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Riley’s Quest for Attention Part 2: Unexpected Guests

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Part Two. Riley’s Fans find her home with the intent to do all sorts of things to her. Will they find and fuck her? Find out!

This is part 2, It would make the most sense to read part one first but, feel free to do what you want.

Riley tried to focus and fight down the panic, they were going to be here soon she had to escape. She rocked the chair back and forth. She was still sore from the vicious fucking she had received just moments ago from buddy. The adrenaline coursing through her body helped her ignore the pain. She leaned to the side, the chair tipped over and she fell hard on to her side. She heard movement downstairs, they were trying to get the door open. She searched around for the key. it was right above her head. She wiggled around until she could reach it with her feet. She could hear them moving around the house checking all of the doors and windows. It was only a matter of time before they got in. awkwardly she brought the key to her hands and undid one of the handcuffs. She sat up rubbing her wrists. She was free but they were still coming to do lord knows what to her. She looked around thinking furiously. She couldn’t out run or fight them. They were way too big and there were way too many of them. Her only option was to hide. She stood up and shut down the chat. She had to make sure they couldn’t see her movements. She heard movement downstairs, they were inside the house. She looked over to the window and a thought crossed her mind. Maybe I can actually make a break and run for it but I can make them think I did. She ran to the window and threw the window open. For good measure she threw her blanket over the window sill to make it look like she used to keep stable on the roof. She heard them coming up the stairs, they had heard her. Riley’s heart raced, she had only moments until they would be in the room. She quickly pulled open her closet and slipped inside closing it behind her. From here she could hide behind her close but still see through the slits in the door. Just a second later 7 shapes burst into her room. They were all wearing black masks. 6 of them were men of various ages but one of the figures was much shorter with a slight build. One of the men went to the window. He looked at the blanket and the open window.

“She must have broken out and made a break for it.” He leaned out and scanned the area. “ I don’t see her anywhere”

On of the other men moved toward the door and said “let’s go after her”

He was grabbed and stopped. “It’s no use,” the grabber said, a massive man easily 7 foot and heavily muscled. “You see all the forest land out there, by the time we get back down stairs and to the edge of the woods she will be long gone.”

The slight figure turned and said “no we have to go after her, we can’t just let her escape.”

Two things shocked Riley when the slight figure spoke, one was that the figure’s voice was definitely female, and also that Riley recognized it. The figure removed her mask revealing a girl about Riley’s age with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Riley recognized it as her neighbor and former childhood friend Ary. Riley and Ary had met in the first grade when Ary moved to town. They had been really close but ever since the summer things had changed. Ary seemed to hate Riley. It seemed to be something to do with Ary’s dad leaving, apparently he had been caught with some pictures of Riley, and had gotten thrown out. Riley wasn’t sure what the big deal was but the result was the same. Ary blamed Riley and she vowed she would get revenge.

“We have to catch her, we have to make the stupid slut pay” Ary yelled “ come on if we are quick we can catch her.” ary moved towards the door but was picked up by the huge man.

“ that seems like a lot of work” the huge man said “ I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was promised a 12 year old, and this one “ he held her up a little higher “seems like a perfectly good little fuck toy.” He dropped her to the floor

“Now, Now guys this wasn’t part of the deal.” Ary said with her hand up as she back up slowly “ You were supposed to fuck her In exchange for me giving you her location.” Ary’s back hit the wall.

“Well plans change” said one of the men, he was shorter and a little on the fat side.

Ary made a break for the door but her leg was grabbed by a tall thin man with a bushy beard that stuck out of his mask. She fell hard on her stomach. She tried to crawl away but the huge man grabbed her other leg and dragged her back into the room.

“Let go of me, Please you don’t have to do this” Ary pleaded

The fat man grabbed her by the arms. Ary wriggled and tried to get free but the men just held her harder to the floor. The thin man reached up and undid her dark jeans and began to pull them off, exposing her panties. They were white pink trim and a bow in the middle; they also were covered with cartoon cats.

“Look at her little kid underwear” one of the men laughed “isn’t it cute”

“Stop it you pervs leave me alone!’ Ary screamed.
Another man knelt next to her and produced a knife, he quickly cut the panties off and shoved them into Ary’s mouth and taped them in with duct tape.

“That should shut her up,” he said with a grunt getting up.

He then tapped her hands together. The men then began to unbuckle their pants and pull out their cocks. Riley was surprised to see they didn’t look like buddies at all and they were all different sizes and shapes. The huge man had a cock that seemed impossibly large to Riley. It had to be as big as her forearm. With a smooth motion the big man lifted ary off putting both of his hands around her small waist, she struggled but it was no use. Ary let put muffled screams and tears rolled down her face, her eyes filled with terror then with a smooth motion the big man brought her down impaling her on his huge cock. Her feet dangled and kicked uselessly off the ground and she let out muffled screams and hit the man with her taped hand.

“Not fair” said the fat man “you are gonna ruin her pussy fucking her like that, think about the rest of us”

The huge man just laughed “don’t worry she has plenty of other holes” they all laughed at that for some reason.

Riley watched in terror as the huge man slammed Ary’s small body up and down on his cock. She thought about how much buddy had hurt her, and his cock wasn’t near that big. This is what Ary had wanted these men to do to me she thought. Riley smiled a little well this is what you get.

The huge man let out a grunt and with one final slam cam inside of her. Riley could see the ary’s face flash with fear and disgust as she was filled with his sperm. He pulled her up sperm dripping from her tiny pussy and then dropped her on the ground. The other man reached and grabbed her pulling her legs and arms tearing her shirt as they tried to get a hold of her. Eventually the fat man got control of her body and pulled her screaming to the bed. He pushed her down on the bed on her belly, her ass and feet dangling off of the bed. He pulled out some kind of bottle and squirted something on to his cock and her butt, rubbing it in with his hand.

“This is mostly for me but it should make it hurt a little less” he said with a laugh and then smacked her but hard. Ary let out a muffled yelp

Then Riley saw with terror her pressed his cock against Ary’s asshole. Why was he doing that Riley wondered, that was supposed to only be an exit. He pushed his cock into Ary’s cute little butt. She screamed and Riley could tell this seemed to hurt even more than being fucked in the pussy. The fat man placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled himself deep inside of her. Ary kicked her feet and squealed tears streaming down her face. She was looking frantically from side to side for any kind of escape.

“I am tired of waiting” the thin man said

He came around in front of Ary and with his knife cut the duct tape off and removed the panties stuffed in her mouth.

“Help” Ary started to scream but as she opened her mouth the thin man grabbed the sides of her head and slammed his cock into her mouth. She made gurgling noises and spit came out of the corners of her mouth. The two men fucked her from front and back as she kicked her feet and squirmed against them, their cocks diving deep into her tiny tight holes.
Riley watched from the closet, She felt a warmth build up inside her. Without thinking her hand moved to her crotch. It was soaking wet like it had been when she was riding the pillow. Her fingers gently caressed the sides of her pussy up to the top. She found a small hard point there. Riley rubbed it and electricity flew through her body. She had to shove her fist in her mouth to stop from making too much noise. She continued to rub as she watched the scene playout in front of her.
The fat man let out a low moan and pulled his cock out of Ary’s squirming body sending his sperm flying all over her back. At this site the thin man lost it and pulled his jerking body into her mouth. As he ejaculated into her mouth he held her tight against him. She kicked and yelled sperm squirting out of her nose. They pulled back leaving her coughing on the bed. The last three men descended on to her. One of them laid with his back on the bed he lifted her up on top of her so her chest touched hers. He slid his cock into her abused pussy with ease. The other two men stood either side one by her head and one by her ass.

Ary pleaded through sobs “please, just stop no more”

As she said this the man behind her slid his cock into her now lubricated ass. Ary screamed but it was cut off by the man in front as he shoved his cock into her mouth.
Riley watched the small body of her friend being mercilessly ploughed by these three big men. She kicked and squirmed uselessly if anything the movement only seemed to make the men fuck her faster. Riley continued to touch herself and she felt the feeling building up inside her. She felt the absolute heavenly bliss as she watched her ex-friend get destroyed by these men. She collapsed to her knees biting her fist hard to not make any sound. Her tiny legs shook with pleasure, and her eyes and head rolled back.
Eventually the men came each at different times, spraying their cum on her tiny body as they did so. The six men continued to fuck Ary again and again for what seemed like a long time. Sometimes they would do so alone, sometimes in groups. Eventually Ary stopped fighting and was just passed around like a tired doll. They even held her to a chair and let buddy come and fuck her the same way he had fucked Riley earlier. Buddy was always too friendly with strangers. Riley kept touching herself as this all unfolded; she must have orgamsed at least 7 times. Eventually the men got bored and left Ary laying on the floor. She pulled her legs into her chest and laid there. Once she was sure the men were gone Riley came out of the closet. Ary either didn’t hear or didn’t care, because she made no effort to move. Riley went over and laid down next to her pulling her close, their naked bodies touching. Riley could feel the drying sperm covering Ary’s skin. Ary buried her head into Riley’s chest.
“I am so sorry” she cried.

“It’s Ok” Riley replied “you don’t have to say anything else”

The two laid like that, Ary quietly crying and Riley stroking her hair. Riley glanced over and saw that the chat had been reopened and the camera was turned back on. She looked at the screen and smiled.

I hope you all enjoyed the story. As always thank you for reading. Make sure to comment or rate so I know If people are reading it. I always enjoy hearing thoughts and feedback.
Thank you again!

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  • Reply AP

    Sweet-tarts, thats a great part two for Riley’s story! Well written and lots of unexpected twists. It has really a turn that Riley got off so much on seeing Ary raped.
    You left so many choices for part three (and more). What were the pictures & where did dad get them? Had her dad been using Ary? She seemed pretty sophisticated for twelve and no where in your story did you use the word ‘virgin’ with Ary.
    This experience (and maybe earlier ones for Ary) show these are a couple twisted, kinky girls. How kinky?
    Then, at the end, there is the camera & chat. Who set that up, where is it broadcasting, and who really is the one behind all this?
    What’s next for Riley, for Ary, for Buddy?
    Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Sweet-tarts

      Thanks! I am glad you liked it I hope I don’t disappoint in the future

  • Reply Just this once - the original

    Some sentences in the quotation marks could use some periods, exclamation marks (depending on the situation of course) but it is still a great story. Thank you for sharing

    • Sweet-tarts

      Thank you for the note! I know I should proof read more carefully