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18f Flashed some 16 year olds and ended up giving head at old hs

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I was volunteering at my old hs when I was dared to flash some boys in the locker room

Let’s start here I am currently 19 this happened about a year and a half ago pre quarantine when I was 18. I was volunteering at my old high school after graduation. I was asked to put away some materials in the male p.e office which was connected to the male locker room. It was pretty late and usually they wouldn’t let a girl go into the boys locker room but I guess the teachers didn’t care about regulations they were more eager to get back home. The teacher handed me the keys to the locker room and left me with a box of papers. I carried it to the locker rooms and put it away in the office. I hadn’t realized but it was after sports practice so they were still three boys inside. I was about to leave after locking up but I caught a glimpse of them changing. I tried to pretend I didn’t see and began to walk to the door when one of them being the cocky sophmores they were shouted at me to flash him.

I wasn’t about to give it any thought but then he started insulting me saying I was just a coward for not wanting to do so. I was fed up with his bullshit so I whipped around and walked over to him and his three friends. I pulled up my shirt and pulled down my bra and let them take an eyeful off my c cups. They were speechless after that but I wanted to keep pushing them to see how far they would go. I smiled. “Not so cowardly Am I?”. I could feel their gazes piercing me so I shook my tits a bit and pushed them together with my hands. “Go ahead grab a handful if you have the balls”. I probably shouldn’t have underestimated how horny teens can be because he didn’t hesitate to cup my tits in his hands. His friends followed up and all began feeling up my tits. After one thing lead to another I noticed three hard bulges and wondered if I could take it up a notch. I locked the entrance to the locker room came back and pulled down their thin pe shorts. They were up and ready to go so I got to work on their teen cocks. It took a good half an hour to get them all off using my mouth, hands and tits. I considered letting them fuck me but there is no way I’m fucking a 16 year old without a condom and running the risk of getting knocked up. We stuck to non penetrative stuff and if you could believe it those hormone monsters kept cumming until I had gotten all three of them off at least twice. I finished up about an hour after we started and got dressed. When I left I felt like I did something messed up but it wasn’t exactly the last time I did stuff with kids at that high school. Stay tuned and I might let y’all in on some more stories. Oh and tip try not to suck someone’s dick after they worked out it tastes so damn salty.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker

    I don’t find it hard to believe that 3 boys could get it up post-orgasm in that situation. Also, I happen to like ball sweat, but that’s me. If it’s fresh, stale sweat is still gross, but if they just worked out, and they’re horny, it’s wonderful stuff. To me. To each their own, some girls get used to it.

    • Lara

      I didn’t say that I didn’t like the taste 😉 I was just putting that out as a warning to people

  • Reply Aaa

    Amazing story Lara can’t wait to hear more

  • Reply Daddy dom

    God damn