, and Courtney sticks her tongue back out. Holding Courtney by her hair I move her down my body to my nipple, and I touch my nipple with the tip of her tongue moving her around for bit, but never letting more than the tip of her tongue touch my nipple. I move her down my body slowly touching myself with the tip of her tongue as I hold her by her hair. Courtney gets low enough to go to her knees and I rub my thighs and around my pussy hair with her tongue. I move her tongue to my pussy lips and touch them and say, do you want to eat my pussy? Courtney nods her head, yes. I fall on her again and pull her head down on the bed by her hair as she grunts, and I mount her and I shout, YOU HATE THIS DON’T YOU, YOU BITCH?

Courtney says, no Amy, I love it. I said, call me miss Amy, you naive juvenile twat! [The associates where I work call me miss Amy because I am one of the assistant managers, and they are mostly younger than me]. Courtney says, I love you miss Amy. I throw her head free and scream, AHHHHHHH!, and I lay down on the pillows. I have kissed Courtney when she forced me the first time she came in the apartment, but outside of my sucking her tongue, the neck biting and hickey, and playing in her pussy with my toes, I have not done anything else sexually to her. I ask Courtney, what do you want from me? Courtney says, I want to be with you, to make love to you, I love you…miss Amy. I say, fuck, you don’t know what you are talking about; how can you love me? Courtney says, but I do.

I tell Courtney to go get my phone from my purse. I send Janet a text to call me. I tell Courtney to get my lotion and she rubs it all over my body as I rotate for her. I sit back against the headboard and tell her to rub lotion on herself. When she is done, I tell her to come beside me and turn around and I rub some lotion on her back. I tell Courtney to lie at my feet and rub them. Janet calls, and I ask her to get me a nice slave collar for Courtney. I tell Janet that was the girl here the other day, and to make sure it matches Courtney. After about 5 minutes on this topic, we hang up. I ask Courtney, what do you want me to do to you? Courtney says, whatever pleases you. I ask, what do you want to do to me? Courtney says, whatever pleases you. I tell her to turn and lay down beside me. I am staring at her hairy pussy she does not shave (and it is a marvel to look at). I take Courtney by the ankle and rub my nipples with her toes and stare at her hot body and think, that fucking Eric is a moron to cheat on this girl.

I trace my index finger up her sexy leg and her ample thigh into the hair of her pussy, and her pussy lips are parted, and she is wet. I diddle my finger in her pussy wetness and ask her, what do you expect from me time wise, are you going to come over all the time? Courtney says, only when you want me too…miss Amy. What about Eric? Courtney says, what about him, I will see him when you don’t want me, but you come first…miss Amy. I tell Courtney, eat my pussy until I get off, and she does. I tell her to go in my closest, in the leather bag on the left, and get the purple vibrator on top and bring a towel. I make Courtney lay as before, beside me on a towel, and I use the “G” spot vibrator on her until I get bored with her squeals as she continuously orgasms. I tell Courtney to scissor me and rub her wet pussy all over mine and finger herself and get off again and she does.

I make Courtney get some wet wipes and clean us, and then we get under the covers and I turn my back to her on my side. I tell her to rub anywhere she wants except my tits and pussy until I fall asleep, and that is the last thing I remember. I awake in the morning and she is still asleep, and I guess Ken slept in another bed. I get up and put my nightie on and go and make everyone breakfast. Courtney eats, and then we get ready for work. I tell her to go home and call me Wednesday, and she leaves her suitcase, and we go to work.

Janet bought me a sexy gold collar with a matching heart shaped lock and a leather leash (I am sure it was a few hundred dollars at least, because it was real pretty). She brought it to me Tuesday. I have never been interested in bondage or anything like that, I don’t want to be whipped or anything. I am aware of such fetishes, and maybe I was indulging a little of my own dominance. I don’t know what to do with Courtney, but I know people get tired of each other when sex becomes commonplace. I was in the commonplace with some of my sex circle of friends, and I just don’t want to fuck Courtney and slip into what has become ordinary with me and Sophia, or Emma and Ethan. Ken and Greg are different in that we don’t really expect to serve each other, we are just there for each other’s pleasure, and Clair crosses this spectrum.

Janet continues to surprise me from time to time, and we have a chemistry that allows us to arouse each other on another intimate, more romantic level. Janet is a free spirit, and you cannot tie her down, so her love cums and goes, literally. I think Janet loves me, and I love her, but it is a selfish love for our own benefit. Everyone else is just an appetizer or dessert, and we use them for our pleasure. So, I will shuffle the deck, and deal some cards and try a new game with Courtney. Stick around and see how it goes…

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