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The Janus Club (part 6)

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There is nothing like a good paddling to warm a woman up before she is deflowered, well maybe not for her , but for the watching members it is.

Michael Regan held the paddle above Annie Wrights throbbing bottom, she was standing up on her toes and trying to jump up and down to ease the pain going through her butt cheeks but with her legs spread so wide she found it hard to move.
“Nothing to say “asked Regan tapping her bottom with the paddle. “NNNNOOOO” said Annie Wright sobbing, ” please don’t do it anymore “she sobbed. ” You know your husband was a very naughty man don’t you Annie, he spent all his money on you and he didn’t pay his debts to the nice gentlemen that own this club, do you think maybe we should punish him and not you ” , Regan asked her, smiling at the members seated in front of him. “YES,YES,YES” shouted Annie Wright, “punish him he deserves it, it’s his fault “she shouted between sobs .
Regan closed his eyes and shook his head laughing silently, he tried to put on a staite face and said
” I think your right Annie, he does deserve to be punished, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that ” , and he quickly raised the paddle and bought it down on Annie Wrights bottom, not once but twice in quick succession. SMACK,SMACK.
Annie Wright screamed and tried to move forward to avoid any other strokes that might be coming from Regan’s brutal paddle, but having her wrists chained to the floor all she managed to do was push her head lower through the pipes supporting her weight under her armpits she lifted her feet off the floor kicking her legs into the air as if she was trying to run, stood back on her tippy toes screaming and begging Regan to stop ,but unfortunately for Mrs Wright this only resulted in her raising her brightly red, white and starting to go blue bottom further into the air, making it an even sweeter target for Regan’s paddle.
Unable to resit the site she was displaying for him ,Regan bought the paddle down three times on her bottom, WACK,WACK,WACK Annie Wright screamed and collapsed onto the bars, her legs were involuntary shaking, she was screaming in agony, her body covered in sweat with a puddle of a combination of tears and mucus from her nose pooling on the floor.
Regan walked behind her and went through the pipes, his hand rubbing Annie Wrights shaking bottom. He had been to many events like this, there was always idiot members who went into debt, but he had never seen a more beautiful body than the one he was now looking at, and so innocent ,it almost made him feel guilty thinking about what he was going to do to her a little later.
She was still crying as his hand slid down her bottom and his fingers found her wet virgin cunt., pushing the tip of his finger into her honey pot he was amazed to find how tight she really was,
pushing it in a bit further he felt a huge sob go through her body and she tried to pull away from his exploring finger.
” You know we have to start your spanking all over again don’t you Annie” said Regan laughing, I told you to ask me for another swishing after each stroke of the paddle didn’t I ,and you didn’t say anything did you ? She started wailing again, “no no don’t” she said through her sobs and tears, ” don’t
don’t she said , ” and don’t touch me there” she said as she started to scream “,it’s rude to touch me there” and she started crying and sobbing all over again.
After Mr and Mrs Wright had been removed from the Bull Ring two other women were bought in to be caned, Lord Ashford and Lord Medway went to the bar , they had seen enough spanking for one evening, all they wanted was to watch the main event of Mrs Wright’s deflowering , then each take one of Mrs Burton’s girls to a bedroom and empty their balls into the girls cunts.
By the time they had finished there second drink and eaten a beef sandwich they noticed the members were beginning to head back towards the Bull Ring, Medway laughed,” time to go old man” he said smiling at Lord Ashford, ” take a couple of paper napkins with you,we might need to make ear plugs “he said laughing out loud at his own joke.

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