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Amy Tale/s – Cop Copped

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The cop says, ma’am, I need you to blow; but he is holding the breathalyzer outside the window, and at his pocket next to his cock.

This will be another short tale involving Janet and a ride to her house after we had been in a club drinking. We were not drunk, Janet only had one drink, but what got us pulled by a cop was me kissing on Janet’s tit. Janet had pulled her body-hugging dress up and I was rubbing her pussy, and she had taken one strap off her shoulder and exposed her tit. I was leaning over and kissing her tit and rubbing her pussy. We were only about a mile from her house when the blue light came on.

The cop comes up to the window and says, license and registration, and Janet says, I wasn’t speeding, so what is the charge? Now Janet made no effort to cover her one exposed boob, and her dress was still up and if you looked, you could see her pussy. The cop was staring at Janet’s tit, and he said, the passenger wasn’t wearing her seat-belt (but I was). He said, it did not appear that way because he saw me across the seat. Cops can make up whatever the fuck they want, and you can’t say shit about. There is no such thing as a good cop, I mean, it’s their job to systematically rob people who have committed no crime against another person. I call it the victimless crime racket. The word “cop” means to steal.

Anyway, this white cop is staring at Janet’s tit and shines his light in her lap and looks at her pussy. Janet does not care about a ticket; she will just pay her lawyer (Mr. Wendell Miller) to get it thrown out of court. However, this was a game to Janet, and she was fucking with this cop. I thought, we are going to jail. The cop asks, have you been drinking? Janet said, I have had one drink but there is no way I am over any limit. The cop says, wait here ma’am, and goes back to his car. The cop returns with a breathalyzer, and the way this went down made me realize that breathalyzers are a cop’s sexual seduction tool.

The cop says, ma’am, I need you to blow; but he is holding the breathalyzer outside the window, and at his pocket next to his cock. Janet looks at me and we are thinking, what the fuck! Janet goes dumb blonde on his ass. Janet says, so if I blow you, you will let me go? The cop says, well, I need to see what the breathalyzer indicates, but I do need you to blow. This cop is not holding the breathalyzer anywhere near where Janet can blow it, and to look at it you have to look at his crotch.

Janet says, are you going to stick it in the window? The cop looks around and says, I can do that if it is comfortable for you, or you can take hold of it. The cop is still not making any effort to do what he just suggested. Janet says, what if I switch seats with my friend, will that make it easier? The cop says, yes ma’am. Janet slides over to my side and I get in the driver’s seat. Janet’s SUV has high windows. The cop comes over to the passenger side and Janet has the window down, but it is still too high.

The cop says, maybe it would be easier for you to reach the breathalyzer if you open the door. Janet opens the door, and this cop is still holding the breathalyzer at his pocket. Janet leans down, and unzips the fucker’s pants, fumbles around, and pulls his pecker out, and sucks his dick until he cums in her mouth and she swallows. Janet puts his cock back in his pants and sits up. The cop held the breathalyzer up and looked at it and said, you’re good ma’am, have a nice night.

I drove us to Janet’s house, and we were tripping out the whole way. That is not the end of the story, but close. I was driving to her house one night and this same cop pulled me. He tried to say I was speeding, but I was not sucking his dick (not that he asked). I told him, fine, just give me the ticket so I can give it to Mr. Wendell Miller. He goes to his car and comes back and says he will let me go with a warning.

I get to Janet’s house and tell her what happened. Janet said that fucker pulled her again too, and she had to tell him she lives just around the corner, and her husband is expecting her. Janet told him that she lived here, and he needed to stop harassing her and to just give her whatever ticket he was going to write, so she could give it to Wendell. The cop told her; I will just let you off with a warning. The cop didn’t get another peep show like Janet gave him the first time, but I guess he thought he could just pull us and get something that way.

Anyway, we would pass this cop frequently on Janet’s road for a while, and then he just gave up. I have not seen him in a long time. Maybe he pulled the breathalyzer trick one too many times.

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