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Amy Tale/s – Is Ethan Bi?

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I bend down beside Michael and I lick Ethan’s cock too. I whisper in Michael’s ear, you have sucked this cock before?

Talk began that Sunday at the Resort between me and Janet concerning Janet’s failed gangbang breakup of Clair and Michael. It was Janet’s belief now that Ethan and Michael were bisexual roommates. They never showed any signs to me, but after Michael’s little coming out orgy, I was suspicious. Janet wanted to know, and she was excited in a way, and reaffirmed her desire for me to invite them to one of her house parties. Janet wanted me to first find out if Ethan was bisexual. Janet thought it would be cool to have a thick 12” big black cock bisexual guy at her parties.

I could not conceive that Ethan was bisexual. Ethan is a good-looking black hunk, but then I got to comparing Ethan with my first big black cock, the gay friend of my ex-husband. My ex-husband’s gay friend did act effeminate, but I have never seen Ethan act that way. However, Ethan was conscientiously well groomed with a totally shaved chest, genitals, and legs; and he took care of his skin and primped like the gay black friend of my ex-husband. I wanted to find out, so early the next Sunday morning I showed up at Ethan’s apartment unannounced at 9am. Everyone there had that day off in common from work.

I knocked, and Michael answers, and we exchanged greetings. I brought some pastries and asked Michael if Ethan and Emma were up? He said they had been up and about, but now they were in Ethan’s room. Michael was in shorts and a shirt and I stepped into the living, and I told Michael to take my top off. He did, and I was not wearing a bra, and I told him to take my shorts and panties off and he did. I told Michael to lick my pussy, and I propped one leg up on a chair, and Michael began to eat my trim hairy pussy. I said, that is enough, and I went to Ethan’s room. I had been spurning Michael, but his bisexuality excited me now.

Ethan and Emma were watching TV in the bed, and Ethan had shorts on, and Emma had a long t-shirt on with no panties. I was totally naked. They said, oh, we thought that was Clair since Michael did not say anything? I said, it’s me, do you all want to fool around? Of course, they were aroused by my hot naked body and wanted to fool around, and they got undressed. I said, let’s go in the living room, and I grabbed an extra blanket. They said, why? I said, Michael is in there, and I want some dick in my ass and pussy at the same time. I lead Emma to the couch, and then I got behind Ethan (who was standing) and I started stroking his thick 12” big black cock. I told Michael to get naked.

I was slowly stroking Ethan’s cock, and I asked Michael, why don’t you help me Michael? Michael comes over behind me and starts to rub me, and I said, no, help me with Ethan. Ethan stammers, wha…what do you mean? I say, just relax, you will like this. Michael walks around and starts rubbing Ethan’s cock. Ethan does not complain much, but a little. I tell Michael to, suck it. Ethan complains again, and I say, come on baby, this is turning me own. I look at Emma and say, is it turning you Emma? Emma says, I don’t know if it is turning me on, I am just trying to figure out your new game. I tell Michael to get down on his knees, and I bounce Ethan’s cock on Michael’s mouth. I say, open up, and Michael does and takes Ethan’s cock into his mouth.

I let go of Ethan’s cock and Michael takes over. Ethan is talking, and saying, is this some kind of new fetish for you Amy? I say, a little, it is making me hot. I bend down beside Michael and I lick Ethan’s cock too. I whisper in Michael’s ear, you have sucked this cock before? Michael nods his head, yes. I stand on my toes, and I kiss Ethan, and I whisper in his ear, I know your secret. Ethan pushes me away a little, and then he says, and now Emma knows too. I go over and sit on the couch with Emma, and I rub her breasts and inside her thigh, and I say, Ethan and Michael are bisexual. Michael had a little bisexual coming out at an orgy of Janet’s.

Emma was asking Ethan if it was true? Michael had stopped sucking Ethan, and Ethan eventually admitted it after he was pressed by Emma. I said to Ethan, and I remember that day after I fucked Michael, and asking you if you knew how you measured up with his dick, and you lied about knowing how big Michael’s dick was. I want to see both of you get on the blanket and suck. Ethan did not want too, but I kept pressing to the point Emma wanted to see it too, and they got on their sides on the blanket and sucked each other’s dick.

Emma was amazed, and she wanted to know if they had been doing this behind her back, and they said, yes. I calmed Emma down, and said, it’s alright sweetie, they like girls too. I led Emma to the floor, and made her rub Ethan, and Ethan sucked Michael’s 9” cock. I asked, are you like full contact with guys Ethan, like do you also do anal? Ethan said, no, he does not allow anal, but that he has fucked Michael in the ass. I wanted to see it, and Ethan got a condom and some lube. Ethan fucked Michael in the ass, and Michael was grunting like hell, and Michael loved that big black 12” cock in his ass. Ethan was reaching around and stroking Michael’s cock as I rubbed Emma and we watched.

Eventually, me and Emma locked up on each other’s pussy and had some fun too. When we were done, I started kissing Ethan and I pulled Emma in, and I got her to help me as we rubbed and sucked on Ethan’s cock. Emma got desirous, and she wanted us to get in a 69 together, and I did. After we got going eating each other’s pussy, she looked at Michael and told him to fuck her asshole. Michael lubed Emma’s ass and started fucking Emma’s asshole. Emma said to Ethan, fuck your boyfriend in the ass again. Emma was grunting; I was eating her pussy, and she was doing what she could with mine, as Michael fucked her ass, and Ethan fucked Michael’s ass with his 12” cock. Emma all but stopped eating my pussy, because the motion caused her to move too much.

I listened to them grunt with passion, and I started fingering my pussy to Emma’s occasional licks. I got off, then I watched Michael get off in Emma’s ass, and then Ethan filled Michael’s ass with cum. When we stopped there was a little more awkwardness from Emma, but as we rested, she just accepted it. I kept reminding Emma, that she was bisexual too. Me and Emma showered, and then the guys took turns showering. We ordered some food, and later that evening I fucked Ethan’s big cock until he got off deep in my pussy.

I went back to Ken’s apartment and I called Janet and she answered, which was unusual for her. She usually just calls me back like she is too busy to answer the phone. I apprised her of my discovery, and now she wanted to invite them to her next party. At this point. I just told her okay. We hung up and I called Clair and told her too. My sexual adventures continue…

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