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Amy Tale/s – Casino Party

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…there’s my ante, and my panties may be a little wet, I got excited in the bathroom a while ago, but I think that actually makes them more valuable.

I asked Ken more about the sports league since I am talking about it again, and I had some stuff wrong. The league competes in four sports, but bowling and flag football were minor, and the other two were basketball and softball. Softball had the most teams and lasted the longest. They had a casino party after their bowling season, and it was open to the wives and dates, and Ken and Greg wanted us to go. They have another camping trip in spring before softball, and the casino party helps them plan for that too.

It had been almost a month since I heard from Sophia after her and Tony left Ken’s apartment. That was when Sophia got fucked in the ass by Tony while riding Ethan’s big 12” black cock [see Amy Tale/s – Sexual Fantasy Pt. 2 (Cock DP) for details]. Sophia had not contacted me at all during this time. Ken said Tony did not talk about it either. Maybe I should have called Sophia; but after the first week passed, I did not want her to think I was desperate for her. Sophia needed to decide for herself if she wanted to see me.

Me and Clair would have gone to the casino party anyway, but I wanted to go to see Sophia and let her know I was still around. It was cold, and there was snow on the ground, but me and Clair wanted to look sexy, so we bought some short sweater dresses and lace up boots and wore trench coats. We did not get matching dresses or boots, and we wore bras and panties to the party.

They rented some hall for the casino party, and me and Clair looked like we were out for nightlife while the rest of the women were in leggings, or jeans, or something that covered all their flesh. Me and Clair were showing knees and thighs, and cleavage after the coats came off. I guess everybody remembered us from the camping trip, because we received the women glares and the guy stares [see Amy Tale/s – Camping Trip, With a Twist for details]. We ate and the guys played games, and we drank. Me and Clair sat behind a couple of card game tables on some cushion bench couches and kind of watched. They had about five card tables, a roulette wheel, and craps, but hardly anyone played craps.

Most of the women were eating, gossiping, or playing roulette or blackjack. There were some women at other card tables, like Sophia, Carol, and one other girl were in a poker game consisting of 8 people (3 girls, 5 guys). Me and Clair snuggled up to each other on the bench, and some of the single guys tried to talk to us (which was their version of flirting). One single guy was bold, and he asked us if we were in some kind of open relationship with Ken and Greg? I just looked at him and hugged Clair and said, maybe?

A number of them would try and get us to play cards, and I wanted to toy with them. So I said, all I know how to play is strip poker, well, lose at strip poker is what I meant to say. That remark only encouraged them more, and a few of them turned into Pee Wee thinking they could score. We were within ear shot of Sophia and Carol and they heard my strip poker remark, and Carol tuned around and looked at us with disapproval.

Sophia looked depressed, like Tony had spent the last month berating her about what happened, and she was trying to be the good wife again. I guess Sophia had past the requirement of ignoring me, and Tony slipped up and went to the bathroom. Sophia turned and looked at me when Tony left, and she had this, I miss you so much, look all over her face. Their game kind of broke up, and two of the male players dispersed to other games. Carol came over and wanted to know what I did to Sophia? I said, what makes you think I did something to Sophia? Carol said, because Tony won’t allow her to talk to you. I said, well, if Sophia won’t tell you why, I am sure I don’t know either.

I saw Sophia go to the bathroom, and I got up and said, excuse me Carol, and I followed Sophia. I made it in as she was going into a stall, and I push her in and locked the door. I grabbed her and kissed Sophia, and she kissed me back hard, and she was on the verge of tears telling me how much she missed me. I kissed her again and grabbed her hand pulling my dress up, and I stuck her hand in my panties, and she fingered me briefly. I took her hand again, and I moved it to her mouth, and she got the meaning, and she sucked her finger with my pussy juice on it, and we kissed some more. I put her hand back in my panties and she played with my pussy.

The bathroom door opened, and it was Carol, and she figured out we were in a stall together and wanted to know if everything was alright. Sophia said, yes, we are just talking, but it appeared Carol was not going to leave. Clair came in 30 seconds after, and like a good friend she had my back. Clair tried to get Carol to leave, but she wouldn’t. I came out and confronted Carol too. I asked Carol, are you here for Sophia, or because Tony sent you in here? I did not buy Carol’s first answer of it being because she was worried about Sophia, and I eventually got Carol to admit that Tony sent her. I told Carol to go back and tell Tony that me and Sophia are talking. Sophia said, no, that she wanted to go back and not upset Tony. Carol had put 2+2 together, and she knew Sophia and I must be in a lesbian liaison.

Sophia was pleading with Carol not to tell people, that it would ruin her marriage. After much begging, Sophia was content Carol was not going to tell, but I know how much we like to gossip to know that was a lie. I tried to get Sophia to stay, but she feared Tony, and her and Carol left. I was mad and looking at Clair who knew I was mad, and I wanted some payback, so I said, let’s solidify our boy’s membership in this little club of theirs.

Clair and I removed our panties and bras and bounced our tits and ass back out in front of everybody, to garner more support for Ken and Greg; and make sure Tony’s puppets could not vote them out in order to get rid of me (I was working off a hunch). We started at the roulette wheel because few people were standing at that table. It was hard for me because I kept dropping the chips on the floor, and I would have to bend over and pick them up. Clair started having the same problem.

After several times dropping my chips, I noticed that we were the center of attention for some reason. While our dresses conformed around the top of our thighs (unless you intentionally pulled them up and bared your ass), it was probably hard to see our pussy lips when we bent over, but possible. The real view was the front, and our tits in the low cut dresses. No bras made for a great attraction. All of the sudden most of the singles guys wanted to play roulette. Per capita, the single guys (unmarried, divorced) are 60-70% of the group’s members, but a some have dates; but I am sure these guys liked the view of our tits.

The husbands probably liked it too, so Tony will have to come up with something better than me and Clair for why he would want Ken and Greg gone. I need to place a bet, and I reach for the farthest number from me so I can bend over the table, and they can get a good look down my low-cut dress collar. I do this several times until I lose the handful of chips they gave me, and four guys on the other side of the table offer me theirs. Clair is keeping pace with me, and pretty soon, the guys at this party want in our game.

I look at the poker table where Sophia, Carol, Tony and Ben (Carol’s husband) are playing, and there are two empty seats. I tell Clair, come on. Ken walks up as I move because he has figured out from the other guys that apparently, I am flashing my tits, and he tries to get me to stop. I give him a big kiss in front of everyone and say, baby, this one’s for you, now leave me alone. Me and Clair go and sit at the poker table with Sophia’s crowd. They give us some chips to play, but we must wait for the current hand to end.

I guess with the dealer there were actually 9 people at the table, and he was shuffling the cards. I say, so how about it sports’ fans, are you going to chicken out if I play? Besides me and Clair, the other 6 players were couples, so no one answered. They were playing 5-card draw, and you had to have Jacks or better to open (they had to explain it), but you had to ante up before the dealer would deal. I picked up the color chip they said I needed to ante with, and I reached in my purse and took my panties out and threw both into the pot.

I said, there’s my ante, and my panties may be a little wet, I got excited in the bathroom a while ago, but I think that actually makes them more valuable. The other married couple got up and left, and two guys about knocked them down to take their vacant seats. I said, well, I guess they chickened out. Clair was reaching in her purse and looking at me like, do you want me to do it too? I shook my head, no, and she just anted the chip. Carol was giving me the stink eye, but she wasn’t leaving because Sophia wasn’t leaving. Sophia wasn’t leaving because deep down, Tony is a sore loser, and a sucker for competition. Tony knew he could out play me in cards. Dumb ass, I wasn’t playing cards, and he was going to lose.

Tony opened, and I folded because I was pretty sure my cards sucked. Ben (Carol’s husband) won, and he took the chips, but he left my panties on the table. I said, you better take those, you won them, there are guys in here that would pay you money for those. We had gathered some spectators, mostly the single guys like Eric and Troy (Troy asked me about my open relationship earlier), but women too, like Courtney (Eric’s date). Some of the guys were saying, I will buy your panties. Ben was looking at Carol, and she was looking at him like, you better not touch those panties. I said, you don’t want my panties, then here is my ante for the next hand, and I dropped the chip on my panties.

Tony won the next hand, and he took the chips and left the panties. I looked at him, and then at Sophia, and I said, he won my panties, you should get them for him. Sophia smiled for the first time tonight, and she reached out and took my panties and set them beside Tony’s chips. Tony looked fucking mad, but it was like Sophia was rubbing his face in it. The only thing that would have made it better is if Sophia smelled my panties when she picked them up (and I thought about just writing that she did, but I wanted to keep it real). I looked at Clair with a nod, and she threw her panties into the pot. I said, these are my girlfriend’s panties, and they were recently removed too, so there is a good chance they have value beyond fabric, and I threw my chip on top of them.

Tony won again, but he was losing, and he knew it. Tony did not take Clair’s panties either, and I did not even have to say anything, and Sophia took them and set them on top of mine next to Tony’s chips. Sophia had the happiest look on her face. She had been depressed all night, but she was enjoying this. Sophia realized that Tony was trying to stay macho in front of the guys, so there was no way he was going to fuss at her for taking the panties.

Carol and her husband left the table, and two more guys sat down. I lost my bra to one of the other guys, and Clair lost her bra to the same guy. I set my boot up on the table flashing my hairy pussy at Tony, Sophia, and about 5 people standing behind him including Troy, Eric, and Courtney. I started to unlace my boot, and Tony got up taking Sophia by the hand and left the table. I stopped and tied my boot back, and I stood up and said, I win.

The other guys that had sat down (even the new guys that sat in Tony and Sophia’s seat after they left), were saying, no, that is not how you win at poker. I said, when me and my girlfriend sat down there were 6 other players, and they all forfeited, I win, that is how I gamble. I grabbed mine and Clair’s panties, because the guy that won our bras was guarding them. I walked over to Sophia and I gave them to her and said, here are your winnings. Tony tried to grab them (I guess the intent was to throw them down or back at me), but Sophia put them in her pocket.

It was getting late and most of the married couples left (because of me and Clair) and Tony and Sophia left. Ken and Greg were getting commended by the single guys, and me and Clair sat back on the benches and rubbed each other’s thighs and flashed our pussies. Ken and Greg decided they better get us out of here before we get raped, or fuck all the single guys. They fussed in the car, but I told them we did that for them, because Tony was conspiring with the married couples to have them thrown out of their little club. Sophia decided she was tired of listening to Tony and called me the next day.

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