Amy Tale/s – Coming Out

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Now I was thinking, shit (and yes, shit too), that Sophia has a kink like Natalie’s pee and cum fetish but with, that’s right, shit.

By taking my panties at the casino party, Sophia made a statement of sorts. Sophia’s friends (like Carol) began shaming Sophia and accusing her of being a lesbian and sleeping with me behind Tony’s back. This affected Sophia’s marriage to Tony, because to their friends and family, Tony was denying that he knew about any affair. Sophia just decided to admit to having an affair with me to her friends (but she would not shame Tony). Sophia’s friends were more like Tony’s friends, and gossip spread about Tony divorcing Sophia (publicly anyway).

Sophia didn’t have a job, but she had a master’s in education from college, and she began looking for a job. Tony made a lot of money as a factory equipment salesman, and Sophia didn’t need to work. Tony sold high dollar machinery to factories and would get commission checks between 30k to 100k from the sales often enough, and rarely for more than that if he sold something really expensive. Almost all divorced women know what almost all women know because of our gossip network. In a divorce, you get half, and this worried Tony, especially since Sophia never worked. Tony was a control freak, and he held all the finances and hired a lawyer to investigate a divorce.

Sophia found a lawyer who got a court order to make Tony pay for her legal fees too, and now that Sophia had legal representation, Tony was concerned. Tony’s lawyer told him that since Sophia had an affair there was a way to divorce her through a jury trial where she was found guilty of adultery. This seemed like good news to Tony until Sophia’s lawyer told Tony’s lawyer that Sophia had seven witness’s that would testify that Tony was sexually involved in Sophia’s affairs too, and even encouraged her to do it.

This news did not originate with the lawyers, but it began with Tony and Sophia because they were still living together. Sophia did not want to divorce, and Tony was trying to protect his public reputation. Tony’s family and friends wanted him to divorce Sophia, and Tony began using the excuse that it would cost him half his wealth, and that Sophia did not want to divorce. Tony had to deal with his family and friend’s disapproval of Sophia being a lesbian, and of her wanting to maintain a straight fidelity relationship with Tony.

Tony and Sophia still loved each other (because of their status), and they are a great looking couple together. However, it was a hard pill to swallow for Tony to continue to be seen with Sophia in public. When Tony and Sophia were together, there were always people whispering behind their backs. Guys are guys, and the sports league guys thought Tony’s problem was really a boon, and begin asking Tony, have you ever watched, have you been fucking two girls at once, and so on? Tony admitted to watching but feared anymore (probably because it could get back to me and I would tell of more). I found out what was going on through Ken and Greg repeating Tony’s accolades from the sports league guys.

Sophia came out as a bisexual lesbian still married to Tony in a monogamous straight marriage. Since it was no secret, Sophia started coming back to the apartment to have sex with me. Sophia started exploring more of the wild side without Tony, and uninhibited. This tale is one where Sophia spent the night with me. Sophia came over early one Saturday. The boys were practicing in a gym with the league before softball season and the spring camping trip. Me and Sophia made out (even used some toys), and we were laying naked on the bed.

Ken and Greg returned from their practice, and Sophia was no longer shy about them seeing her naked, and they both went to the shower together. I was watching TV and rubbing on Sophia lying beside me, and she was doing the same to me, and Sophia asked, do they always shower together? I paid the boys no mind and just said hey to them as they passed. I said to Sophia, yes, they almost always shower together. Sophia asked, what do you think they do in there? I knew what they did in there, so I told her, they are washing each other’s dick and ass, probably douching each other’s ass, and most definitely sucking each other’s cock and kissing.

Sophia asked, do you think they would come out here and have sex together so we could watch? I said, probably. I knew Sophia got off on watching guys have sex together from the times before her hiatus, but she was wanting more now that she was unconstrained by trying to maintain her housewife image. Sophia said, can you ask them too when they get out, I really want to watch? I said, I will do you one better. The guys got out of the shower and came into the bedroom naked.

I said, come to the bed Ken, and I made him stand in the bed. I told Sophia to suck his dick, and Sophia got up on her knees and started sucking Ken’s 8.5” cock. I joined her, and me and Sophia would kiss each other and suck Ken’s cock. I reached for Greg and drew him into our dick sucking duo, and I bowed out. Sophia began kissing Greg, and they both sucked Ken’s cock. Sophia began playing with Ken’s cock in Greg’s mouth with her hand, rubbing Ken’s cock on Greg’s lips and pushing it in and out of his mouth. Sophia started fingering herself as she did this, and she was getting excited by watching Greg suck Ken’s dick. I mean, it was getting her hot, she had her mouth open and was breathing heavy and shivering.

I made Ken sit down while Sophia continued to hold his cock for Greg to suck, and I moved Sophia so I could eat her pussy. I had to get a towel and place it under Sophia because her pussy was wet as hell. I probably drank half a glass of her pussy juice eating her pussy. Sophia fucking burst into an orgasm, and she was closing up her legs in excitement. I forced my hand into her pussy and rubbed, but she would not let go of Ken’s dick. She had placed her other hand on Greg’s head, making him suck harder as she got off in succession for like a minute. Sophia was spasming, and she was trembling while trying to hold onto Ken’s cock and Greg’s head, and sighing with her mouth partially opened in the deepest amazement.

Sophia calmed down, and she wanted Greg to fuck her while sitting with Ken’s cock in his ass. Ken sat against the headboard, and Greg lubed Ken’s dick and worked his ass down on it. Sophia straddled them and worked her pussy down on Greg’s 9” dick. It looks hot as hell, but in reality, either one person is getting fucked, or you are just sitting there with a dick in a guy’s ass, and another dick in a girl’s pussy. Greg fucked Sophia mostly with Ken straining to short stroke his dick in Greg’s ass. Sophia stopped, and she reached down and rubbed from Ken’s balls up to Greg’s balls and her pussy for a bit and she was getting hot again.

Sophia would rub her fingers on Ken’s dick where it was going into Greg’s ass, and then run her hand under her nose down to her breasts like the smell was getting her high. They were using the pina colada lube, so it probably had that smell mixed with ass, and she liked it. Sophia got to moving up and down as they all tried to fuck, and she would stop and repeat the previous process of rubbing and smelling a number of times. I moved in between them, and I rubbed Sophia’s pussy and licked when I could, and licked Greg’s balls. Sophia got tired of squatting, and she laid on her side and wanted Ken to fuck her in her ass while Greg fucked Ken’s ass.

When they got in that position, I was able to turn so I could eat Sophia’s pussy and lick on the boys, and she could play with or eat my pussy, and she did both. Sophia told them not to cum, and when she had her fill of fucking, she wanted them to suck each other off without wiping their cocks off from anal sex. They started sucking each other’s dick on their sides, and Sophia laid down behind Greg and licked his asshole. Now I was thinking, shit (and yes, shit too), that Sophia has a kink like Natalie’s pee and cum fetish but with, that’s right, shit. So, I licked Sophia’s asshole and pussy as she fingered herself, and she watched them suck each other off and swallow each other’s cum while she licked Greg’s ass. Then Sophia got off and kept rubbing her pussy, and she was telling me, make them kiss…make them kiss, and they heard her, and they started French kissing each other and Sophia just orgasmed in pleasure.

We all got in Ken’s big shower and they washed again, and we did too. Sophia watched them wash each other and fingered herself into another orgasm when they took turns sucking each other’s dick. Ken eats my pussy on occasion because I let him, not that I want it because I don’t like the feel of his beard. But I watched Ken suck Greg’s cock trying to understand Sophia’s kink, and although I had noticed it before, Greg was rubbing Ken’s beard. I think that is why Ken keeps a beard, but he also looks good with a beard, not that I have seen him without one, except in pictures. Maybe Ken’s beard is Greg’s big hairy pussy?

The boys got dressed and went and played video games, and me and Sophia laid back in the bed naked. Sophia started saying, I wish I could get Tony to do that. I said, have you ever tempted him with it? Sophia said, yes, but it grosses him out. She said, that time Tony was here and I fucked Ethan while Tony fucked my ass; when I was with y’all in the shower afterwards, Tony said he saw Ken and Greg sucking Ethan’s cock. That was why he was in the living room when we got out of the shower [see Amy Tale/s – Sexual Fantasy Pt. 2 (Cock DP), for details].

Sophia said, Tony calls them faggots. I said, really. Sophia said, yes, and you should know that Tony has referred to them as fags in front of Ben and Carol, and I don’t know how many others. (I was thinking), Tony might can call them fags, but Tony cannot admit that he knows for sure. Tony is probably spreading rumors to his friends based on me and Clair already having a reputation for being bisexual lesbians. Tony could tell other guys that Ken and Greg are queers too. Tony is fucking up, he may be a sports star in his little pond of competition, but he cannot compete with me. Stick around and I will show you why…

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