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The Janus Club (part 7)

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Should a virgins cunt be smothered with goose fat before she is broken in or not,thats the dilema facing Mr.Donkey Dick Regan.

As the lights around the Bull Ring began to dim, a spot light picked out the beautiful naked body of Mrs. Annie Wright being led up the tunnel and into the ring. Her hands tied behind her back she was led slowly around the Bull Ring by one of the huge black Sudanese Egyptian handlers the club used to control it’s members after they had too much to drink and were giving some of Mrs Burton-Collins girls more than a hard time .They also entertain some of the older members who’s days of getting a hard on, or being capable of sex had long gone, but they enjoyed watching a prostitute be fucked by a man with an 8 inch cock.
As her handler walked her slowly around the ring holding on her leash he kept tapping the cane he carried under her chin to ensure she would keep her head up, a further humiliation as she could now see the members and some of their wives she recognised looking at her beautiful naked body .
There were some deep breaths and wwwooowwss and the occasional obscene comments from some of the members as she walked slowly past them and they saw the bright scarlet bruised bottom against the pale white legs and the beautifully arched back of Annie Wright.
Annie stood watching as two men carried a wooden padded bench bench past her , accompanied by the small quartet on the balcony playing Chopin’s Funeral March and set it up in the center of the Ring. Leaving the ring the two men returned carrying a naked James Wright who had been tied hand and foot to a chair which was placed at the end of the bench.
Suddenly out of the darkness the spotlight picked up Mr Michael Regan, dressed in a black cape and accompanied by four naked women from Mrs Burton-Collin’s stable of prostitutes he slowly came into the ring waving and pointing to people he knew in the seats surrounding the Bull Ring.
Lord Ashford turned to his old friend Medway as Regan stood up on the bench, accompanied by cheers and applause from the members. ” My God he said ,I think that poor bitch Annie Wright must feel she in the Coliseum, who does Regan think he is Spartacus the gladiator ” and they both laughed.
The quartet started to play the funeral march again, as a now softly crying Annie Wright was led across the ring, looking at her husband tied to the chair her soft crying turned to big tears and sobs,then begging, as she turned to her handler and offered him money if he let her go ,much to the amusement of the watching members. Told to kneel on the floor by the bench Regan slowly and theatrically began to undo the clasp of his cape before spinning it round his head and throwing it in the direction of Medway and Ashford..
Annie Wrights handler grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards so she was looking up between Regan’s legs , her eyes opened wide in fear as she saw the huge apandige held against Regan’s leg by a black elastic strap, the huge purple head the size of a big plum was only inches from her face and she began to shake, and in the silence she could be heard to be praying.
One of Mrs Burton- Collins girls went behind Regan and cut the elastic holding his cock to his leg, immediately his huge dick sprang to attention, and the women and a few gay men in the audience could be heard squealing, the rest of the members looked on in amazement.
” Kiss my feet bitch” Regan said to Annie Wright,” kiss them and beg me to be nice to you”. Annie Wright shuffled a little and bent her head forward to kiss his feet, those close enough could hear her begging Regan to spare her as she kissed first one foot then the other.
Suddenly a voice shouted out, ” leave her alone you bastard, leave my wife alone you fucking ass hole, I will fucking kill you if you touch her.” Regan turned looking in amazement at the tied up James Wright who was struggling against the ropes that held him helpless in the chair.
” It speaks” said Michael Regan, ” the wimp speaks” he said laughing as he jumped off the bench, his huge cock waving up and down as he landed. Turning to the women that had escorted him into the room he said” get her up ladies,and he slapped the top of the bench while I have a chat to the wimp.
The four women helped a crying Mrs Wright to her feet , one of the women cut the rope holding her hands behind her back, and although she tried to struggle and escape Annie Wright was soon overpowered and was soon laying on her back on the bench tears running down the side of her face and pooling in her ears.
Each wrist and ankle was held tightly by one of the women, ” pull her this way ” said Regan standing by the side of James Wright, ” pull her up here so her head is in her loving husbands lap” he said laughing.
Annies handler soon had the wrists cuffs on her, and her wrists were chained to the legs of the bench, her head resting in her husbands lap.
The members who up until then had mainly been silent burst out in raucous laughter as Annie Wright’s legs began to kick in all directions, trying to turn and escape she made even the the most dismayed wife in the Bull Ring, who knew her husband was a big gambler, and she herself could one day be in Annie’s position could not help smiling .
It didn’t take long before both Annie and her shouting husband got tired, her legs dropped to the side of the bench and she started to calm down, exhausted from all the kicking she had done she laid there her large breast rising and falling as her heart beat began to slow down.
Regan nodded at the two girls who had jumped backed out of the way when they had let go of Mrs Wright’s ankles when she began kicking , they bent down and each took an ankle, he told the other two women to pull Annie up the bench as far as the chains holding her wrists would allow ,so now she was half sitting up with her head against her husbands stomach .
Regan moved in close and took hold of Annie’s breasts, bouncing them up and down with the flat of his hand, the members watched as his cock began to grow from it’s present half limp state to it’s magnificent 10 inch flag pole , but it wasn’t only the length that amazed most of the members watching, it was the girth as well. His cock was about the same size as Mrs Annie Wright’s wrist which made those women watching start to hold their breath , realizing that it would stretch their own pussys to breaking point , it even made a certain Mrs Kaplan close her eyes and she felt her whole body shake with excitement . “UMMM” said Regan ,” nice tits your wife has James, do you play with them often,or are they off limits to you like her cunt.” he said laughing.
Annie Wrights handler came back into the ring carrying two four foot long metal half inch diameter poles which he attached to each side of the table about the area where Annies knees would be when she laid down. “Ladies” he said” pull Mrs Wright down the table please, legs outside of the poles”.
“NNNOOO ,NNNOO “cried Annie Wright as they started to gently pull her off her husbands tummy,
” leave me alone please” she screamed. James Wright began to cry, “leave her alone Sir please Sir leave her alone” he begged , his voice going up an octave until he was screaming in a high pitched tone.
The only answer reaction he got was a laugh from Regan when he heard James Wright call him Sir. “Thats far enough” said Regan to the women ,Annie’s head was resting in her husband lap, he was sitting higher than the end of the table so she could look down her body and see the light brown fur that covered her Mons Pubis. The handler pulled a large leather belt under her back , wrapping it over her stomach he did it up and attached clips to rings on the belt and then clipped them to the rings on each side of the bench.
Annie looked down her body, her legs were open wide each side of the upright poles, for a second she almost laughed because she she thought she looked like a frog . She tried to lift her legs high enough to get them over the top of the poles but it was a fruitless task, she could not even get them a third of the way up the pole no matter how hard she tried.
Michael Regan went behind James Wright , and placed his penis on Wrights head much to the amusement of the members. Wright tried to shake it off,but Regan kept just slapping him with his tool, making almost everyone roar with laughter. Eventually Regan grabbed James Wrights ears and held his head still.
” Doesn’t she look gorgeous laying there “James he said ,” just waiting for me to fuck her, I was thinking just now do you think we should grease her pussy up with goose fat to make it a bit easier for her to take my cock, or perhaps you think the leaving the goose fat in the jar and making her squeal a bit louder would amuse our friends around the ring more, which do you think “?
James didn’t answer so Regan slapped him round the head with his cock before walking away and saying out loud, “then it’s no goose fat for her,” and the members all laughed . “You know “he said out loud and laughing ,” I think to save my poor cock from getting too sore rubbing against those tight dry walls of Mrs Wrights cunny , I think we should at least have some sort of lubrication in here” , and he ran his fingers up the outside of Annie’s lips, ” which is why I have asked my dear friend Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor to loan me her dear friend Mrs. Margie Stanford to help me solve the problem “.
Out of the darkness came a naked Margie Stanford, she had spent the last two hours with Mrs.Taylor and her husband in a room upstairs and just looking at her it was obvious that she had been having a hard time there..
Regan greeted a smiling Mrs Taylor, she kissed Regan on the lips, stepped back and looking at his cock , said ” what the fuck is THAT,” and the members all fell about laughing. Regan looking at Margie Stanford , turned to Elizabeth Taylor and laughed, then said “what the hell have you done to her” . “Oh she is just being silly” said Mrs.Taylor,” she is angry at me because I poured most of a bottle of brandy down her son Samual’s throat, then I rubbed his cock until he was nice and hard and told him to mount his Mommy and fuck her”.
A gasp went up from the members, ” you did what” said Regan and he started to laugh , Elizabeth laughed and said ” poor boy was so drunk and he obviously had not had sex for a while, he couldn’t wait to climb between his Mummys legs and ride her like she was a rented mule “, and everyone in the Bull Room was laughing.
Regan went over to Margie Stanford and took her by the upper arm, he walked to the bench and whispered in her ear, Margie knelt on the bench and opened Annie Wrights cunt lips before lowering her mouth onto her cunt, the slap on her already sore bottom made Margie grunt into Annies cunt, and she immediately started licking the virgin pussy
Regan stood beside Annie, he had his eyes closed as Elizabeth Taylor knelt on the floor greedily sucking his cock. She was having trouble getting much more than the big purple head in her mouth but she sure as hell was trying to get more in her mouth than she could.
It only took ten minutes for Regan to see Annie Wright was moving her head around in her husbands lap, and it was becoming obvious that she was getting very excited , he tapped Elizabeth on the head and pulled his cock out of her mouth, saying ” I think our Margie is doing too good a job on my little virgin, time for me to take over,” and he laughed.

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