Suprise on my way home

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Student stumbles across school counselors house. And finds her best friend inside.

Dear diary,
Well as you know the school counselor has this year taken an exciting interest in me and a particular interest helping me to explore all aspects pleasure and the many ways he or even another girl (I love this way 🤫) can make me feel good.
So after school today I was walking down Smith Avenue walking towards the shops about halfway down I noticed a blue wagon in the driveway of number 27 an it looked like Mr Peterson’s car I’m a little ashamed to admit but just seeing his car made me wet between the legs.
I stood for a second wondering if this was his house also thinking of his big cock dripping the clear little droplets it does when I have my hand wrapped around it.
I now noticed that my nipples were very hard and my hole very wet. I could feel my clit pulsating so hard it hurt. I stood with my bag in front of me spread my legs just enough to be able to quickly reach under my tiny uniform pull my kickers aside and quickly push my finger into my hole at the same time push down hard on my throbbing clit.
I thought this would curb my sexual tension but all it had done was drive me completely wild with desire. At this point I didn’t really care who’s car it was all I knew was I needed a cock someone’s tongue or even just their fingers to pay good attention to my cunt.
With this thought in mind I blindly walked up to the door with each step closer I got the anticipation grew stronger and stronger within me.
Just as I was about to knock on the door I could hear the cry’s of a female obviously in the midst of an intense orgasm.
As I listened I crept across the porch towards where the sound was coming from an open window about four feet away. At first I didn’t recognise the voice just the pleasure it was omitting listening to this girl coming almost had me coming.
From my position on the porch i could clearly see two female figures through the window, I felt my heart jump into my throat as I recognised the girl laying on the bed as my best friend Julie, now the past few months under the guide of Mr Peterson we have been encouraged to enjoy making each other cum and have both been fucked deep and hard by Mr Peterson whilst each or the other would use our tongues on our clits at the same time but I’ve never heard her cum so intensely before.
Just as it seemed she had finished the woman between her legs had her writhing and screaming again for more as this went on I couldn’t help but to jam two fingers into my hole giving myself a mini orgasm.
Now it would seem the older lady was finished with Julie stood up and proceeded to remove her top skirt and underpants climbing up onto the bed and crouching just above Julie’s face and telling her to eat her cunt.
Eat my filthy cunt she told her at the same time humping at her face with her hips as Julie licked and sucked at her cunt for all she was worth.
Just as I myself was about to reach my second orgasm there was a voice behind me asking if I was enjoying the view. I spun round to find Mr Peterson standing there with a massive erection hanging out the front of his pants. I smiled and said of course but who’s cunt is Julie eating and why wasn’t I invited?
The cunt she is eating as you so eloquently put it is that of my wife sue. She really dose seem to be enjoying it don’t you think.
Not as much as I would I can tell you that.
Your turn will come soon enough he said as he stood there stroking his thick cock about 2 feet from my face.
Now before I take you inside what would you like me to do with this.
You know how to fuck me you know how I like to be fucked so can’t you just take from me what you will and let me get inside to eat that gorgeous looking pussy. With that he just smiled grabbed me by the wrists turned me around bent me over and ramed that massive cock deep inside me with one deep thrust I screamed with pleasure as he bottomed out withdrew and slammed it back into me.
Mr Peterson really knew how to use his cock and he knew how I liked to be fucked he loved slamming his meat into my cunt and down my throat and I loved every second of it…

After a few minutes of this I could feel him about to cum and he pulled out of me and gets me to rub his cock untill he cums. I love feeling his cock swell in my hand as he is about to cum.
When he had finished cuming he would normally eat my cunt untill he was hard and fuck me once more but today he had other plans…
He took me by the hand led me inside into the room where Julie and Mrs Peterson (sue) were and just before we went in he put his finger to his lip implying we should sneek into the room so Julie wouldn’t notice us as we entered the room sue smiled and pointed down at Julie’s open legs and wet cunt so as directed I knelt down at the end of the bed and proceeded to eat my best friends hole.
Seeing this had Mr Petersons cock raging hard again and he moved in behind me and once again had me moaning with pleasure as his cock filled my hole.
By now Julie had noticed her and sue were no longer alone in the room and took a second to take a look as to who had joined them. Oh it’s was all she could manage before sue pushed her hips down once again covering Julie’s face scolding her saying “did I tell you you could stop now eat my cunt make my cunt cum you fucking little whore or you won’t get any of my husband’s cock you girls seem so desperate for”.
Hearing her talk like that had me starting to orgasm over Mr Peterson’s cock as he buried deep within my whomb.
As was Julie she started cuming into my mouth and as she did sue also started but as for sue she pulled away from Julie’s mouth and started furiously fingering herself and when she started coming her cunt began to squirt liquid it squirted onto Julie’s belly and I instintfully started to lick it off it tasted amazing seeing this sue came forward and knelt in front of me so I could taste her pussy first hand.
As I tasted her cunt for the first time Mr Peterson pulled his cock from me and presented it to Julie and she didn’t hesitate but to take him into her mouth and suck his big cock only pausing long enough to comment how she loved the taste of her own cunt on a nice big cock but adored tasting my cunt on a man’s cock because it ment that that same cock was going to soon be plunging from one of our cunts to the other then back again.
The truth was we both loved it when Mr Peterson whould fuck us at the same time Julie who was smaller than me would get on all fours and I would usually straddle her facing the same way while Mr Peterson would first finger and lick us both but then would fuck first my hole then Julie’s for two or three really hard thrusts then slam back into me then we would get into a 69 position and lick each others cunts untill finally we would cum into each other’s mouths.

I hadn’t really noticed but as I was finishing eating Julie sue had gone into the bathroom and when she returned she had a strap-on cock hanging out in front of her.
So who wants it first before I could answer Julie says yes give it to me first please I need a cock inside me.
Ok but be warned your in-for a bit of a suprise my self and Mr Peterson have been planing this for ages and we’re so glad your best friend happened along you’ll have so much to talk about after today is over.
Now I’ll lay on the bed and you sit down on my rubber cock.
I watched in amazement as Julie engulfed that big strap-on in one easy motion moaning with pleasure as she did so. Then she started slowly lifting herself off it and plunge straight back onto it moaning louder and louder with every stroke.
Watching this take place I was getting very eager to ride that big rubber cock myself. I spoke in my cutest voice, ” oh come on Julie when’s it my turn” she turned back and smiled at me and said now if you want this thing will stretch your hole so wide you’re going to love it.
She knew me all to well and knows I love to have my tight cunt stretched especially when it’s being stretched by a fat cock, just the thought of what she said had made my cunt noticeably wetter. And she started to dismount her rubber friend.
Just then words of protest came from behind us words of protest from Mr Peterson, saying you stay right where you are today is a special day today we find out how much of a cock whore you really are..
With that he walked towards Julie with his cock in one hand and a tube of cream in the other. He told her to hold still and he squeezed some of the cream out of the tube an began applying it first to the tip of his cock then he put some on his fingers and proceeded to finger Julie’s tiny little arse.

She squealed a little at first just from the shock then she seemed to be enjoying it immensely.
Mr Peterson then asked if she wanted to be fucked in the arse and in the cunt at the same time. She didn’t have a chance to answer as he slowly pushed the head of his cock just inside her dirty hole.
It was like someone turned on a switch as soon as another inch of that beautiful cock slid inside, Julie started cuming and I mean hard.
Mr Peterson only had half of his meat inside her and she was bucking up and down on the strap-on deep in her cunt.
She started screaming out filthy dirty things. I’ve even to this day never witnessed her using such dirty language. She was possessed by that cock saying fuck my filthy dirty fuck hole fuck me like a dirty cunt and cock whore oh my god my cunt my ass is so full of cock I’m I’m cuming fuck I’m cuming again.
YES USE MY HOLES FUCK MY HOLES. Come and find me no matter if I’m at work at school or home sleeping come find me and fuck my fucking dirty wet holes please I need more and more I need cock I need you to keep fucking me.
By then Mr Peterson’s cock was buried as deep as he could go he slid about halfway out and drove it home and started cuming, cuming deep within her arse, with that Julie lost her mind and she arched her back and was screaming in the most sexyest voice I ever heard.
That was her first orgasm that day she said she came about ten times but the whole experience was a giant blur. All she remembers so vividly is Mr Peterson’s cock swelling inside her just before he came for some reason that had sent her over the edge
Tomorrow night is my turn. So untill then my dear diary untill then. P.S I can’t wait Xx

©Sfitzsouth Oz 2021.. A.R.R©

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