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Amy Tale/s – Boyfriend’s Girlfriend’s Girlfriend?

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Ken says to me, you get more woman than me and Greg combined, and hotter women. I say, Courtney is a fine bitch, and she wants to be my bitch.

I will probably end up summarizing the fallout from Tony leaving Ken’s apartment. I teased Tony trying to get him to suck Eric’s thick 10” uncircumcised white cock, and that is the reason Tony left. Sophia stayed and fucked Eric, and Troy fucked her ass. This tale is about 2 weeks after. Ken, Greg, Tony, Eric, and Troy are all in the same sports league. Apparently, Eric and Troy bragged about fucking Sophia to the other members [see Amy Tale/s – Saturday Video Game/s, for more detail]. When guys brag, it only takes one of the audiophiles to repeat it to a wife or girlfriend, and then everyone knows.

I got home from work two Fridays after, set my stuff down, and the doorbell rang. I already know it is not a friend, because my friends know I hate Ken’s loud ass doorbell and they knock. I open the door and recognize the person, and I say, Courtney? What are you doing here, and she comes in? I met Courtney at the casino party, and I saw her again on the spring camping trip. Courtney is dating Eric, and long story short, she found out about Eric fucking us (me and Sophia), and is kind of acting pissed. Eric and Troy’s fucking story included me in the mix, or the repeating of it grew into me and Sophia both getting fucked by Eric and Troy (but I did not fuck either of them, I only touched Eric’s dick with my hand).

I tell Courtney, I don’t gossip, and I did not fuck her boyfriend, so whoever told her that is lying. Courtney is not taking my answer as the truth and she says, aren’t you like the Queen bee lesbian and fuck slut in this league? In fairness to Courtney’s accusation, she is somewhat right when you consider the shower episodes from the two camping trips, the casino party, the basketball games, and probably more, but I did not have to listen to her. So I said, maybe you should leave and confront your boyfriend or get a new one.

Courtney grabs me by my upper arms and slams my back against the front door, and she kisses the shit out of me, and she runs her hand up my skirt and rubs my pussy through my panties. I push her off and say, Stop! Courtney falls prostate at my feet and grabs my ankles and starts kissing my lower legs and calves, and she says, I want you Amy, and I will do anything you say. I say, then stop. I am confused, and I walk into the kitchen and get a wine cooler, and Courtney follows me trying to rub my back and put her arms around my neck. I push her away again and say, would you calm down. I go sit on the couch hoping to talk and figure this out, and Courtney sits on the floor at my feet and takes my shoes off. She begins rubbing my toes, feet, ankles, and legs, and kissing them.

I take a few more sips of my wine cooler and say, you are not going to stop, are you? Courtney says, no, I want you. I say, what about Eric? Courtney says, we are still dating, but when I first heard you were a lesbian (at the casino party), I wanted you. And after hearing about what Eric did, I used that as an excuse to find out where you lived. Courtney continued to kiss on my toes, feet, and legs, and rubbing them while she explained. [Personally, I am sexed to death. Janet keeps it interesting, and if I want cock, there is no one who can fuck me like Ethan with his 12” big black cock. If I want to suck a dick, there is no dick that looks as good as Greg’s 9” cock. If I really want a good ass fucking, Ken is perfect. If I want pussy, I have Janet, Clair, Emma, Sophia, Tiffany, Sherry, Natalie, with many more encounters with other girls, and girls that even seem to be guys. I did not need any more sex friends].

I was bored with the usual laissez-faire attitudes from my current sex friends, which is why I was always stirring up things like with Tony and Sophia, or fucking in the men’s shower for an audience, flashing my pussy, and so on. I put my foot against Courtney’s head, and I pushed her back. This bitch went right back to worshipping my feet. I stood up, and Courtney held me by my ankles and kissed my feet. I took another drink and sat my wine cooler down. I grabbed the bitch by the hair and dragged her as she backed her way down the hallway trying to keep up with me to my bathroom. I pushed my hand against the wall still holding her up by her hair. I bit and sucked a big hickey on the side of her neck, and I let her go and she barely squealed from the pain of having her hair pulled or me biting and sucking her neck.

I said, undress me, and Courtney did it, but she started rubbing my tits and ass and my pussy, and I said, stop. Courtney stopped, and I said, take your clothes off, and she did. I am going to describe Courtney because she is beyond hot. Courtney is 24 years old. Courtney is about 5’ 4” in height and has brown straight hair down to her breasts which are big, 36dd, and very nice with beautiful pink nipples and areola. She is pretty, kind of a typical American Midwest beauty. Courtney’s waist is probably around 24” and she has 36” to 38” hips and a nice ass giving her an hourglass figure. Her thighs curve into her hips nicely, and they are ample and soft. Courtney has bigger calves than me and lovely feet and toes. Courtney was built to fuck, and she is very fuckable. She sort of looks like a brunette version of Sherry without the curls in her hair (but they both have nice creases). Courtney’s defining attraction, is her pussy. Courtney has a nice soft black hairy pussy, even hair down the sides of her pussy lips (she does not shave it). It looks remarkable, and because Courtney has that gap between her ample thighs, it makes her pussy totally visible, which also gives her a perky ass. I want to fuck this bitch, but at the same time, I want more than just fucking.

I reach into the cabinet for both douches and turn the shower on. I made Courtney wash and douche my pussy and ass and she used the other halves on herself. I made her get out and dry me. I lie on the bed naked and Courtney tries to molest me again. I make her lay at my feet and she kisses my toes as use them to play with her sexy lips. Ken enters and sees another naked girl and starts to leave, and I tell him to shower. Ken comes out with a towel around him and says, fuck, that’s Courtney, hey Courtney. She looks back to speak and I say, shut up Courtney, and she does not reply. Ken says to me, you get more woman than me and Greg combined, and hotter women. I say, Courtney is a fine bitch, and she wants to be my bitch. Take your towel off and walk to the edge of the bed. I push Courtney’s head so she can see Ken’s cock, and it’s not hard. I say, Courtney, suck his cock until he cums in your mouth. Courtney does it and swallows.

I tell Ken to hand me the lotion and go order us some food. I make Courtney rub lotion all over my body until the food arrives. I make Courtney put a nightie on me (but she is naked), and I take her hand and lead her to the table. I make her do everything while I just sit and admire her young hot body. Ken and I were going out to eat, and probably come back and watch a movie or something, so we just skipped to the movie. Ken sits at one end of the couch and I lean against him and make Courtney get on the couch at my feet still naked. Courtney kisses my toes, feet, and my legs and I pull my nightie up and tell her to kiss my thighs. Courtney tries to get ahead of herself, and she kisses her way into my pussy, and I push her head away. I say to Courtney, you said you would do what I wanted, and I want you to kiss my thighs. Courtney goes back to kissing my thighs.

I tell Courtney to stop and sit back on the couch, so I can see her pussy and tits. I ask Ken, does that pussy look good or what? Ken says, Courtney is hot as hell, does Eric know she is here? I ask, and Courtney says, no. I fan my toes across Courtney’s hairy pussy and across the hair next to her pussy lips and push my toes into her swollen pussy lips and she is so wet. I tell Courtney to go get a towel to sit on. I continue to play in her pussy with my toes. I tell Ken to eat Courtney’s pussy, and I finger myself. I get off, but Ken was still licking her pussy and I tell Courtney to help by fingering herself and to get off, and she does. I tell Courtney to lay her head on my thigh and she is facing my pussy (she can see and smell it but no touching) and I rub her hair while me and Ken watch a movie. When it is done, it is 9:30pm.

I tell Ken to come to bed and I lead Courtney by the hand, and I lay down naked and tell Courtney to kiss my feet again. Ken undresses and he lays down beside me, and we watch Courtney. I tell Courtney to lick and kiss my thighs as I spread and lift my knees up. I tell her to kiss my pussy. I ask Courtney if she is on contraceptives and she says, yes. I tell her to eat my pussy and make me orgasm. I tell Ken to fuck her ass and he gets the lube and begins without a condom. After about five minutes of hearing Courtney’s sexy noises, I tell Ken to fuck her pussy and cum in it. Courtney is a pretty good pussy eater, but I reach down and pace her head to the sway of my hips, and I watch her eat my pussy and I rub my breasts.

I begin to see the tell-tale signs of Ken getting faster and respiring more, and I know he is going to cum, and I focus on my own orgasm. Ken shoots and scores deep in Courtney’s beautiful hairy pussy, and I orgasm 10 seconds later. I tell Courtney to take Ken to the shower and wash him off and to make sure she douches good. Ken comes back and I tell him that his friends Eric and Troy are telling the guys that they fucked me (Ken knows they only fucked Sophia). I tell Ken that he is not to say anything about it, and to not tell anybody he fucked Courtney. Courtney returns and we all sleep naked, with Courtney in between us with her back to me, and I pet her lovely hairy pussy until I fall asleep.

Janet lets herself in and wakes us in the morning by pulling the covers off, and Janet is excited by Courtney and gets handsy with her. I make Janet leave Courtney alone saying, she is my pet, and I tell Courtney to get dressed and find her phone and come back. I give Courtney my phone number and tell her to call me tomorrow, and to go home. Janet is mad at me because she wants me to spend the night with her, and after seeing Courtney, she wanted her to come too. I told Janet that Courtney is mine to corrupt, and that I want to have my fun first. Janet calms down and I got ready to go to Janet’s for an overnight.

I don’t think I am going to write about Sophia’s ordeal with Tony, but they separated and were awaiting a divorce. Sophia eventually got the house and a sizable chunk of Tony’s savings (she got about half of everything and the house was figured into her half – Tony had a lot of savings). During the next year, Sophia will still be in the separation phase for many of my tales, but she went back to work in the fall as a high school teacher. The fact that she had the house is significant for future tales. The guys were playing softball this Saturday morning, and I called Sophia to let her know about Janet’s sleepover, so this tale will continue in Amy Tale/s – Slumber Party.

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