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Riley’s Quest for Attention

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12 year old Riley turns to the internet to get the attention she lacks in life. She soon finds out that you can’t trust people online.

“Disclaimer, this is a work of fiction. I do not advocate for any of the actions depicted, and any resemblance to any person is purely coincidental.”

Riley Has always craved attention. In that respect she assumed she was like most people. She was the middle child in a large family, so she rarely got attention from her parents. She was average in school and sports. She felt she was pretty enough but not the most beautiful girl in a room. She was average height for her age standing about 4’10”. She was scrawny with a flat chest and small butt that most boys didn’t care for. She has dark brown hair that fell right above her shoulders and big brown eyes. The only place she ever got attention really was online. She hadn’t been online unsupervised for very long ( she had only gotten her own phone when she turned 12 a few months back) but in that time she had found that there were more than enough places on the internet that she could get the attention of strangers. She had started by making vlogs and gymnastics videos. She found that people kept asking her to do stranger and stranger things in her next videos. They asked her to wear a skirt while she did gymnastics tricks, which seemed impractical to Riley but maybe that was the point. They asked her to try to drink as much water as she could before she peed her pants. They asked her to model her clothes including her swimsuits. She had done all of these things, even if they had been embarrassing at first, and she had been delighted to find that they gave her more and more loyal followers. Before too long she began to chat to some of her closest fans. They were super interested in her life and she loved all of the attention she received, they wanted pictures all the time and even asked if they could buy some of her old underwear. Eventually they told her about a site where she could chat with them live in real time.
The next day Riley told her mom she was sick, once her family had all left she booted up her sisters laptop and logged on to the site. Her heart was beating hard with anticipation, there was also a warmness building in her crotch. The warm feeling was familiar; it came anytime she did one of their more bizarre dare, especially the ones that involved her exposing herself to them. The site loaded up and her screen turned on, she could see her face light up on the screen, the room shown behind her. On the right hand side she saw her fans’ usernames pop up and text began to flow. Riley smiled she stood up and stepped back from the camera so they could see her better. She was still in her Pajamas she was wearing a tight fitting blue cami, her tiny nipples pushed out against the fabric, bellow that she was wearing a pair of black pj shorts she had rolled up till he butt almost hung out of the back end (she found her fans liked them like that for some reason). Underneath she had on one of her older sisters’ thongs. She had stolen them this morning. They were pink with black frilly trim and a small black bow in front. Below that she was wearing a pair of mismatched socks with blue and pink patterns on them. She did a little twirl and the char lit up with her fans applauding how beautiful she was. Riley’s heart quickened and she beamed with pride.
The first person to ask her to do something must have been one of her gymnastics fans. He asked her to do the splits (easy enough). He added something Riley thought was strange though he said she should put two pillows down first and then do the splits over them. Riley thought this would only make it easier so she did so. She startled the pillows and then lowered herself on top of them. She eased herself down, spreading her legs and she easily made it down to the pillow. She pressed down her crotch against the pillow, her legs on either side. Then she read on the text someone asked her to rock her hips back and forth well she was still straddling the pillow. This seemed a strange request to Riley, but she thought sure why not easy enough. She rocked back and forth she moved her hips back and forth and as she did her tiny pussy rubbed against the pillow. Riley felt something she had never felt before it was similar to the heat that had built up in her stomach before but this was much more intense. The rubbing felt good, really good. She moved faster and faster she leaned forward and to better rub her crotch against the pillow. She began to sweat and breath heavily. This must have been why they had suggested it, this was amazing Riley beamed at the computer screen. She read a comment
If you really want to feel it take off your bottoms. Riley did really want to feel it. She didn’t even think for a second she sat back and striped off her shorts and panties, not thinking or caring that she was broadcasting her half naked self to strangers. She noticed her panties were wet. That was strange, it must have to do with the strange feeling Riley thought. She re-mounted the pillow and restarted grinding. The feeling built up and spread through her body. She gripped the pillow and began to moan slightly as she rocked. The feeling built and built till eventually her back arched and her eyes rolled back. She looked at the pillow, it was soaked. Her legs were shaking on either side. This had been the greatest thing Riley had ever experienced.
She then heard a noise from behind her. It was the family dog buddy, he was an energetic black lab. He came bolting towards her knocking her over and licked her face. He must have heard the noise she was making Riley thought embarrassedly. She noticed a red thing sticking out from between his legs. Riley wasn’t really sure what it was, she had tried to ask her mom and dad but they got red and changed the subject when she mentioned it. She had also tried to ask her siblings but they had just laughed. Maybe her new friends would know. She turned to the camera and grabbed the red thing.
“Do you guys know what this?” is she asked
There was a flurry of responses. She had a hard time reading them all, but the consensus was it was something called a cock or penis, and that he could use it to make her feel good. Well they hadn’t steered her wrong yet so she asked “how?” they sent detailed instructions. First she would have to get a chair and her old costume handcuffs, they said it was for her safety if she moved she could hurt herself or buddy. She would then need to put peanut butter on her pussy, lay down on the chair belly down and handcuff herself to the chair being very careful not to lose the key. Riley was a little skeptical of how this was going to work, but she had trusted them so far. She ran to the closet, found her old handcuff and then to the kitchen to get the peanut butter. She dipped her fingers in smeared it all across her pussy, it felt strange and buddy immediately tried to lick it up but she pushed him back and told him to sit. She then put a pillow on the chair and bent over it. It was a little high and her feet swung inches from the ground. Finally she cuffed her hand together around the bar at the bottom of the kitchen chair. She looked up at the screen and said
“ alright boy, come get it”
Buddy bounded forward and buried his head into her crotch licking frantically. The Feeling built up again and she could quickly feel her pussy getting wet. Her toes curled and she breathed hard. Buddy kept licking. He got all of the peanut butter off and soon he was licking the liquid that was building up in her tiny pussy. She looked back and she saw the red thing grow in size. She smiled, now they said he was going to use his cock. They hadn’t been specific on how he was going to do it and Riley was excited to find out. Then something happened that scared her. In a flash buddy lifted his front legs and hopped up on her. He was a big dog, especially compared to her, she weighed only 70lbs. The wind was knocked out of her. She felt something poking her tiny butt and looked back. It was Buddy’s cock. Realization came to Riley in a flash, he was trying to put that thing in her pussy. There was no way that would fit it was huge and she was so small. She looked back to the screen and saw her terrified face, the chat was lighting up. They were all laughing and talking about how good it was going to see her face when he finally shoved it in. she tried to move but with her legs in the air and her hand restrained she could hardly move under his weight. She kept wiggling until she finally felt something stab into her. It felt like a hot knife as it entered her. She cried out in pain. Unable to think straight she just cried. The penis kept coming through stretching her so far she was sure it would tear her in two. She felt it hit a bit of resistance and then something broke inside of her, she could feel hot liquid running down her legs.
“Bad dog, get off, heel” she cried though tears
But buddy didn’t stop. He wasn’t listening to her anymore. He kept pushing for what seemed like an eternity. Then something worse happened. He began to violently thrust his cock in and out of her. Her pussy was well lubricated but it still hurt she cried and screamed but no one could hear here. She turned to the camera.
“Please you have to get help he is going to kill me I am sure of it” She sobbed
The responses were anything but hopeful. They all seemed to be enjoying it. Someone even said they were recording it. With that a new fear formed: what if someone saw that video? Her life would be over. But the thought was pushed to the back of her head when another thrust ripped into her. She looked down; she had to get free. She looked at the handcuffs. If I can get these off I can pull myself out from under him and escape, I just need the key. The key she thought nervously, where was it? It had been in her hand a moment ago, but now it was gone. She looked down and saw it on the floor. She must have dropped it in the shock of the first thrust. She reached for it, but it was just outside of her fingers. She cried. it was hopeless. How could they have been so cruel they were supposed to be her fans, they seemed so nice. They had tricked her, they had made her feel good and now she was trapped and being fucked by a dog, and they were all laughing at her. Her face flushed with anger and embarrassment and tears stung her face. She buried her head in the pillow to hide her crying.
Buddy kept thrusting in and out for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually his pacing changed. He sped up and then one big thrust. She felt something large pushing against her. The object was round and even bigger than his cock had been, it pushed inside her she screamed as it entered. She felt something pouring out of his cock. It filled her insides with some kind of hot liquid. It filled her so much she felt she was going to burst. Buddy then got off of her. Finally she thought it was over. To her horror though he remained inside her, She looked at the screen and the text said that she had been Knotted. Her eyes widened with horror, they said that he could stay like that for up to a half hour or more. She collapsed exhausted into the pillow and cried, the feeling of full pain radiating out of her. They stayed like this for what felt like forever the hot liquid that had escaped drying on her legs, with time the pain lessened even though the pressure didn’t the whole time she glared at the computer and shouted curses at them, They just laughed. She read that in fact many of them had recorded what had happened. How could she be so stupid she thought. Someone had come to her school and had told them to be careful of strangers online but she hadn’t listened. After 15 minutes his cock finally shrunk and slipped out of her. Hot liquid poured out of her she could feel it sticking to her legs. Buddy turned around and licked it from her legs then bounded off happily. Stupid dog Riley though bitterly. She was relieved, at least it was over. Well almost she still had to get free from the chair. She looked at the screen and saw something that made her heart sink. It was her address and then a picture of her house, and another, and another. Pictures came flooding in from all angles. They were here, they had been coming this whole time. After what they had just done to her what on earth might they do next.

If you guys want a part two let me know in the comments, Also I am always looking for feedback and tips, hope you all enjoyed it!

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    • Sweet-tarts

      Glad you liked it!

  • Reply AP

    Sweet-Tarts, another GREAT story. Your dialogue was minimal but there really wasn’t need for much. Your description were fantastic and realistic. Riley has maybe a little too much naivete for her age, but its erotica, so yeah. Also in this world we live in where people, especially young people, seek attention and validation wherever they can, the premise of your story drives home with an erotic point some of the lengths of stupid some people will go to.
    I look forward to seeing what twists and turns you have in store for Riley as she learns to love her new capacities or manages to turn the tables on her ‘friends’.
    Perhaps, since her ‘audience’ was able to find her location fairly easily, maybe her older sister or younger sibling had something to do with that and maybe they should have some Karma visited on them in part 2 or 3?

    • Sweet-tarts

      Thank you for the feedback, those are some great notes. I am really glad you appreciated it I will have to work some of that into the future parts!

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    We need part 2

    • Sweet-tarts

      Working on it thank you!

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