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Amy Tale/s – Allure

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I feel her wetness on my breasts; I am so turned on because Tiffany is shaking, and I want to grab her cute little ass and eat her soaking wet pussy

It was a Saturday night around 7pm. The boys were playing video games after they finished eating some takeout we ordered. Janet and I are sitting at opposite ends of the table in nighties and eating real slow and looking at each other, and we wanted to play. Sherry was sitting with us and eating too [for a bio on Sherry see Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 3 (Sherry Surprise)]. We knew Tiffany was coming when she got off work at 8pm [for a bio on Tiffany see Amy Tale/s – Tiffany’s Epilogue]. Tiffany and Sherry have never met. This is about a month after we met Tiffany.

Janet and I are feeling playful, and although we have not said as much, the way we are staring at each other says it all. Janet says, your surprise is here tonight baby. I say, um, Sherry surprise sounds good tonight, and your baby doll will be here soon too. Sherry starts looking at us funny because she has been in this position before, and she sees us eating slow and staring at each other. A game has started to amuse one another with our antics. Janet says, what do you want to do tonight baby? I say, I have about four ideas. Janet takes a sip of a wine cooler and says, four, that is a good number, your surprise has not met my baby doll, your think she will be able to contain herself, your surprise got surprised last time we played like this game?

I take a sip of my wine cooler, staring at Janet, and I say, maybe your baby doll cannot contain herself when she sees my surprise? [Sherry knows better than to speak, but we see her curious arousal out of the corners of our eyes, as Sherry wonders about Tiffany]. Janet says, I guess we will have to find out baby. [We are finished eating]. I say, I need to pee baby. Janet says, do you want me to help you? I say, would you please? I get up and walk slowly over to Janet and take her hand, and we put our arms around each other, and we go to the bathroom. Janet holds my nightie up as I sit, and she kisses on my neck and nibbles my ear. I finish and she wipes my pussy, and she pees, wipes, and flushes. Janet cleans us with wet wipes, and we take care of oral hygiene.

We walk holding each other back to the table and sit, and we resume our staring contest and drink some of our wine coolers. We watch each other waiting on the players to assemble, and time passes, and there is a knock on the door. I say, Sherry surprise, can you let Tiffany in? They introduce themselves at the door, and Tiffany approaches the table and Janet says, get something to eat baby doll. Tiffany sits and eats and starts to talk, and Sherry motions at Tiffany to be quiet and watch. Tiffany eats and watches, and me and Janet stare at each other, and wait until Tiffany finishes. Janet says, go take a shower baby doll and put something on before you come back. We stare and wait another 15 minutes and Tiffany returns and sits and does not say a word.

I get up and walk over to Janet and lift my nightie, and I straddle her lap and sit facing her, and we embrace and kiss. I say, you ready to play baby? Janet says, are you ready to play baby? I stand and take Janet by the hand and I say, come on surprise. Janet says, come on baby doll, and Sherry and Tiffany follow us to the bedroom. Me and Janet undress each other and grab some pillows and interlock our legs so our pussies are touching, and we rub each other’s lips with our toes as we lay on one side of the bed. Janet says, what do you want to do first baby? I tilt my head back and look at Sherry and Tiffany and I say, you two come around to this side of the bed where we can see you. I say, baby doll, undress my surprise. Sherry is naked now, and facing Tiffany with her gorgeous strawberry blond hair, darling cute face, beautiful busty white breasts with bright red nipples, sexy soft brown hairy pussy, against her picturesque curves and creases. I look at Janet and she knows it is her move.

Janet asks, baby doll, what do you think of Amy’s surprise? Tiffany replies, she is fucking beautiful, damn, I want to kiss her tits? Janet says, baby doll, contain yourself. [I sit my foot to the side of Janet, and I lean up and run my finger bottom to top through her wet pussy lips, and I lick my finger. I lay back again, and I return my toes to Janet’s lips and rub]. I stare at Janet and she knows that question did not count as her turn, and she says, surprise, undress my baby doll. [Sherry and Tiffany are both naked standing at the side of our bed facing each other. Tiffany’s 4’ 10” against Sherry’s 5’ 5” height, and Tiffany’s adorable small features against Sherry’s ample curvy features. Tiffany has such a cute face and shoulder length brown hair, tiny titties with lovable pink nipples, small delicate feet and toes, and petite legs that widen in her thighs to her curving little hips and round tight ass. Tiffany’s soft modest black pussy hair that you could pet for hours is inviting. Both girls are to die for, but they are at the opposite of the spectrum in appearance]. It’s my turn.

Surprise, what do you think of Janet’s baby doll? [Sherry turns and looks at me and Janet, but we are looking at each other. Sherry is hesitating not knowing what to say because she is trying to play in our game instead of being the instrument of our amusement]. Sherry says, Tiffany is the cutest girl I have ever seen, and I want to grab her up in my arms. I say, hold your horses surprise. [Janet sets her foot to the side and leans up and rubs her finger up through my wet pussy lips, and she licks her finger and returns to rubbing my lips with her toes. It is still my move]. I say, both of you turn and face us. [I turn my eyes from Janet and look at Sherry and Tiffany. Tiffany has that charming gap in her thighs below her pussy so you can see straight though. I look, and one of Tiffany’s thighs is wet. I run my finger on her wet thigh next to her pussy and lean back and look at Janet, and I lick my finger with Tiffany’s pussy juice, and I lay back down rubbing Janet’s lips with my toe].

Janet says, baby doll, put your left foot on the bed, and surprise, check my baby doll’s icing. [Sherry knows what Janet means, but Tiffany has no idea. Sherry kneels and starts to lick Tiffany’s pussy, and Tiffany is visibly aroused]. I say, that’s enough surprise, kneel beside me on the bed. [I make Janet move toward the middle of the bed to give Sherry room, and I make Sherry kneel at my hips. Janet looks away from me to Sherry’s pussy and sees some wetness, and Janet runs her finger across Sherry’s pussy lips and licks her finger]. Janet says, baby doll, come kneel on our other side. [Tiffany is trembling, noticeably, Sherry’s thighs are trembling. A touch could set them off quickly. Me and Janet are naked in between them, and it would be so easy to get them off right now that I am biting my lip, literally, and looking at Janet as she smiles at me knowing temptation is taking me over. I look at Tiffany again and her faucet is on, both thighs are wet].

I say, baby doll, sit facing Janet on my breasts with your pussy. [Tiffany moves, and I feel her wetness on my breasts; I am so turned on because Tiffany is shaking, and I want to grab her cute little ass and eat her soaking wet pussy, as I let her water bath my tits. I look around Tiffany’s hips at Janet with my head flat on the bed, and Janet sees it in my eyes, I am losing]. Janet says, surprise, sit on my breasts. [I cannot contain myself much longer, and I move my legs under Janet’s thighs, and Janet’s ass is against my pussy, as we lay on our backs with Tiffany sitting on my breasts, and Sherry sitting on Janet’s breasts]. I say, surprise, kiss Janet’s baby doll.

I cannot contain myself any longer as they kiss, and I pull Tiffany’s hips to my face and I lick, suck, and fuck her tight little pussy with my mouth, and she is so wet that I am high. Janet does the same with Sherry, and Sherry and Tiffany lay next to each other on our bodies and kiss and lick on each other’s breasts. Tiffany succumbs in 2 minutes, and because of her size, her tremors and contractions are easily cuddled with her pussy secure to my lips, and I press into her hard and she cascades for about a minute as Sherry orgasms. Janet presses in Sherry too, and Sherry and Tiffany are moaning in ecstasy and holding each other on top of our bodies. We wait for the excitement to settle, and for them to catch their breath and they move. Janet and I both use a towel to wipe our faces and breasts. I turn to Tiffany, and I wipe her pussy and Janet does the same to Sherry. They were both so wet.

Sherry goes down on me for a while, and I do her on our sides, and Janet and Tiffany follow suit. I receive my orgasm, and Janet too. Then me and Janet move back and watch Tiffany and Sherry do each other and admire the contrast in size. After their pleasure, I grab Tiffany and kiss her small titties and roll her into a 69 for some mutual pussy eating and again, Janet and Sherry do the same. It is so arousing to watch Tiffany curl her little toes when she hits her pleasure zone. We continue late into the night and all fall asleep and awake late Sunday morning. There are no favorites when it comes to Sherry and Tiffany; but having both at the same time is a little overwhelming on the senses. I admitted my defeat to Janet, but I told her the girls were about to crack too.

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