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Amy Tale/s – Breakfast with Tiffany

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Tiffany had pussy juice running down both legs, and I mean a lot. Janet ran to the closest bathroom and grabbed a towel, and we started drying it up.

Janet practically met me at Ken’s apartment one Friday after I got off work. She was excited. She had placed an order for some takeout, and it would be there shortly. I asked what she ordered, and she said it was sub sandwiches. I said, how in the hell are you excited by sub sandwiches, I have never seen you eat that kind of takeout? Janet said, you will see. The doorbell rings, Janet opens and tells the delivery person to come in while she gets her purse. I found out why Janet was excited, I think.

Janet had requested a certain delivery person. Janet saw this person earlier in the day delivering food somewhere, and she found out where they worked. At my door was this 4’ 10” tiny little tomboy wearing a knit collar company shirt and slacks. She was wearing a ball cap with a short ponytail pulled through the hole of the cap (brunette hair). She was kind of cute, but just so tiny. Janet knew her name was Tiffany, and Janet asked how old she was, and Tiffany said she was 18, and a senior in high school. Janet made other inquiries and pressed upon this tiny little girl. Tiffany admitted she was a virgin. Janet loves virgin anything, so when Tiffany said that Janet almost had a spontaneous orgasm.

Janet had this, I just found a new toy, look written all over her face. Janet asked Tiffany what time she got off work, and she said 8pm. Janet said, I am going to tip you right now for the delivery, and Janet gave Tiffany $100, and she was like, oh wow! Janet said, if you come back after you get off work and bring us aaaaa…6-pack of canned cokes, I will give you $500. Tiffany said, for real? Janet asked Tiffany, can you spend the night? After reassuring Tiffany that Janet only wanted to doll her up and play with her because Janet thought she was so cute; Tiffany said, well, I am 18, and it is not a school night, so I can just tell my parents I am staying with a friend.

Janet said, make sure you go by your house and get clothes and stuff for an overnight, because nothing we have here is going to fit you sweety. Janet kept asking Tiffany, you will come, right? Tiffany kept saying, for $500, you bet. Tiffany showed up after 8:30pm carrying a six pack of cokes and a duffel bag and still in her work uniform. Janet paid her $500.

Janet pounced on Tiffany, and she was carrying Tiffany around and kissing on her, and the poor little tomboy started to think she was being raped. Janet calmed down and explained to Tiffany that she wanted to make a woman out of her. Tiffany was like, yeah, what do you mean? Janet just leaned into Tiffany and kissed her. It took Janet about five tries, but the little girl started kissing back. They were on the couch and Janet wanted me to sit too. We had Tiffany sandwiched in between us predators, and Janet started getting handsy with Tiffany’s top.

I want to provide some background on Tiffany. Her parents are lower middle class and she had two older brothers and an older sister, who probably picked on Tiffany her whole life. Tiffany had it hard in school because she just did not develop like the other girls, and probably got picked on for that too. Tiffany had become sort of a tomboy, probably playing around her brothers and their friends, and this morphed into school associations too. Tiffany had a little used car her parents help her get recently, and she was now working part-time to pay for it. It almost made you cry to think about how self-conscious Tiffany was about herself and her small stature and features.

Janet could see the diamond in the rough in Tiffany, and Janet had already removed the hat, and she was working on the shirt; and the poor little girl was trying to keep Janet from doing it (I think out of embarrassment of her small features). Janet kissed her some more, and Tiffany relaxed, and Janet got Tiffany’s shirt off. She had this small bra on, and when it was removed, she had these little titties. I would say somewhat smaller than a tennis ball in size. They were so cute, and Janet was kissing them and sucking her tiny nipples. and I joined in on the other titty.

Tiffany was trembling in excitement. She had only had one guy try and feel her up, and because of her insecurities about herself, she made him stop. Janet made Tiffany stand and she removed her shoes and socks and then took her slacks off, and then her panties. Tiffany had such a cute little shape and almost a peach fuzz black hairy area on her pussy (Tiffany had more hip and ass and a sweet curve than appeared when she was dressed). We were brushing our hands on her soft little pussy hair, and I said, shit Janet, we need a towel. Tiffany had pussy juice running down both legs, and I mean a lot. Janet ran to the closest bathroom and grabbed a towel, and we started drying it up. Janet said, do you need some water sweety, you are not going to dehydrate on us are you?

We got Tiffany a bottle of water anyway. We took Tiffany to the shower and we got naked and washed and played with Tiffany until she relaxed. Janet was all over this little girl, but Tiffany loved it. We dried her hair and got her on some towels in the bed, and we kissed all over her precious little body. We sucked and licked her tiny titties, feet, toes, legs, precious thighs, hips, round cute little ass, I could go on. I went down on that little pussy and got her off so easy (and it was her first time). Hell, you could have almost set Tiffany’s whole ass on Less Than Beautiful’s pussy.

Tiffany really got into it, and she showed a lot of timidity, but after several nervous attempts, she ate my pussy. We went back and forth for hours, and one of my favorite things was having Tiffany eat me in a 69 with her on top. You could just wrap her up in your arms and eat her little pussy. Me and Janet slept with Tiffany in between us in the bed (all of us naked).

Tiffany was a little intimidated at first, but she became our little pussy eater. Once she figured it out, she was hooked. Tiffany said she had gone on a few dates with guys but was always scared to let them get further than kissing. I told her, with your frame, a 6” cock may make you bleed. Tiffany said, well, I don’t even know if I like guys anymore now, after last night. We made Tiffany breakfast (and us too), and we ate together.

We washed and dried Tiffany’s uniform because she had to go to work at 11am. After we initially got Tiffany naked last night, we would not allow her to put anything else on until she needed to go to work. Tiffany was probably real self-conscious of her tiny frame and attributes around other girls, and I already mentioned the bullying. We assured Tiffany those days were behind her, and if she ever needed anything to let us know.

Tiffany got off work Saturday at 6pm and came back to stay overnight again. Janet decided to stay again too. Ken and Greg were here (Ken stayed at Greg’s last night). Janet made Greg lay in the bed naked and showed Tiffany Greg’s 9” cock. Janet told Tiffany to rub it and she did. Tiffany played with Greg’s cock, and he was hard as shit excited, to the point I thought he was going to pop a vessel. Tiffany wanted to suck Greg’s cock, and Janet told her to go ahead. Greg has a nice cock to suck, I even like sucking his cock.

Tiffany did not take long, and she was sucking the hell out of Greg (Tiffany had no gag reflex). It must have felt real good because Greg started saying, I am going to cum, and Janet stopped Tiffany. Janet put a condom on Greg and asked if Tiffany wanted to pop her cherry on Greg’s dick, and she said, yes.

Tiffany got her small frame over Greg on one foot and a knee, and she guided the first inch of Greg’s cock into her little pussy, and she let out the cutest squeal. Tiffany did not bleed, probably because she used tampons. Tiffany got to about 4” of Greg’s cock in her little pussy and I wanted to record her noises. She laid down on Greg, and she worked up and down on his dick. I would say she eventually took about 7” of Greg’s 9” cock, and Greg got off. Most likely from Tiffany’s noises and tight pussy.

Tiffany lifted up and Greg’s cock fell to his stomach and she rested her pussy back on his dick rubbing it, and Greg rubbed her tight little ass. We made Greg kiss her by motioning to him in silence and he did. Tiffany was crushing on Greg. I will continue this in Amy Tale/s – Tiffany’s Epilogue…

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