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Amy Tale/s – Miss Amy

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When I have all of the dildo in, I pull back on the leash and choke Courtney, and I ram her ass until she is gasping for air.

I told Courtney not to call me until Wednesday, but she tried to call me Tuesday any way. I ignored her call (I learned that from Janet). I was at work Wednesday and it was a little after 3pm. I was behind a counter in the Bed and Bath section, and one of the associates was leading Courtney to find me. Courtney was wearing her scrubs, and the associate said, miss Amy, this lady is looking for you. Courtney says, miss Amy I am sorry to bother you. I tell the associate she is a friend and thank you, and she leaves.

I walked and talked to Courtney. I said, how did you find out where I worked. Courtney said, I saw your name badge in your purse those times you told me to get things. Fuck, I had underestimated Courtney ‘s obsession. I said, I already have friends showing up here, and it has caused rumors to spread, and now you show up. They are going to wonder why another young pretty girl is hounding me. Courtney keeps saying, I am sorry miss Amy, I just wanted to come over tonight, so, I left work early. I will beg if I have to. Courtney was threatening to beg and cry right here if needed.

I get to the women’s apparel, and I start flipping through the racks and I find this lace conform dress with a raised floral pattern that is the same color. The whole dress is a solid burgundy color. It ties behind the neck and back so that the back is open down to the waist. I find what I think is her size, and I tell her to come on, and I grab some paper towels, and we go into the dressing room. I tell Courtney to get naked, remove bra and panties too. [I am reminiscing of my times with Janet in this dressing room, fuck the employee’s rumors]. I pull my skirt up and take my panties off. I set one foot up on the bench, and I make Courtney get on her knees and eat my trim hairy pussy, and since I am in a hurry, I finger myself and I get off.

I wipe my pussy and Courtney’s pussy with the paper towels, and I put the dress on Courtney. I knew burgundy was her color, and with her brown hair and sexy shape she looked hot, except for, shoes, and I asked her shoe size and I said, wait here. I found some black high heel sandals and retrieved my purse. I took Courtney’s hair out of the ponytail and brushed and shook it. I knew with her hips and high round ass, that she would look hot, and she did. Courtney was slouching, and I said, bend your waist and stick your ass and tits out. I had her walk in the hall area of the dressing rooms and she was fucking stunning with her big tits shaking in that dress. I said, don’t walk to fast, and walk in the same straight line with both feet. Fuck, and fuck, and fuck, she was gorgeous as hell, what a fuckable shape she has, she could get raped before making it to her car in this dress.

Anyway, I made Courtney come back in the dressing room, and I stuffed my panties between her breasts, and I grabbed her other clothes and sneakers. I looked at her and said, now what do you say? Courtney said, thank you miss Amy. Courtney’s features were rocking when she walked, and I paced her to keep her from bouncing the jello too much. I walked her to checkout, and I gave the cashier the labels and used my company discount, and I paid. I gave my apartment key to Courtney and said, go to the apartment and wait, and don’t change. It was after 4pm now, so it wouldn’t be long.

I called Ken on the way to the apartment and told him we are going out to eat, so somewhere nice, and he said he would be home in about 40 minutes. I arrived and Courtney was sitting on the couch timidly, and I went and got the gold slave collar. I made Courtney stand and I put it around her neck and locked the heart shape lock, and I put the keys in my purse. I walked around Courtney admiring her stunning beauty, and I got a brush and brushed her hair out some more. The gold collar had a design on it, and the whole package of gold, brown hair, brown eyes, and the burgundy dress were astounding. I pulled my skirt up and showed Courtney my pussy, and I still did not have on any panties on. I reached in Courtney’s bosom and they were still there. I tucked them back down, and I licked from her cleavage up to the collar and took the lock in my teeth.

I sat down on the couch forcing her to follow from the pull of the collar, and she knelt in between my thighs on the cushion seat. I let go of the lock and moved her dress up and looked at her beautiful hairy pussy, and I was glad she does not shave it. It is so pretty to look at that I am jealous. Her dress only came down about 6” below her pussy, and her ample thighs were making me hungry. I fan my hand across her pussy hair and rub her nice ass, and by and by Ken opens the door. I pull Courtney’s dress back down and make her walk for Ken. Ken is like, damn, she is hot as fuck, damn…does Eric know about all this? I tell Courtney no talking, and she just nods her head, no. Ken sees the collar and says, now that is sexy, and with Courtney’s reticence, it is a perfect match.

We go to the restaurant and they give us a table in like the middle. I remove my shoe and rub Courtney’s pussy under the table with my toes as people next to us watch, but they can’t see Courtney’s pussy, but they know what I am doing. We eat, we talk, we pay, and we leave and when we get home, and I want to shower. I reach into Courtney’s bosom and remove my panties, and I throw them on the bed as we pass it going to the bathroom. I don’t even have to tell Courtney, and this sexy bitch undresses me like a good pet and my pussy is wet. Courtney smells my pussy as she lowers my skirt.

Courtney washes me in the shower and then herself, as I rub her gorgeous body. She dries my hair and while she does hers, I wait naked on the edge of the bed holding my panties from work. I make her stand in front of me, and I lay back and rub her pussy hair with both feet and my toes, and her rousing thighs. I stand up and walk around Courtney rubbing her with my panties. I stop behind her, and I run my hand between her thighs to her stomach and draw it flat with my panties against her, down and over her pussy, and up her ass and rubbed both ass cheeks with my two hands. Mm, she is looking better than a turkey dinner on thanksgiving coming out of a 40 day fast.

I walk over to the dresser and I get the leather leash and I snap it on the lock and let it go. The leash hangs about 6” from the ground, and I walk behind Courtney again, and I reach through her legs and grab the leash. I pull it up into her pussy and ass as hard as I can, and she squeals a little from the pain, and the pressure of the collar on her neck makes her bend over some. I slap the hell out of her ass once, and Courtney yelps, and I watch the red print form, and when it peaks, I bend down and kiss it. I let go of the leash and walk back to Courtney’s front, and I take the leash and lead her to my closet. I make her open my toy bag, and I get my harness and the 10” dildo insert, and she puts it on me, and I lock the dildo in place.

I lead Courtney back to the edge of the bed and she places her hands upon it, and I spin the collar, so the leash and lock are in the back. I pour lube on the dildo and stick it in her ass, and I start fucking as she squeals from the pressure. When I have all of the dildo in, I pull back on the leash and choke Courtney, and I ram her ass until she is gasping for air. [You fucking hot ass bitch, why are you letting me do this to you (are my thoughts)]? I loosen my grip and put both hands on her hips, and pound the living shit out of her ass as she grunts and moans. I drive the dildo deep and reach around with my finger and I say, I want you to get off, and I start rubbing her clit. I only takes 5 minutes, and her ass trembles around the dildo as she orgasms and falls flat on the bed.

I pull out and remove the harness and grab some wet wipes and I clean Courtney, and I lick her asshole with my tongue. I tell Courtney to go get my purse and she returns, and I take the second key out and give it to her, and my panties. I say keep these, I want you to wear that collar all the time, because your ass is mine. I know you will need to shower and keep the collar clean, or just relax without it on. Courtney puts the key and panties in her purse and returns to the bed, and I take hold of the leash and pull her into my bosom. I push her over on her back and move my body onto hers, and I lift the collar up and see bruising around her neck where I choked her. I kiss it real softly and ask, did I hurt you Courtney, love (you had to see that coming)? She says, no miss Amy, I love you, you can’t hurt me.

I roll off and lay back and I say, we will see, but I will hurt you. You will be my walking study in demonology, I may be your honeysuckle now, but you will say, she’s full of poison. I pull the blankets back and we get underneath, and I cause her to lay against me with her back on our sides. I put one arm under her neck and pet her hairy pussy with my other hand, and I fall asleep. We get up and I make breakfast, and we get ready for work. Before we part, I take the heart shaped lock in my teeth and pull Courtney into me, and I kiss her collar and neck all over. I stop and tell her to come here after work Friday, and if she calls me, I will not answer, but I will read her texts. Courtney replies, okay miss Amy.

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