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The Janus Club (part 5)

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Annie Wright married for a year but still a virgin, is being prepared to loose her virginity to a man who’s cock looks like it belongs on a donkey.

Lord Ashford and Lord Medway walked into the bar to see if they could find Michael Regan,he wasn’t hard to find,surrounded by a group of men, he looked up and saw the smiling Medway and Ashford raising there glasses towards him and silently mouthing cheers.
Regan came over to meet them, ” your popular tonight old man ” Lord Ashford said to him laughing, “giving away 100 pound notes are you ” he asked ? Regan smiled “no” he said ,” it’s just that word got out from dear Mrs Burton, that I might need some of her girls tonight to help me with Annie Wright, I have decided that maybe she should be broken in in the Bull Ring, that seems to be the general consensence of the mob “, he said laughing. Both Ashford and Medway smiled, ” great idea ” said Medway, ” give the crowd what they want stops the rabble from rioting”, and the three all laughed.
Regan moved a little closer to the two men,” I hate her husband ” said Regan, ” Why “said Medway inquisitively ,” I have my reasons ” said Regan softly in a seriously voice, ” when she has performed for the masses she is mine for the rest of the evening, it would seem a shame not to complete the job I am going to start, if you want come up to the room after midnight Mrs Taylor is going to bring old Maggie Stamford along and were going to put the two together, and then just for a bit of fun,I am going to fuck dear Annie Wright in the ass, might as well make do the complete job don’t you think “?
Lord Ashford winced ” OOOHHHH ” he said through clenched teeth, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about that ” he said smiling, as Regan lightly punched his arm, winked and headed off towards the Bull Ring. Ashford looked at Lord Medway and laughed ,” Oh My God, that poor woman would do better to run into the street and get mounted by a horse pulling a hansom cab than what she is going to go through, I never realized Regan disliked young James Wright, I wonder what the hell he did he do to upset him so much” ? ” I don’t know ” said Lord Medway finishing his drink, “come on I don’t want to miss this performance” he said smiling.
Ashford and Medway had only just found there seats when the lights around the Bull Ring began to dim, and the spot light came on to show a naked Annie Wright who was being led into the ring with a collar round her neck and the leash that was attached to it being held by a large black man, her hands tied behind her back she looked at the ground to avoid catching her husband’s eyes . Her husband had been tied naked to a wooden chair that was placed inside the Bull Ring so he would be able to see first hand what was going to happen to his lovely wife.
Several times she was led around the Bull Ring, each time they made the naked Annie Wright stand in front of her bound husband , one of the two men standing beside him would grab his hair forcing his head up so he could see his wife in all her naked glory. The crowd was surprisingly quiet, and a lot of the men had their hands in their pockets, touching the hard cocks that were growing by the second.
Michael Regan entered the ring and went over to the club manager Paul McDouglas, taking an envelope out of his hand, McDouglas opened it took out the piece of paper and then led Regan over to a black cloth covering the apparatus that Annie Wright was going to be on for her spanking. McDouglas pulled the cover off revealing the unparallel bars , two long metal water pipes in the shape of a an upside down U , there bases screwed into the pallet they rested on.
Unlike train tracks which run parallel the pipes that Annie Wright was being led to converged at one end while the other end of the pipes spread out.
Regan took the leash from Annie Wrights handler, and took it off her collar, he slowly backed her onto the narrow end of the pipes, slowly pushing her backwards, as her naked legs rubbing on the smooth outside of the pipes as her feet got wider and wider apart until she felt Regan beginning to pull her collar forcing her head down towards the floor between the narrow end of the pipes.
A scared and frightened Annie Wright could be heard around the room begging Michael Regan to spare her , promising her husband would pay off his debt within the week if he let her go. Regan said nothing to her as Annie Wright’s black handler undid the cuffs behind her back before he put her arms over the pipe and chained her wrists to two rings on the pallet .
The room as as silent as the grave, only the heavy breathing of Annie Wright could be heard by those sitting near her in the front row of the Bull Ring . Regan walked behind the outstretched belly down woman , and ran his finger up her cunt lips.and Annie let out a scream. Some of the watching members were laughing as he did it several more times before taking hold of each of her outer labia lips between his fingers and thumbs of each hand and gently pulling them apart.
Annie Wright let out another scream, and shouted at her husband to come and save her, which made Michael Regan laugh as he shouted out ” yes James ride that chair over here like your a knight in shinning armour and save you wife from the big bad dragon, ME”, and with that he slapped Annie Wrights bottom hard and went and got the paddle she was going to receive the six strokes with from Paul McDougla’s .
Regan came back and stood in front of Annie, “can you hear me Annie” he said, “yes she whisperd, good then this game has rules, there simple ,everytime you get a stroke of the paddle you say thank you master, please can I have another, and if you forget to say that, I will start all over again,until you get it right, do you understand.
She said nothing, her brain was trying to figure out what he was asking her to do,”Annie “said Regan as he lent close to her ear, “do you understand what I said,”, yes she said slowly as she watched his feet move away from her.
“Good “said Regan as he walked and stood by the side of her bottom, lifting the paddle he looked around the room laughing before landing the paddle on the left cheek of Annie Wright. The sound of the paddle echoed around the room before Annie Wright let out a scream that would have woken the dead, and many of the the wives who had come with their husbands to watch the gambling debts get paid closed there eyes and thanked God it was not them that were riding the metal poles.

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