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Amy Tale/s – Camping Trip, With a Twist

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I said, Tony, Tony, I bet I can make Tony stare at me and piss his wife off. Ken said, don’t fuck with Tony. I said, ooh, I won’t break your man crush

Ken and Greg are in some sort of sports league, and they are in good shape, and have a muscular build but not bulky. They invited me and Clair on their annual camping trip the league takes before they start basketball season. There are couples that come (married and not married), and single guys too. Ken and Greg took us shopping beforehand to make sure we were properly geared with footwear and clothing, and a week later we were driving to a campground. Me and Clair are in the back seat of Greg’s big SUV talking and listening to them. They were stoked to go this year because they had dates (us), and they usually go as singles.

The boys were talking about some guy in their league named Tony. Apparently, Tony is good at sports, and Tony does everything right, and Tony has a beautiful wife, and on and on about Tony. They seemed to be crushing on Tony (which is what I said to them). They laughed and said, wait until you see Tony, and you will crush too. We get there and no fucking shit, Tony is what I call tall dark and handsome when referring to a white guy. He was like 6’ 3” and he looked like that quarterback, Tom Brady. We met his wife, Sophia, and she was a beautiful blonde with an athletic build and probably 5’ 11” or more in height. She looked like a professional female tennis player. They were a power couple.

It was a long two-hour drive, and we arrived a couple of hours before dark. Everyone had tents, and they were mainly big tents like 6-8 people size. We ate food they grilled and had a campfire, and some people drank beer or wine cooler type drinks, and yada, yada, we went to bed. In the morning, we ate, and some girls canoed around the lake, walked trials, or played tennis. The guys played and talked basketball, and after lunch we went on a hike up a small mountain. All of the guys took off up the mountain like it was a race, and Sophia and one other really fit chick took off behind them. About 6 of us girls stayed in a pack and took our time. The rest of the women stayed at the campsite, and prepared food and kept camp.

After about an hour and a half the guys were on their way back down and we turned around and followed but I wasn’t going to run, and they disappeared. Fifteen minutes after that Sophia and the other girl passed us and they disappeared too. When we got back me and Clair were tired, and we went to the bathhouse to shower, and we took a long one. Now these were open showers, and it was just me and Clair. We started washing and we were standing at one shower pole cluster which had four heads around it. Although we had two of the showers going, we were washing and massaging each other at one shower. I was used to showering with Clair, and Janet, Emma, Sherry, Natalie, and maybe more; so to be honest, I was not even thinking about what we were doing. Also, we were aching, and it felt good when Clair massaged me with hot water running on me, and I am sure it felt good to her when I massaged her.

Sophie and Carol (the other fit girl) came in and stood at another pole cluster and began to shower. When they came in Clair was massaging my shoulders, and I glanced at them and they had a weird look on their face. I turned and washed and checked them out. They were some fit girls (athletic build), and both had hair on their pussies, and their breasts were not as big as ours but nice. They were talking softly and would look at us. I wanted to fuck with their heads, no shit, I wanted to fuck with these uppity bitches. They thought they were so much better than us, tackling that hill like an Olympic event. I lathered up my hands and reached under Clair’s ass to her pussy and I washed it. I could hear their soft talk get louder, but I did not look at them.

Clair picked up on what I was doing, and she turned so we were facing, and we began to lather each other and rubbing our breasts together; washing and rubbing each other’s pussy. I know it was sexy as hell, we could have sold tickets. We continued, even kissing each other a few times, and the other two girls left. Me and Clair were laughing, and when we knew they were gone, we left the shower area. We lotioned our bodies and dried our hair, dressed in some jogging pants, shirts, and hoodies, and went back to the campsite. We went in our tent with our stuff, and Ken came in and said, what did you do at the bathhouse? I said, nothing, me and Clair washed each other because those other girls would not quit staring at us. Ken was like, damn, they were telling Tony you two are lesbians. I said, fuck um! If nothing else those guys will be jealous of you, and I don’t care what their wives say.

Ken laughed, and said, the other guys were asking about you two in a way that was hot. Ken said, don’t piss these people off, especially Tony. I said, Tony, Tony, I bet I can make Tony stare at me and piss his wife off. Ken said, don’t fuck with Tony. I said, oohh, I won’t break your man crush. We went back out of the tent. We ate, we drank, we sat around the fire and everyone talked. It was getting late and most of the couples went to bed, with the exception of Tony and Sophia, and Carol and her husband, and one or two other couples, and a handful of single guys. Now Sophia and Carol were sitting next to each other with their husbands on their sides. I was sitting next to Clair with Ken and Greg on our sides.

Sophia and Carol had been leaning into each other most of the night talking and looking at us. Me and Clair were talking to each other and with the guys randomly. I snuggled up to Clair like I was cold and was holding her. We were across the fire from Sophia, so they were looking dead on at us. I ran my hand up Clair’s shirt and started rubbing her tits, and I was eyeballing Sophia. Clair started rubbing my thigh over my jogging pants. The other couples went to bed, and the singles guys that were still there, were watching me and Clair. Ken noticed stares in our direction, and he leaned in and said, what are you doing? I said, I am cold. Ken did not buy it, and Sophia and Carol were giving us the stink eye. Ken gave up on trying to get me to stop.

It got to the point that Tony and Carol’s husband were watching us too. After I allowed Tony to get a good picture of me rubbing Clair’s tits for a while, I leaned in and nibbled Clair’s ear lobe and whispered, let’s go to the tent. I took Clair by the hand, and we got up holding hands, and left. Me and Clair undressed, and with the lighting, it was probably possible to make out our silhouettes, and we were standing naked, and we embraced and kissed, and we got into one sleeping bag together, because it was cold. No sooner did we get into the bag that Ken and Greg came in and were whisper fussing. I said in a normal voice, you need your sleep darling to keep up with Tony, and me and Clair laughed. Clair and I knew we could play a game that Sophia could not beat us at, and unless Ken could get Tony to enter a cock sucking contest, he was going to remain a loser to Tony. Then me and Clair made each other moan fingering the other’s pussy and sucking tits, not to loud, but if you got close enough to our tent, you could probably hear it.

There were activities in the morning, and we ate lunch and broke everything down. The single guys were real nice to me and Clair, and would hardly let us do anything (so we mostly sat and watched). They were all but high fiving Ken and Greg. Tony was real cordial to us as well, to the place Sophia was injecting herself into the playing field to keep Tony focused. Clair and I were making an effort to attract Tony’s attention. When we would get Tony’s attention, we made sure to bat our eyes and twist our hair and shake our legs. I had to listen to Ken fuss and Greg laugh all the way home. They were both worried about Tony trying to get them kicked out of the sports league. It could happen with a majority vote of the members. I said, there is no way all those single guys are going to agree to kick you two out after what they saw. They worried, but I told them to forget about it.

The guys practiced about three nights a week for basketball season. The Friday before their first game, Tony and Sophia came by to give Ken some kind of fancy magnetized season schedule because it was finalized, and they left Greg’s there too. I had already showered and was in a nightie, no panties. They were in the living room, and I walked from the hallway like I was unaware anyone was there, and into the kitchen and grabbed a wine cooler. Tony said, hey Amy, and I turned on my way back to the hallway and canted my knee over the other and said, oh…hey Tony…and Sophia, right? She said, that’s right, looking at me dressed the way I was with a disapproving gaze. Tony asked, are you coming to the game tomorrow? And Sophia rolls her eyes at him, but he does not see her because he is staring at me. I say, not tomorrow, I have plans, maybe next time.

Tony said he would like for us to come cheer them on, and that having people attend is good for moral. I raise my hand up the back of my head rubbing in my hair. This has the dual effect of making my breasts move, and it lifts my nightie high on my thigh, just short of showing my pussy, and I say, maybe next time Tony. Sophia begins pulling at Tony’s arm and reminding him they need to drop off the rest of the schedules. They leave and Ken fusses at me, and I tell Ken, don’t worry about it, pretty soon you will be the captain of the team. They played there first game on Saturday and they won, and I make my plans for the next game, so check out Amy Tale/s – Basket Balls?, for the outcome.

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