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Amy Tale/s – Hot Tub Party

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There was something about her foul-smelling pussy that was affecting me the more I ate it.

When the weather changed Janet’s pool parties turned into hot tub parties. One of the outbuildings is a rec hall with three hot tubs, cooking area, bar, stereo, TV’s, projector screen, and more to include separate male/female showers and bathrooms, and there is an enclosure that connects to four of the bungalows. I do not know how many more of Janet’s party stories I will share, but if I remember interesting ones like this story, I will share them. The parties more or less turned into the familiar like, some of the same people would come back.

There was a greater incentive to have a party if someone was a first timer and was looking for something new. Janet met a married couple and the husband wanted a bisexual experience with a black guy, so Janet planned for a party. I am not going to breakdown the guests other than to say there were less than 20 people at this one. Janet started pestering me three weeks before the party to invite Ethan and Michael for her interracial bisex married couple adventure. I did not want to do it, but I gave in to Janet’s request.

Sherry and Anthony had started dating and it was not purely an open relationship. Sherry did not mind Anthony fucking other girls, and Anthony did not mind Sherry fucking girls. However, Sherry did not want to have sex with other guys, and I take it, Anthony did not want her to either. Ethan and Emma finally met Ken and Greg, and about an hour and a half after everybody ate and were drinking, most people changed and made their way to the hot tubs in bathing suits. It did not take long for Ken and Greg to get naked in a tub and start sucking cock, and they had Michael with them. I was in a tub with Janet, Ethan, Emma, Clair, and the married couple. The married couple were a little older than me and white, and the wife wasn’t fat, but she had a little pooch in her one piece. She was attractive, black haired, and big tits, bigger than mine, maybe in the 38dd range.

Everyone in the tub I was in still had bathing suits on. I guess Greg found out from Michael that Ethan was bisexual, because Greg flapped his 9” hard cock over to our tub and was trying to convince Ethan to join them. Now the husband of the couple was eyeing Greg’s dick, like he was wanting some cock, and coming to the party was his idea. Janet said to the husband, do you want to go over there too? He said, yes, and him and Ethan left. Now the wife was not interested in the gay sex stuff, and she told her husband she was staying here. I think what the husband wanted was to actually have a gay encounter with a black guy, because the wife was not interested in group sex with her husband and bisex guys. Janet started hounding the wife to find out what she wanted. We hadn’t seen the husband’s cock, and when he entered the other tub, he was in the water sucking Michael’s 9” cock as he sat on the edge.

Finally, the husband switched, and Michael gave him a blowjob, and he had an average cock, maybe 6 inches. Greg and Ken were polishing Ethan’s 12” black wonder and having a blast. Janet went to another tub that had some singles in it, and she returned with a cute white guy in his mid-20’s. Janet removed his shorts and started stroking his cock, and he had a nice dick, average thickness in the 7.5” range. Janet tempted the wife, and the wife started sucking the guy’s dick (and he was about half her age). The wife just wanted some cock bigger than her husband’s pecker (and young guy only added to her thrill). Janet waived to Anthony, and I did not really see the wife and that guy anymore. Anthony took them to one of the bungalows. Clair told me the next day she ended up in a pile later that night with the wife and that white guy, another girl and black guy, and James, the other 12” big black cock in Janet’s stable.

Ken, Greg, Michael, Ethan, and the husband left for one of the bungalows. Janet followed them and stayed gone for about 20 minutes. I asked Emma if she wanted to go with Ethan and she said not yet. Janet came back and stripped Emma and had her on the side of the tub eating her pussy. I undressed Janet and myself, and I was rubbing Janet’s pussy and breasts. Clair got naked and was standing over Emma, and she was licking Clair’s pussy. Janet stopped and called James over and he got in, and I removed his trunks. Emma saw another 12” cock as big as Ethan’s cock, and her eyes lit up. Janet had Emma’s pussy wet as she set on the side of the tub, and James went to fucking Emma and she loved it.

Max came over and whispered something in Janet’s ear and she said, okay, take her to the changing room. There were half walls separating the entry and bathroom areas, but I know someone came in. Janet set me on the side of the tub, and she blindfolded me, but I was squabbling with Janet to know why? After she convinced me to wear the blindfold, I know Janet and Clair started eating my trim hairy pussy and kissing on my breasts, because I peeked. Janet and Clair started kissing my mouth, and someone else was rubbing on my pussy because I could tell their fingers were bigger. I could not peek, because Janet and Clair were in my face. This new person started eating my pussy, and they were good.

This new person eating my pussy so good, was starting to feel familiar? I recognized the technique, and I started thinking, no, it can’t be? I pushed Janet and Clair back and took the blindfold off and son of a bitch, Less Than Beautiful was eating my pussy again [you will have to read Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 1, for details on Less than Beautiful]. This burly chick picked my ass up in her man arms, and she devoured my pussy with her mouth as Janet and Clair held my upper body. Less Than Beautiful had a name (Carla), but I just like calling her Less Than Beautiful. She made me orgasm, and orgasm, and orgasm for like 3 minutes straight, and I squirted her in the face because once I started getting off, she balanced me in one arm while Janet, Clair and now Emma helped. Less Than Beautiful stuck her big, long middle finger in my pussy and turned it up, and she rubbed the shit out of my “G” spot.

I was literally kicking and screaming in the end to get them to stop. I sat down in the water and panted, and I was trying to calm down while Emma and Janet consoled me. Less Than Beautiful was not pretty, and big (not fat) and she was manly; but she is a lesbian pussy eating master. Janet wanted me to go down on Less Than Beautiful, and I was whispering, no, she is so manly. Janet kept it up until I tried. Janet told Less Than Beautiful, and she got up out of the water and sat on the cushion edge. I was looking at her thick black head hair that hung about halfway down her neck, thick black bushy eyebrows, hairy top lip (if you look closely), hair on her forearms (that she might want to consider waxing), and the biggest hairy pussy area of any pussy in the world. Less Than Beautiful’s pussy was the biggest and had the blackest hair I had ever seen on a pussy (and I have seen black hair on black girls lighter than hers). Thank goodness she at least shaved the bottom part, but it already had a 5 o’clock shadow.

I stepped into Less Than Beautiful and I did not want to kiss, but I felt sorry for her. So, I choked it up and closed my eyes, and I kissed her (it was not passionate, but I tried). I rubbed her chesty boobs that were not supple and soft like mine, and she seemed muscular in comparison. She had tits…they were not big (zero fat), and they coned out to the nipple in a point. Less Than Beautiful was rubbing my tits and seemed to like them a lot. After my brief kissing on her pointy tit nipples (and relief I did not find nipple hairs); she kissed, rubbed, and sucked the shit out of my tits. I knelt in the tub, and I declined the customary thigh kissing, because she is not curvy or shapely and soft. I was looking at the biggest beaver in the north, and I got closer, and she was excited enough after getting out of the water that her stinky pussy scent was distinctive. I have never smelled a pussy like Less Than Beautiful’s pussy. I don’t know how to describe it other than dirty pussy scent mixed with man arm pit sweat after the third hard day’s work in a row (no bath, unmixed man body odor), and maybe stinky feet. Less Than Beautiful’s pussy stunk.

I closed my eyes, and I kissed those big pussy lips, and I licked them. I did my best to get Less Than Beautiful off trying to breathe through my mouth. There was something about her foul-smelling pussy that was affecting me the more I ate it. The smell was getting to me, I was enjoying it, she smelled so different, but it was like a pheromone attraction. The more I ate her, the more I was attracted to her nasty smelling pussy. I got my mouth on mostly the clit and surrounding area, because there was a lot of real estate in that vulva. It took me about 10 minutes, and I got Less Than Beautiful to orgasm, and her manly thighs closed in, and I was scared. She did not squeeze me to death, and her pussy had become intoxicating to me, and I pressed her into another orgasm in a minute, and I stopped. Less Than Beautiful pulled me up and wrapped me in her man arms and kissed me on the mouth like she was in love, and I was locked up and tense.

I stepped away and slid down in the tub to the other side, and Janet and Emma came up to me and asked how was it? I said, it was different, but after I got going, I really did like eating her pussy. Less Than Beautiful disappeared with Emma and Clair and I did not see Clair until the next day (Clair, Ken, and Greg stayed the night at Janet’s, but everyone else left after they were done). Janet took me back to the house and brought James, and she wanted me to fuck James’s big 12” cock and I did. He left and went back to the party, and Janet attended to me with a long shower and massage.

Saturday had some sex with me, Janet, and Clair taking turns on each other until James came by again, and then we fucked him. Max, Ken, and Greg went to a driving range. They returned, we left, and that is pretty much how that hot tub party went from my perspective. I may not have shared everything that happened, but the main thing was Ethan and Emma were now in this circle of friends too. That is important for what follows.

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